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  1. King slayer

    Jewfish Tactics

    Hi all, I love how so many have contributed to this, its cool. A few things have come to light on the subject for myself and good fishing buddies and I was wondering if any of you had something to add to these: 1. I catch jewies semi-regularly form the boat in my usual waterways, doing more or less the same thing I have done for a while now. Fish with squid just caught, maybe a yakka, tailor or mullet just for variety; Always around moorings, drop offs, reefs in sheltered deepish water (between 6m and 22m depending on the area, but usually the deepest part of the the immediate area. Now this is all fine and it works..for school jew. I am still rather keen for BIG jew, but haven't cracked the meter yet. I have heard some interesting theories on fishing shallow areas of tidal creeks and sandflats etc in expectation of big jew, but I have been reluctant to give it much of a go. Anyone have any experience with getting Big jew on any particular method or type of location? 2. I have just about completely thrown the tide change theory out the window, having caught many more jew on sunset/sunrise, usually hours away from any tide change. On the beach it seems the general action heats up on the rising tide about half way up and then dies off completely about an hour to half hour before the tide change where we fish, and quite consistently too. Mind you only a smattering of jew have ever graced our presence on the beach, so its hard to say if they also fit the category. Most captures are salmon, sharks, flatties, tailor and occasional suicidal bream who eat live poddies on 10/0 hooks! It does happen. What do you guys reckon? Dave
  2. King slayer

    Keeping Squid Fresh

    I put my squid into a zip lock bag as soon as it dies in the tank, then keep it on the ice till home(same treatment if i am using it while out there in the same session. I fill the sink up at home with water and carefully lower the bag in to push all the air out, then seal it at water level.But...dont let any fresh water EVER touch your squid. I freeze it right away, unless i plan to use it within 24hrs, then into the fridge. Ive caught a fair few jew on this frozen GOOD squid, and no matter what anyone tells you, you cant buy it that fresh. Have also found that opening the guts is not a good idea if you leave it in the bag with the rest of the squid as this significantly reduces the quality. My best guess is digestive juices?! hope this helps. i just hate to see a good squid wasted as so many are. Dave
  3. King slayer

    Xmas Jew

    Mate I can offer one bit of advice from my own experience.. The beach might not be the easiest place to locate Jew in a short time period. Myself and best mate have been fishing the beaches for jew for 2 years quite seriously, and it took most of that time to just work out consistency on the the other species like salmon and bream/tailor. Only two jew landed in that whole time between us on the sand, and we go once or twice a week on average. On the other hand I fish in the harbour on our tinnie for jew once every week or two and more often than not I get a few. It might just be me, but it seem a whole lot easier in the harbour to locate them, and if I only had a month to get the monkey off my back, I know what I would do. Good luck though Dave
  4. King slayer

    Brown Trout Or Atlantic Salmon?

    Cheers guys, I was hoping it was a brown. He was 60cm. caught him on a storm live Brown trout plastic in the river, about 4 casts after a bust off on the same lure and a similar sized fish. Tasted great too. Dave
  5. King slayer

    Brown Trout Or Atlantic Salmon?

    Can anyone tell me which this is? Caught at thredbo river a few months back Cheers, Dave
  6. King slayer

    Roseville Bridge

    saw a few rat kings, salmon and decent whiting further up stream last week, but couldn't get a taker. quite cold up that way now. There are some fish there if you can get them to eat something!
  7. King slayer

    Rod To Suit Diawa Sol 2000 Reel

    Here's me hooked up on a little king on my Trion 3-6kg a few months back! I had a Diawa CY 3000 on it then, but as you can see, the way it was used/abused eventually required a better model.. Hence the Sol
  8. King slayer

    Rod To Suit Diawa Sol 2000 Reel

    I can certainly recommend the Pfleuger Trion range. You'll want a 1-3kg or a 2-4kg for that reel I suppose. They come in two peice or one and 6'6, or 7'. I have just purchased a Sol 3000 for my Trion 3-6kg 7' (such a nice reel!). I run 20lb braid. They match well in terms of weight/size and performance.
  9. King slayer

    Any Ideas

    I hate to burst bubbles..and welcome to fish raider! But this new member may need to alter his site name me thinks??!! a little to close to yours truly perhaps? Dave
  10. King slayer

    Middle Harbour

    Hey Mike, Long time no see mate! Good to see you out in winter too!! Thats a new one for you isn't it? I have been thinking about kings lately since I have not targeted them in some time. Might have a go this weekend!? Mate there are heaps of jew in middle harbour, but fresh squid is key. I have not had a fishless middle harbour jew session in the last 6 outings. No crackers mind you, with most between 55cm and 70cms. All taken on fresh or live squid, some on self caught and carefully frozen squid. I try other baits every time, but they rarely get looked at. I've tried twice in the Hawkesbury recently too. One great session on shop squid and live/fresh tailor in dirty water, and one crap session in dirtier water a few weeks later. Can't go past fresh squid. The arrows have been around in some numbers too lately. Spit did well last weekend for me. Cheers mate. See you out on the water. Dave
  11. King slayer


    You look like you're 3 feet tall and have massive clown feet shaped like sharks!!! You are one of few people I know who can make decent regular catches from the surf, nice one. See you out on the sand sometime.
  12. King slayer

    Jewfish Tactics

    Sounds like a shark!
  13. King slayer

    Jewfish Tactics

    Hi all, Over the last year or so I've put in some grueling hours and nearly torn my hair out more than a few times chasing Jew. So I thought it appropriate to share a little more of my recent experiences in the hope of helping someone else to take the next step. I still have a lifetime of learning to do with these fish, so there are no claims of expertise here. I will say though, The difference between my sessions now and one year ago is that I expect to catch Jew, and do so on around 1 in 3 sessions on average, and sometimes have better runs too. That certainly beats how I started at 3 in one year! So a few lessons I've learned recently include the following: They don't only bite on the tide turn! So many people believe this, but as the more experienced ones will know, it's not true at all. In fact I've come to the conclusion that they will bite on the turn more so in the feeding grounds near where they live e.g. wharfs and shallows etc, and more on the running tide in the holding grounds like the back of a deep reef or a channel edge where they are traveling through with the flow. So in short, try lots of different spots based on this theory and you'll soon find some more reliable locations as I have. Screw the moon! The fish don't wait two weeks until big tides to eat. They eat when it's easy to do so and they need to eat most days I'm sure. so fish all the time and you need to work out where they are and put a bait in their path....easier said than done though. I believe the reason the moons crop up as a "Jew time" is because the high tides tend to be around sunset, providing ideal light levels for ambush, which will create one scenario where you could find some on the chew. There are many other scenarios all month long though and they seem to be more affected by a vast combination of factors, like rain for example, which will discolour the water to a certain light level at a different time of day/night at a different point in the system than it would have before the rain came..if that makes any sense. my point/theory here is that I believe that Jew, while not wholly, do partially rely on sight for hunting and being quite slow, with their level of site at a particular level (I'm assuming they have much better night vision than we do) would prefer when feeding by site to do so at a particular light level so it becomes easier for them to ambush. So in short the bright moon will make it hard to hunt in shallows, so I fish deep, with the exception of dirty water, when I'd move down stream from my usual spots till the water colour got a little more favourable, but still green, or even a little brown on top. ok that was a bit of waffle...but hopefully the point is clear enough. Don't believe what people tell you until you've tested it thoroughly and proven it! Including what I'm writing too I suppose..remember, I'm just venting experiences, not professing to be an expert. I've tested all kinds of ideas that didn't work out and caught Jew when I wasn't supposed to by most popular theories (even from prominent experts. I put it down to individualities in fishermen and their techniques, even down to really minor things t you might not consider, like confidence in your ability. It could also just be location specific. So in short you gotta find your own way based on snippets of knowledge that might work and many experimentation's that will mostly fail. If you have the passion coupled with a near idiotic persistence (like me) you will come to turning points in your ability and 'luck'. My last major one for example was my fourth Jew ever, closely followed by numbers 5 through to 10 in a 45 min session on the way back to the ramp after a less than successful night. It was a bright full moon, clear water and three hours into the runout tide. we anchored over a reef that has a small amount of current over it, cast over the Back edge with very lightly weighted squid strips and pulled in one after the other (all small, but who cares at that point right!). I broke a huge drought of about 7 months and it began a string of success that has been getting better and better. Now I can think of a few reasons (according to popular theory)why that night should have not been so good at that time, but it was. The trouble was I got addicted to this spot after a lot of good sessions there and had no where else to go when it was quiet. After a little nudging from my best mate and fishing buddy I have tried other locals and ideas again and what do you know, it's going better than ever. I hope this has provided some of you with at least a little encouragement if nothing else that although it's a hard road to travel, it's a very rewarding one when it goes well from time to time. Happy Jewing Dave
  14. King slayer

    Fishing @ Collaroy Ramp?

    That's a pretty general question! It's always worth it if you're an addict like me.... If you want some good fish, why don't you try off the rocks at Longy? Good kings, drummer and snapper I'm told. I've only been there once and got into some whalers and big pike. good fun though. Try live yakkas under a float. Dave
  15. Hi all, I was hoping to get some slimeys to put out for big kings, possibly around the heads (my tinnie is not for off shore), and was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of them around a particular area in the last few days? Thanks in advance if you can help Dave