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  1. Koalaboi

    Aussie bass at ourimbah creek

    Toby, I teach at your school! You've often seen me fishing for blackfish at The Entrance.
  2. Koalaboi

    Breambos at ourimbah creek

    Well done boys! Find me at school on Wednesday and tell me the full story. KB
  3. Koalaboi

    Silver drummer

    Great fun to catch, dunno about targeting them...I've picked them up when fishing for blackfish. Not too good eating wise. KB
  4. Koalaboi

    Aussie bass at ourimbah creek

    Well done Toby!
  5. Koalaboi

    Finally got out on the water

    Interesting with catch n release as well as pollution themes. I reckon plastics are good in that you just turn up tie on a lure and you're in business. Had a lot of success at first but have switched to live bait. Lot more time and effort but better results and cheaper too. KB
  6. Koalaboi

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    The kind of day out fishing you find yourself daydreaming about at work! Thanks for the post, it's a beauty and reminds us all about why we fish. KB
  7. Koalaboi

    Out of Season Drummer

    Well done. Great fish to catch and very good on the tooth too.
  8. Koalaboi


    It's not just Sydney Harbour. Up here at The Entrance, fishers leave a lot of mess. On the Fisherman's Wharf development, where people eat, fishers left old bait, plastic bags, line and even human faeces. I cleaned up the line but drew a line at poo....I was on my bike anyway. The town parks near the water and along the beaches are left with so much rubbish by fishers I despair. KB
  9. Koalaboi

    Stapo are you there?

    Spoke to Stapo this morning: he's well. still fishing and prawning and looking good. mentioned your concern and he was touched saying he's messaged you. KB
  10. Koalaboi

    Plastic lesson and PB Flathead

    Congratulations Antony. A wonderful fish which will be a great memory. And, good you released her. Though we are legally allowed to keep one over 70cm. I have kept a fish that size (gut hooked and bleeding) and found her a bugger to clean and fillet and the flesh too coarse for a decent feed. Never again! KB
  11. Koalaboi

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    Well, The lycra legging things didn't work! Bummer. KB
  12. Koalaboi

    Mungo brush camp ground

    Have stayed there a number of times,usually in an old houseboat tied up close to the shore. Pretty sure the road up from Hawk's Nest is sealed so easy travelling. The lake there we found pretty quiet for fish but great for swimming.The beach,a short walk through the dunes is a great fishing spot and well worth your time. The rainforest around there is a great short walk and a quick trip into town for a lazy meal etc. Enjoy your trip. The camp ground is run by the NPWS and there is some info on their web site here: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/camping-and-accommodation/campgrounds/mungo-brush-campground
  13. Koalaboi

    Bait presentation for bream

    Hi, Try threading the hook through bait up and over the eye of the hook leaving a little tail below the bend. Half hitch one or two loops around the bait above the hook. They will pull out under any strain. KB
  14. Koalaboi


    Hi Neil, East Coast people do care about the rivers west of the mountains. The press and letters on the issue have been passionate and prominent and the political cartoonists have been having a field day. Have a look at First Dog in the Moon in today's Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/16/the-murray-darling-fish-kill-is-a-monumental-catastrophe-and-also-business-as-usual Unfortunately the issue is tied up in all sorts of politics. I fear, our government at the moment is so firmly on the side of development including massive land clearing, fracking, mining and the continued use of coal all of which contribute to the environmental problems we face (including such iconic treasures as the Murray Darling, Great Barrier Reef etc.,) that little effective action will happen. Very sad, KB
  15. Koalaboi


    Have a read through the best ever tips for blackfishing. There are some great spots around your area for chasing blackfish. You could also look at beach fishing for a range of species as well. KB