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  1. Koalaboi


    With Tuggerah Lakes pretty quite I decided to team up with a mate and hit the rocks. Been a long while since I had a serious fish of the stones and it took a while to get into the swing of things. Managed a nice blackfish at 39 cm then hooked into what felt immediately like a decent pig. Thinking that I'd be very unlikely to land it on blackfish gear, I held on hoping for the best. Managed to keep it out of the kelp and caves, finally washing it up onto the rocks. At 56 cm it was one of the biggest pigs I've caught. A great day with beautiful weather and good company. KB
  2. Koalaboi

    RFI - The Entrance, shore-based

    Hi, Picnic Point is a good spot with shelter and BBQs...it is exposed in a westerly wind so not that great during much of this winter. Like fredflathead said above, the north side of the bridge is good as it has a wharf to fish from, plenty of parking and there is childrens play equipment there too...it is also a bit sheltered from the wind too. The memorial park will be pretty busy this weekend with the Country Music festival and to be honest, it's not a great spot to fish. The channel to the sea is full of sand andthe tidal movement is a bit slow. Fishing from the Dunleith caravan park side might be a go though I've never done very well there. An alternative might be to fish the beach...with the westerly winds we seem to be getting non stop atm the beach will be sheltered though with not much swell it may be quiet. Top be honest, the lake seems pretty quiet this winter. Last I heard there were a few leatherjackets coming in, the blackfish seem to be a hit and miss proposition and there are not many fish to be seen in the crystal clear water as I walk around the lake and over the bridge. I hope you have a good trip up here. KB
  3. Koalaboi

    Keeping cabbage weed fresh overnight

    Hi, Overnight Like Ozzybass sauys shoud be fine. Just keep it in a cool place and don't compress the bait, plenty of air in there. You can keep it in the firdge for longer periods and I've even used it after freezing. Just be sure to leave plenty of air in the package. KB
  4. Koalaboi

    Reminiscing -Mulloway, Kingfish and the 'Murk' effect

    Hi, Great read. I cut my blackfishing teeth at North Head about 1 km north of Bluefish murk. I did make the effort to get to the murk and was wondering why anyone would fish there when there was so much crap (literally) in the water. Your line would come up festooned with scraps of toilet paper, the odd scrap of condom and other stuff that gets flushed down the toilet. The processing back in those days was pretty minimal. And, the smell was awful. I just couldn't eat fish from there. Just the same, if you're not fishing for the table, I can understand the attraction of such places for the fish that could be caught. Some huge catches came in as the blokes at my fishing club would tell us about at meetings. The climb down to the ledge was very sketchy and I wondered how you would get back up with a load of fish plus gear. I never went back. This would be around the early to mid 1970s. I then switched to fishing further north at Long Reef, Whale Beach and Barrenjoey. The fishing was good. KB
  5. Koalaboi

    The Entrance Fishing

    Yaama, Pretty cold and very quiet up here atm. The lake looks like it will be completely cut off from the ocean very soon. The channel near the sea is only a few feet deep and the sand spit from the north is creeping inexorably south. No luderick fishing near the mouth. Further back in the system blokes seem to be having on/off days along the wall fishing for blackfish. Weed is hard to come by. Flathead flicking with SPs by me has been a waste of time but then I'm not very patient. It's too cold to keep at it with no interest from the fish. Have had a fish the last two days and nothing. The water is clear, very clear and cold. Bring on summer.....I just hope that the Lake is not cut off from the sea. I am wondering if the new groyne put in to keep sand on The Entrance Beach has had the unintended consequence of closing up the lake? KB
  6. Koalaboi

    Need help finding fish

    See this map: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/680450/Map-lakemacquarie.pdf KB
  7. Koalaboi

    Central Coast Fishing

    Hi Vanders, I had a very quick look for weed from the jetty at the end of Panorama Parade at Berkeley Vale and there was plenty around...if a little dirty after the fresh. Good luck. KB
  8. Koalaboi

    Where can i fish for Flathead best!

    Where in Australia do you live? KB
  9. Koalaboi

    Central Coast Fishing

    Hi, The rocks south of the ocean baths at The Entrance offer a couple of spots as long as you have a low tide and very calm seas. Just reading your post again: Toowoon Bay Point is only fishable on very low seas and mostly low tides. It's hard to get out to atm as the sand tombolo linking the point to the shore has been washed away by the big seas. You can pussyfoot out there in a couple of spots but everything: seas, wind, tide etc has to be just right. A hard spot to fish. Mostly shallow The deep water off the front is hard to access by casting as there is lots of reef in the way and no safe area to fish from. Blackfish are supposedly caught in the shark hole gutter, an obvious gutter about 100m south of the Toowoon Bay Surf Club but I've never done any good there. The rock platform from there to Shelly Beach is OK to pussyfoot for bream, blackfish and drummer on a high tide as long as the swell is very light. The platform between Blue Lagoon and Bateau Bay is ditto to the previous spot. Lots of potential for pussyfooting on the high tide for bram, drummer and blackfish but again, the swell needs to cooperate. Bateau Bay rocks at the south end offers some decent water to fish as long as the tide is low and the seas and swell very small. Drummer and blackfish, groper, bream etc Good luck. KB
  10. Koalaboi

    Central Coast Fishing

    Hi Vanders, It seems really quiet up here atm. The blackfish should be on the chew but nothing really doing there. After the big seas recently there's a lot of weed on the beaches too. We've also had over 200mls of rain in the last week and maybe that might fire up the lakes...may even be some jewfish lurking near the mouth of the channel. The runout is pretty shallow despite the dredging so not much doing there. Rockfishing might be the go if you're up for it. KB
  11. Koalaboi

    Black Fish Fishing

    Hi, The blackfish seem to have been a bit thin so far this winter. I had one good day when the sea was up but otherwise not too many fishing for them atm. I usuially get my weed from around the shores opf Tuggerah lakes: Long Jetty right around to Chittaway though with the recent heavy rain the lake ios up and finding weed might be difficult. I'd suggest looking between Berkeley Vale and Chittaway as in the map Good luck! KB
  12. Dunno what other FRs reckon but This Is Serious Mum! https://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/shocking-fish-stocks-in-australian-waters-drop-a-third-in-a-decade-20180605-p4zjip.html What needs to happen here? Be interested to hear other FRs opinions as to; a. reasons for the drop and b. what needs to be done to secure viable fish populations in all species into the future KB
  13. Koalaboi

    Zebra Fish? (Zebra Fish Girella zebra)

    Thanks everyone, Much appreciated. KB
  14. Koalaboi

    Need some help around the entrance (tuggerah lake)

    Hi, You might also try flicking your sps around the channels further inside the system: North channel runs from the northern side of the bridge following the shore right up to the old fishing co-op. Lots of water and good with an east to northeast wind at your back to assist casting, South channel runs south along the shore towards Long Jetty from the boat ramp at Picnic Point ... not as much water to fish as the north channel but, great in an east to southeast wind, again assisting your casting. I fished the run from the bridge to the sea pretty consistently through summer and had a lot of success using live poddies but the flatties seem to have tailed off in that section of the lake. I did get a few smaller ones just before the last school holidays flicking plastic off the fishing wharf on the north side...not a lot of action though. KB
  15. A mate caught a fish like this on cunje on the south coast of NSW. He said it appeared greener than the accompanying photo. Any info on it including if good to eat etc would be good. Ta, KB