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  1. yting

    Fish ID Please

    Ok, last month went up to Noosa for a few days. Took the young fella out on a hire boat. We caught this little “Bream” or so I thought in the back canals. Worm for bait. looking back now I’m not so sure it was a Bream with that big dorsal fin. The young bloke reckons he’s got one up on me with a new species that I have never caught. Is he right? Thanks
  2. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Hi guys, Just an update with this one. I've tried tightening the bail arm screw, checked the bend on the bail arm against a new reel, added more braid to the reel. took it out yesterday for a spin, first cast noticed line straight into the gap not, the roller. 4th or 5th cast hooked a small tailor. Bang line pinged at the reel and that was decision made. Reel gone to landfill. My 7 year old asked me if he could have it but I said sorry mate I'm going to save you the grief. Funny thing I've just noticed this reel is now on sale at a shop for $40 down from $70. I wonder if the word has got out after Shimano turned me away. interesting.
  3. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Yeah guys adding to that. The only way to truly test to see if the line bypasses the gap or gets caught in it is to run the line through atleast the first guide on the rod and then pull it taught from there as if you were a fish taking the bait. You might be surprised to find that it may stick in the join, in my case pretty well every time.
  4. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Hehehe, your right. That’s because I’ve been loosing so much line over the last couple of months. im surprised yours isn’t having the same problem looking at the photo. ill check the angle of my bail arm tonight.
  5. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    For the record guys here are some pics of the reel. If you haven't noticed the problem before please check closely on retrieve to ensure the line is running on the roller. It took me 6 months to figure out what was right in front of me the whole time. Does anyone understand on the side of the reel where it says Nylon (No.-m) 2-100 What is the 2? I take it the 100 is 100 metres of Nylon It can't be 2mm thick?
  6. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Hi mate, Funny I was thinking of using superglue in this little gap with the same principal as the epoxy. I did take it to Shimano and they did understand the problem but didn't want to take the responsibility. Basically fobbed me off with a go away and buy a more expensive reel or use mono or thicker braid.
  7. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Thanks mate, lesson learnt I suppose. Think you're right.
  8. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Thanks guys, Xerotao - yes that's 100% the problem, correct Restyle - Thanks I'll try that, though I'm worried about spending say $50 on 10lb braid and have it get worn down by this rubbing on the bail arm end as well. Big Neil - Yes agree with that too. I think that seems like the long term answer. Savit - Thanks mate. To be honest as Neil said, this reel is the lower end of the market so I don't want to be making a massive fuss over this. I am disappointed though as you would think Shimano would only sell good quality reels at all ends of the market.
  9. yting

    Sienna Reel problem

    Ok guys I’m seeking your opinions on a problem I have with my reel. not sure if I’m allowed to mention the company or if it will be edited out but I will anyway. i bought a Shimano 1000 Sienna combo from a shop about 6 months ago and have found it to be ok up until last Wednesday when I finally discovered the answer to a problem I’ve been having since I bought this reel. Funny enough I’ve just checked the reviews on this reel and I don’t believe anyone else has flagged it. over the summer a mate has been taking me out in his boat and we have been doing pretty well. Well to be honest he has and I have been what I thought was unlucky with many fish busting me off. I have been finding it strange though that my 6lb braid (that came with the reel) has unusually been breaking at the reel end, not the leader end. ive finally realised this is because when I flick the bail arm over after casting, instead of the braid slipping down onto the line guide, it is getting jammed at the smallest of gaps where the bail arm finishes, a couple of mm before the line roller/guide. as soon as you load up with a fish the braid pings. Not always, depending on the length of the fight and how worn the braid gets in this gap. i took it to Shimano last week thinking they would have an answer but they didn’t want to know me. said I shouldn’t be using only 6lb pound braid as it is not designed for it which is total rubbish. I thought they might at least take some ownership of the bad design and have an answer or way to fix it. Suggested I use mono instead! havent bothered taking it to a shop as I don’t believe it is their fault. anyone had this problem and if so what do you guys think I should do about it? i now have to manually move the braid over to the roller before retrieving the line. Very frustrating. Thanks nathan
  10. yting

    Quick report Wanda beach last night

    Thanks all, yeah having thought about it again and re-reading the Jewish thread for the 47th time, I have had a brain explosion and confused leader size with main line size. Agree 40lb is just falling off the reel. dont know what I was thinking there sorry.
  11. So had another crack for a Jew last night. Finally got some squid late arvo, well only caught one actually but it was a cracker so was more than enough bait for a session. Headed to Wanda, wind picked up just after dark and for the second time in a couple of weeks I bird nested my Alvey and lost me second lot of new line, 40lb. Not sure why I'm doing that now, I must be putting it on the wrong way or too loosely. Never had trouble in the past. Very frustrating when you have a fresh squid sitting on the beach with 20 mins to high tide and no line in the water. Anyway, short story is that sadly I didn't get a thing once I sorted it out but I did want to mention that I was lucky enough to meet a fellow by the name of Ahmed who was a great help to me and was full of detailed knowledge from his experiences. I was blown away by how enthusiastic he was, how much fine detail he puts into his Jew fishing and how much info he was more than happy to share with me. He even tied me his preferred rig and we spoke at length about the right set up, conditions, baits etc etc. nothing that isn't available on this site already but it was eye for detail that impressed me. So thank you Ahmed if you're out there, lets hope I'm yet another step closer to that first jew. P.S. I was surprised that I didn't even get a hit with squid caught only hours before. Nathan Â
  12. yting

    Hacking Kings

    Thanks all, Yep definitely uping my leader and we'll see how we go.
  13. yting

    No luck on the Jew

    Thanks guys, im going to try for yakkas next week. whats the go with them, berly around any wharf and use a sabiki jig? is that the best method?
  14. yting

    Hacking Kings

    Ok so this is this half a report and half an enquiry. for a while I’ve been trying to catch my first King in my Kayak. they are plentiful in both Botany Bay and the Hacking at the moment so finding them isn’t a problem but it is landing them that is the real challenge. i’m using Soft plastics and running 6lb braid with 8lb Fluor carbon leader, 1000 seriers Shimano reel. the trouble I’m having is getting past the Tailor who continue to bite me off a lot of the time. this morning was another example, tailor pinging me before I can get the lure down to the Kings which I see down deeper following the Tailor when they get hooked. i got close this morning, getting a king to the side of the yak before the leader gave way, probably due to it being frayed by the Tailor again. do you think I need to upgrade tackle. These tailor are becoming a pain in the backside. does anyone run with a wire trace these days? Nath
  15. yting

    No luck on the Jew

    Hi All, Tried again for a Jewie the other night off Wanda beach. Used fresh Tailor & Salmon that I caught in the first two casts around sunset. They were to large to use as livies so had to slab them up. So the session started positively but that was about the end of it. Once the sun went down, so too did the fish. No runs though conditions would suggest otherwise as they were favourable by all accounts. Fished for the last 2hrs of the run in and first hour of the run out. Nothing really constructive to report other than I saw a massive ray in the shore break. Was praying that he didn't sniff out my bait and luckily he didn't. Lots of other fisho's up and down the beach but I didn't see any action. I'm pretty much sacking the fresh Tailor or Salmon idea now. Being watching you tube clips of people who swear by Tailor heads for Jew but I have never seen it work first hand. Still struggling catching squid locally at Cronulla but I'll keep going and hope that all the ducks line up one day. Nathan