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  1. Hi, I don’t know Illawarra but where I fish, Tuggerah Lake, I have a set of spots to go to where I can fish with the wind at my back regardless of its direction. Have a look at a map of the Lake and work out a range of locations you could try in different wind directions that give access to fishing flats and channels with the wind more or less at your back when you cast. Good luck. KB
  2. A good tactic is to learn how to trap and keep poddy mullet. They are great bait and will catch a variety of good fish from flathead, bream, snapper, tailor, mulloway etc. There’s lots of youtube videos on trapping poddies. For myself, I have had the most consistent success using the plastic cylindrical traps with breadcrumbs and some bits of white bread as bait. I also put in a couple of bits of styrofoam to keep the trap near the surface. Be careful when removing the ends as the plastic catches break easily. I take them home and use a cheap aquarium aerator hooked up to the 240v powerpoint rather than use up battery power on my portable aerator. Keep them in a cool place using water from where you caught them. I have lost lots of poddies when I have changed the water using saltier water from the beach. When driving with a bait bucket full of water and poddies, use one of those cheap plastic bins so that any slopped water does not damage your car. Also, keep the aerator away from any water which might slop over the edge of the bucket with bumps, sudden braking etc. When fishing, I use a battery powered aerator. Be careful here: the cheap aerators do not last very long. I am now using ones that can charge up with a usb port. They are dear but worth it. Just the same, do not let them get wet! It’s well worth buying a dedicated live bait bucket as the insert can be lifted making grabbing a live poddy much easier. Pin the poddy to a wide gape hook through the bottom lip and the top lip and catch some good fish! KB
  3. A lot of opinions on this thread and interesting to read the different views Raiders have on this question. I wrote a long reply to this the other night but lost it before posting. My two bobs worth: tides are very, very important, especially for fishing estuaries, beaches and rocks. The intertidal zone is one of the richest food sources for fish and tidal movement not only gives fish access to this zone and its resources, it also washes food into deeper water making it available to fish. Of course other factors come into play such as the time of the year and day, cloudiness, wind and swell conditions, recent weather especially floods and heatwaves and so on. Many of these are factors which only become apparent on the day you go to fish whereas the tides can be predicted well in advance. I always plan my fishing around the tides. The other factors I mentioned above help me to determine what fish I will target, what bait to collect and where I will go to fish. As usual, it's a matter of fishing often in a range of conditions throughout the year at a variety of spots till you get learn how things work. Eventually you get to the point where you only go fishing when you have a good chance of getting a feed. KB
  4. Hi, I cast left handed but reel in right handed. Hold the bottom grip of your rod in your left armpit with your left hand holding the grip above the reel. The rod tip should be pointing in line with your float. I use my left middle finger to support the line coming off the reel and my right hand feeding line out manually. This is never a problem unless the drift is very fast. Just the same, line can still come off and slip under the reel but that’s more likely a problem if the spool is spinning too fast. To counter that, ensure the spool is touching your chest and it acts as a brake. Another cause can be line that is not firmly wound onto the reel so that loops easily pop up and slide off the spool. Be sure when retrieving your float to wind on line with some tension and evenly across the width of the spool. The other cause for this is being distracted! KB
  5. Hi, I am looking to buy a 6 weight fly rod. Please message me if you have something for sale. KB
  6. Hi, You haven't mentioned a number of things: What exactly are you trying to catch? Where exactly are you fishing? Ocean rocks? beach? In the estuary? What sorts of live baits will you be using? Species? Size? I feel that if you could be a little more specific in your questions, your feedback will be a lot more useful. KB
  7. Scratchie's on the money. Sometimes it's an intuitive thing, you just know that the fish will be on. That being said, I do believe that intuition is informed by years of experience. Honestly, sometimes it just smells fishy. Just recently I had been checking a local possie on a daily basis but did not fish it for weeks then one day it just felt like it was going to happen. And it did. No-one had been catching any fish there for some time. But time of year, wind. possie and tide are my basic go to criteria to determine what I'll fish for on any given day and where I will go to find them. Like Scratchie says above, you can make things way too complicated and still miss out. Keeping It Simple Stupid is a good way to go. KB
  8. Hi, If choppers are around they do smash the poddies but also smash the plastics too. Small bream can also be a problem. If there are too many about it may be better to try somewhere else or just give up. An occasional by catch can be long toms and Australian salmon which can certainly provide some thrilling action! KB
  9. Hi seasponge, I hook them through the lips from the lower jaw and run them under a float on the moving tide near the mouth of the estuary in the summer months. I always used to fish the runout but this year fished the run in with great success. For more see here:
  10. Hi, For chasing and landing big flathead I have done far better using live poddies and wide gape hooks than I have using SPs. In fact for all flathead fishing, I have found live poddies to be far more reliable. The only trouble is that getting the poddies can sometimes involve a fair bit of time and effort. KB
  11. I think the important determinants are tide, wind, swell, location, time of year, time of day, target species and bait. A diary sounded like a good idea but in my case I struggled to maintain it and did not bother to go back and read it as I remembered the information anyway. The goal is to work out where and when to fish for what species. I mostly target flathead and luderick so not too hard. I now know at this time of year that I should target luderick and, depending on the tide and wind and swell, I know where to fish with the wind at my back and the fish on the chew. That being said, as conditions change eg the floods of the last two years have completely altered the structure of channels and sand bars in the estuary I mostly fish so atm, I am having to do a bit of exploring to see if I can find the fish, but using the principles I have learned to help me decide where to look. ATM, the blackfish are very hard to find in Tuggerah Lakes! Talking to other locals, I know I am not alone. KB
  12. Hi, On the identification of the fish you have caught, they look to me like rock cale. Eastern kelp fish and wirrahs are different species. If you are catching cale you are in the right spot for targeting luderick. Some days you catch a few cale but in my experience I’ve never found them in big numbers. KB
  13. Not too sure about Brisbane Waters but in Tuggerah Lakes poddies seem to disappear once the cold sw winds blow in winter. You may need to wait till October or thereabouts! KB
  14. Hi Everyone, Well the water's got a bit cooler and there is now soft weed around the shores of Tuggerah Lake in the shallows near Long Jetty's Saltwater Creek boat ramp. I'm sure there's plenty all around especially heading out towards the Wyong side of the Lake. In a while the weed will improve with wire weed available as well. No blackfish biting though! KB
  15. Hi kracka, It’s not worth coming up here to look for weed or blackfish atm...both are scarce. No weed yet in the lake and I can’t turn a scale on the blackfish front despite a couple of efforts. Still too early for the winter run and the lake is still settling down after the floods. KB
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