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  1. Well done JamoDamo, Some good stories to tell your mates back at school! KB
  2. Throwing money at expensive fishing gear can be a real trap for a beginner. I found that over time I have learned how to look after tackle by breaking it...I'm glad I did not rush out and spend too much at first. I do now have some quality gear but not super expensive. I like to build my own rods and that can save a bit of money as long as you have the patience and interest. I also think that the quality of the tackle is only ever going to be as good as the fisher using it. Personally I struggle to see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on a rod. You'd have to have lots of
  3. Thanks Neil, A great read with lots of helpful tips about a fish I'd love to catch. KB
  4. Thanks Donna, Looks like a good plan. KB
  5. Koalaboi


    Hi everyone, I can appreciate how the articles are clogging up the top of the Chat page. But, rather than hide them so they only become available on searching, might it not be a good idea to have a separate forum in the General Fishing section? It could be caalled articles or Fishing Tips etc. KB
  6. Sounds to me like you did everything right...sometimes the floats just lean over with the current and also the wind. As long as the bait is getting down to the depth you want it to and, the constant retrieving and casting due to the super-fast drift isn't bothering you, the fishing can still be good. If the depth you set isn't happening, you may like to switch to a fixed float rather than running. KB
  7. The NT looks pretty darned fine from where I am sitting! Daydream material. KB
  8. I gave up on finish coating fibreglass rods. It always ends up scratched or peeling. The last product I bought, a water based product and very expensive, was absolutely hopeless turning a milky colour on contact with water and then going soft. KB
  9. Great yarn wazza thanks for sharing.
  10. You can often pick up good second hand blackfish gear heaply at weekend markets and online. kb
  11. Hi jamo, I was asked by Donna to put my long post above into an article so i did and substantially expanded it and added some pictures etc. You might like to take a look at it, KB
  12. I find that depth range works well in most depths of water though I have fished deeper than that on occasions but very, very rarely.
  13. Hi damo, If your float pops up or is on its side because you are too close the the bottom, it's because your lead has hit the bottom. If you have a trace of 30cm and raise the depth 30cm you can still get snagged. You might like to raise it a bit further. In my experience, blackfish usually feed around 4 to maybe 8 feet deep, frequently shallower but rarely much deeper. Water clarity sometimes sends them down a bit if the water is really super clear and and especially if there is bright sun. But mostly 5 to 6 feet down. KB
  14. Thanks Donna, JamoDamo has really been having a red hot dig over time and it was a privilege to be able to help him out. You guys do a great job with this site which is always positive and respectful. I'm glad to be a part of it. KB
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