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  1. Koalaboi


    Hi Neil, East Coast people do care about the rivers west of the mountains. The press and letters on the issue have been passionate and prominent and the political cartoonists have been having a field day. Have a look at First Dog in the Moon in today's Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/16/the-murray-darling-fish-kill-is-a-monumental-catastrophe-and-also-business-as-usual Unfortunately the issue is tied up in all sorts of politics. I fear, our government at the moment is so firmly on the side of development including massive land clearing, fracking, mining and the continued use of coal all of which contribute to the environmental problems we face (including such iconic treasures as the Murray Darling, Great Barrier Reef etc.,) that little effective action will happen. Very sad, KB
  2. Koalaboi


    Have a read through the best ever tips for blackfishing. There are some great spots around your area for chasing blackfish. You could also look at beach fishing for a range of species as well. KB
  3. Hi, For land based fishing, some good spots are the north and south channels. Just on the north side of the bridge there is a large jetty which might be OK it also has a childrens' playground too.. As well, the bike track. Picnic Point has lots of spots to throw a line in. If you can get some live poddies or prawns and fish the last of the runout you should be in luck. I've caught a lot of flathead there on SPs too. Has toilets, a skatepark, BBQ facilities, outdoor gym and the bike track. Fish from the grass in front of the BBQs south towards Long Jetty. It's a great spot for a young family and would be my recommendation. Have a great time and I hope that you get some fish! KB
  4. Koalaboi

    Is this the correct weed for blackfish?

    Should work OK though I much prefer to use cabbage off the rocks for both blackfish and drummer. Look for a spot where the waves wash over the weed covered rocks, esp at high tide. See where the water drains off the rocks and present your bait there. Looks like pic 1 in the water and pic 2 when dry on the rocks. Scrape a bit off the rocks when you start fishing to burley up the fish. Remove from the rocks with the foot attached. Push the point of your hook through the bottom 1/3rd of the bait, straighten the bait along the shank and half hitch the foot to your line above the eye of the hook and you're in business. KB
  5. Koalaboi

    Prawning - Beginner Advice

    There are prawns at The Entrance and the crowds are not really that big of a problem. The prawns generally start around 5 to 6 days after the full moon on the runout tide, which keeps running up 2 to 3 hours after the bottom of the tide. Waders are a good way of avoiding pelican itch but too hot in the day...at night though, OK. Just be careful not to stumble in fast flowing water....a feller did some years back and they finally recovered his body about 10km north. Access to water is easy and parking close by. Give it a go and enjoy the fun. KB
  6. Koalaboi

    Flathead question ?

    Have used them to burley up beach worms and and in crab traps with success. Alternatively, boil them up in water, salt a few peppercorns, a bay leaf and onion to make fish stock for soups etc. KB
  7. Koalaboi

    Is this the correct weed for blackfish?

    Depends on where the weed was growing. In what sort of environment was the weed growing you photographed and posted? KB
  8. Koalaboi

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    From my experience, fishing year round in Tuggerah Lakes for 30 years, pelican itch is a summer hazard in the warm tepid water on the runout tide. Flathead time. Yarraone posted this interesting info in 2008: I just found this article for those of you that are interested.......... Dr Walker stated that the blood fluke Austrobilharzia terrigalensis was the most common cause of the 'itch' in coastal waters in NSW, where the water temperature exceeded 24 degrees. The itch, variously referred to as Swimmers Itch, Pelican Itch, Terrigal Itch and Narrabeen Itch is caused by the parasite penetrating the skin and then dying. Narrabeen Itch can be contracted when wading or bathing in fresh or salt water in areas infested by parasitic schistosome flat worms. The life-cycle of the flatworm is complex and involves two hosts - one a vertebrate, usually a bird such as a seagull and the other an invertebrate. At Narrabeen Lagoon, the invertebrate host is the water snail Batillaria australis. Austrobilharzia terrigalensis was first discovered living in the blood vessels of a seagull from Terrigal. However, the organism is found more widely around the coast of Australia, wherever the seagulls and the intermediate host snails occur together on the shore. Some studies show about 75% of birds tested in the Narrabeen Lagoon are infected. Batillaria occurs in Narrabeen Lagoon in millions. When the water temperature reaches at least 24 degrees, the parasite leaves the snail and moves to the surface of the water seeking contact with a bird - it is here that it sometimes accidentally encounters a human, buries into the skin but cannot reach blood and then dies. The life-cycle of the parasite is broken at this point. The immune response to the dead larva is the cause of the rash that develops some time later. It usually only becomes itchy if scratched or rubbed by clothing. If not scratched and infected, the lesions normally recede and disappear after two to three weeks. From my research, bilharzia parasites are found around the world and in Africa can be a serious health problem for humans. My info also suggested that in Australia, birds release the parasite in their droppings which then float around in water waiting to attach to the legs of a host bird. On coming into contact with humans, the larvae (I think that's the right term) burrow into the skin but as we are not a compatible host they quickly die and set up an allergic reaction which causes the itchy welts. I'll let you know how the lycra leggings work once I have had a chance to test drive them. KB
  9. Koalaboi

    The Entrance North Beach

    Headed out this morning to fish for whiting on North Enny beach before the NE wind got up using live beach worms. Strong drift running south along the beach and cool water. Picked up 6 whiting between two of us with a couple around 35cm. Was hard work walking down the beach to match the longshore drift but, no weed on the beach to contend with so that was good. KB
  10. Koalaboi

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    Hi Everyone, Some years ago fishing Tuggerah Lakes, I got hammered by pelican itch: around 30 to 40 "bites" on each foot from just above my ankles to my big toes. It was excruciating. One of the local pharmacies prepares an ointment that gave me some relief but after that I wore waders. But, waders are too hot in summer and just not the go for me. I have wetsuits but again, a bit too hot in summer unless immersed in water. A fishing mate suggested liberal applications of sunscreen but my recent experience has put that one to bed. I thought why not give the long lycra pants a go...$15 from KMart in the mens' active wear section. Got some and will give them a try. Anyone else got any ideas? KB
  11. Koalaboi

    Persistence payed off. Sorry long post.

    You certainly earned your feed. It's terrible losing a favourite bit of gear.....good on you for persisting and achieving the retrieving! KB
  12. Koalaboi

    Fish Songs

    I was thinking Aboriginal traditional fishing songs. So yeah, a bit of a surprise for me too. Liked Hill373737's comment about combining this with other technology. KB
  13. Koalaboi

    Fish Songs

    Hi, An interesting article about scientific research into the sounds fish species make and how monitoring those sounds can help determine a range of data about fish populations in our waterways: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-30/fish-songs-harbour-secrets-on-waterway-health/10669816 KB
  14. Koalaboi

    Crab Dillies NSW

    Hi, Keep an eye on your traps in Tuggerah Lakes. I have heard many reports of traps being stolen or raided. KB
  15. Koalaboi

    Boat Buying Advice

    Thanks everyone. Some sensational advice and very generously given, especially since typing out the posts would have taken time and thought. Much appreciated. You have given me some solid advice which I will have a good think about, do some research and make some decisions. At 65 with a right knee getting physio, a lighter boat that's easy to launch and retrieve would be the go so aluminium looks good. I did have a 2nd hand 12ft tinny a long while ago but kids, work etc saw it get little use so I sold it. Main use would be getting away from the crowds lining the lake shores, esp during summer holidays...it's already getting crowded now and the next few weeks will be crazy. I miss crabbing and so a boat will be just the ticket. Thanks again everyone, KB