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  1. Never mind your knee, I'm surprised you haven't done your elbow Yowie, fair dinkum.
  2. yting

    Fingal Bay

    Thanks all, I’ve just come from Kingsley and as you mentioned Scratchie, it’s a bit of a write off at the minute. I hope it improves soon. will let you know how we go.
  3. Hi all, Up here in Nelson’s bay and the weather is a bit hit and miss. None the less I took the boy out for a fish this morning at Fingal bay. Plan was to catch some beach worms and then target the Whiting. No sign of any worms but luckily my son found a couple of pipis which was just enough to give him a few baits. First bait, he gets a solid Whiting and that was about all we got except an opportunistic sand crab. I want to mention, there was a nice guy at the beach who gave us a couple of worms. Thanks for those mate if you’re reading. does anyone know where we can try fo
  4. Thanks mate, that’s interesting to note that the weed wasn’t that bad there. We were only a couple of hundred metres from you at gate 8. my son actually said we should move but I told him it would probably be the same wherever we fished. Lesson learnt there, move up or down the beach if you strike weed. Yeah the guys that come on dark and set up right next to you, that is frustrating. I’ve had that before and then you get snagged up with them.
  5. Went out yesterday evening with the boy. Arrived at 6pm thinking the bulk of the crowd might have packed up however the beach was still packed with swimmers and surfers so we decided to do a bit of beach worming while we waited. Caught 3 worms so thought it might be a good night. unfortunately though the weed made it near impossible to fish. Every cast resulting in a hook up (of weed) the boy caught a goof flathead on pilchard though which was nice. there must have been about 20 or 30 fishing the beach. Interestingly we noticed one guy sending his bait out via a drone. we lef
  6. It wasn’t that busy though we started early so we beat most of the traffic. The rain may have also put some people off.
  7. Went out again early this morning. got drenched again, just can’t seem to pick the best morning at the minute. pumped some nippers. The young bloke again caught a couple of fish. This time one legal bream and one just under. I finally caught a Tailor and lost a Salmon. Then the rain came and washed us out. No Kings sighted today. Nathan
  8. Will do thanks Mrsswordie
  9. Hi Yowie, yeah he’s consistent with the Salmon. This real fat one from last month. Sooner or a later a king will have to take one of our lures and I look forward to posting it!
  10. Little nipper, the leather jackets were all tiny. caught at Wally’s wharf. nit really sure where you get the bigger models sorry. if it’s Salmon your after I can help.
  11. Hi all, The young fella bullied me into going out for a fish in the rain on Monday arvo. I was hoping the rain would hold off a bit but it didn’t. Tried for yellowtail at Wally’s but no takers, only pesky jackets. so we launched anyway and went hunting for this elusive King on plastics. when we were launching a guy at the wharf spotted some surface action about 100m off the wharf so we took his advice and started throwing our soft plastics there. As usual, the boy caught a solid Salmon, which he tends to do most times. I can only put it down to his technique as to why he catc
  12. Cracker report, well done. That Flathead is a monster. Nath
  13. Thanks guys, Yeah I see them regularly too. For the last couple of seasons I've been targeting them with various different soft plastics and metals and they follow the lure up to the boat but never seem to take it. The other time I see them is after hooking Tailor or Salmon, they quiet often follow the hooked fish back to the boat and look like they are keen to attack them but then run away at the last second. That's why I tried the live bait for a change. Stupidly thinking it would entice them and solve the problem but back to the drawing board.
  14. Hi all, My 8 year old son an i decided to make the effort on Sunday morning and try to catch some live bait. Thanks to some raiders advice, The plan worked and by 5am we had 6 Live Yellow tail in the bucket, one of which was a monster. He would eventually go back in to live another day. We launched at Wally’s wharf and headed to a nice drop off in Buraneer Bay, dropped two livies in the water and waited for something to smash them. Unfortunately that’s where the story ends. By 930am we lost patience and headed home scratching my head. Bait present in the water, tailor hitting
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