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  1. Koalaboi

    Where do poddies go in winter?

    Hi, I rode to work this morning around Tuggerah Lake on the bike track and saw what I am pretty sure to be lots of poddy schools in the shallows. I normally look for them around Long Jetty which in summer, is quite sheltered from the predominantly SE to NE winds. With the westerlies now in full swing, the eastern shore of the lake is quite open, the bottom stirred up with lots of weed washed in. Just wondering if the poddies tend to move to the sheltered sections of water during the seasons? KB
  2. Koalaboi

    Where do poddies go in winter?

    Hi, Around my way the poddies have vacated their usual haunts. Perhaps, like those of us watching Game of Thrones, they've heard that winter is coming. I've noticed this in previous years: they just seem to fade away around now. Mind you, the bigger mullet have been schooling near the mouth of Tuggerah Lake and seem to be waiting for the opportunity to head to the sea to be netted by pros (their 4WDs are parked at various spots along the beach lately) so their eggs can be sold to the Japanese and their flesh sent off to Qld to be turned into cat food. I asked an old Aboriginal Uncle, a pro fisherman and oyster farmer, and he reckons they head up the rivers towards the fresh. Any ideas or observations? KB
  3. Koalaboi

    Wanda/Greenhills dog leash free area issues

    One issue that's popped up lately is the fact that many dog owners have have had to take pets to the vet after eating discarded baits, still with a hook inside. I'm a dog owner and fisherman and like jimbo61 am appalled by the thoughtless behaviour of irresponsible dog owners who often do not clean up after their dogs make a mess, let alone have them properly under control. I am also appalled by the irresponsible behaviour of some fishers who leave an awful amount of mess behind. We talk about these problems on this forum. I believe we are all responsible fishers so talking to the converted here. I think the best way forward is for council rangers to start booking people. KB
  4. Koalaboi

    Kingfish Bait

    Would live poddies do the trick? KB
  5. Koalaboi

    Information Gathering?

    Hi James, Adopt a scientific approach to your fishing and over time, you will find the answers to your questions grasshopper! (Apologies to TV show Kung Fu). Seriously though, your question is a good one, but one you need to pursue yourself fishing the areas that are close to you so that over time, you build a good knowledge of what you can reasonably expect to fish for with some success. In short, there are no short cuts....but really, that's the fun, the challenge and the reward of taking up fishing seriously. Scientific method: observation, hypothesis, experiment, results and analysis/discussion/conclusions. KB
  6. Koalaboi

    Catching & using live bait (poddy mullet)

    It was 46cm and in the Lake. There's often big tailor in the lake and I reckon them and the smaller ones are you villains for bite offs and half chomped poddies. KB
  7. Koalaboi

    Catching & using live bait (poddy mullet)

    I set my traps in the creeks and floodways that flow into Tuggerah Lakes, sometimes from the jetties that reach out into them. In some spots, wading out into shallow water, as you suggest, is an option but the bottom here at Long Jetty is muddy and slimy and wading into shallow water can see you knee deep in black mud quite close to shore. In other places it is as you suggest. I guess we all have to work out what works where we are. kb
  8. Koalaboi

    Catching & using live bait (poddy mullet)

    Hi, I gave up SPs and now use live poddies pretty much exclusively for flathead...they also catch a lot of other fish too. Fishing for flatties using live poddies, I have picked up some absolute stonker bream and yesterday a 40+cm tailor. I have tried a number of different traps but find the cylindrical perspex ones you can buy from tackle stores easily the best. You need to be careful when opening the trap as the little plastic knobs that the plastic tabs clip over, can break easily. To remedy this, place a finger or thumb over the top of the knob as you ease the plastic tab over and off the knob. For bait, I use a half a slice of white bread torn into two or three pieces, and a handful of breadcrumbs. I was told a little of the dried parmesan cheese that you get from the supermarket in sprinkle containers helps, but having tried it, don't particularly rate it as an improvement. The breadcrumbs are definitely a worthwhile addition as they help burley the fish. When I buy a loaf of white bread for trap bait, I dry out leftover slices in the sun so they store well. Where I chase poddies, I find it best if there is not too much water movement and wind. A bit of sun on the water also seems to help. I place a couple of pieces of styrofoam in the trap too, to keep it near the surface. I place mine in water too deep to wade so attach them to some builders string which I wind onto a small handcast reel. Be careful throwing them in, they can slip apart if they hit the water too hard. Try to be careful winding the line back on the reel as it twists quickly, and you get tangles. I also will leave a live poddy in the trap when I reset it as it seems to draw other fish into trap more quickly. A live bait bucket is worth the expense, as is a good battery powered aerator. The cheap models are not worth getting as they corrode and stop working very quickly. Look for an aerator that is sealed well all around, including the on/off switch. If keeping them overnight, a 240 volt aquarium aerator will help save money on batteries. Have also found that they live much longer if you keep them in the water from where you caught them. I have changed murky, estuarine, brackish water for fresher clean looking water from near the sea and they don't seem to like it at all. Great bait. I fish the shallowish channels in Tuggerah Lakes and use them under a blackfish float as well as on the bottom. I prefer the float as it allows me to cover more water and find it more interesting (or less boring) than bottom fishing. I think you are allowed a limit of 20 which is plenty for a good session. Bycatch includes mostly undersize bream, some other tiny thing to small to put on a hook and toadfish. No bait there. Good luck! KB
  9. Koalaboi

    Bream fishing - ourimbah creek

    Great report and very well written Toby! Blackfish slow at my end of the lake but better than two weeks ago. Enjoy the rest of the break. KB
  10. Koalaboi

    Sustainable Fishery Guide

    Hi everyone, Was browsing the newspapers this morning and saw a story about how the top chefs are committing to only serving up fish that are sourced using sustainable management. For interest here is the latest version: https://www.sustainableseafood.org.au/fish.php KB
  11. Hi, Whatever you choose to target, you need to keep the following things in mind: 1. You need to fish a lot to learn how to do it, so work out places that are convenient for you to fish so you're not wasting fishing time through travel. 2. Finding someone who knows what they are doing, and is willing to spend time teaching you, will make for much quicker progress. 3. Try for bread and butter species first: flathead, bream, blackfish, whiting, tailor, salmon etc 4. Think about what you are doing: tides, wind, swell, time of year, moon phase and time of day all affect your choice target species, choice of location and which time to go fishing. 5. If it's not working change it up. Too much patience is not a good attribute. 6. Live bait is always best! 7. Rock fishing is exciting, productive and fun BUT it is dangerous and you need someone with you who knows the ropes. Beach fishing is pretty much hit and miss for mine, but can be a great fun when they're on. Land based in the estuaries is safe, productive and fun too, and in some situations you can hook into some big fish, but they really need solid gear and at this stage you don't want to over-capitalise. You need to choose your gear wisely: a light combo beach/rock fishing rod and a lighter 7ft spin stick will see you through most land based options. Good luck: fishing is one of the best ways to spend your time! KB
  12. Koalaboi

    Bream fish - ourimbah creek

    Great report Toby. The Lake isn't doing too much atm so glad the creek's fired up with the higher water. KB
  13. Koalaboi

    Learning more about fishing

    Hi Saltyas, Welcome to the forum. The gear/knots.baits etc you need will depend on what sort of fishing you wish to start with: shore based: beach/rock/estuary? Or boat: inside/outside? I'll assume you are probably going shore based so the next question is to decide where you can go that's easy to get to. I'd steer clear of rock fishing unless you have an experienced fisher to teach you the ropes. (In fact, having someone who knows what to do to teach you, will save you a hell of a lot of time and expense on the journey to being a successful fisher.) I found that keeping track of tides, winds, swells and seasons was really important in helping me work out what to fish for and where to go fishing. If you could write back with some answers to the type of fishing you want to start with and where is convenient for you to get to, I'm sure that you'll get lots of good advice from members. KB
  14. Koalaboi

    Aussie bass at ourimbah creek

    Toby, I teach at your school! You've often seen me fishing for blackfish at The Entrance.
  15. Koalaboi

    Breambos at ourimbah creek

    Well done boys! Find me at school on Wednesday and tell me the full story. KB