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  1. Good haul of fish as we expect of you. Nice to take someone different out and put them on the fish. You must get a few requests for info and maybe a trip as you nearly always seem to get good fish Bruce
  2. Thanks everyone for replying Next target for the Hacking is a decent Jewfish. Might have to get a lesson from Yowie. Flattie was caught on a whiting hook on 2kg line 12 lb trace bait was a frozen nipper left over from Monday. Next week we'll be up at SW Rocks my grandson will spend hours casting lures, I'll spend a while with the fly rod before I change over to bait with the rest of the family. Bruce
  3. Good work getting the king they don't seem to be in the hacking in any numbers at the moment. I find it works well to use what I berley with for bait. Try the pilchard cube on a 2/0 or 3/0 single hook.
  4. Monday afternoon the wind wasn't too bad so decided to fish the Hacking late afternoon. Not too many boats out, pumped some nippers then fished rising tide on the flats. No whiting but kept 4 bream 28-34 cm and a 46 cm trevally. Moved out to deeper water off the baths after about 90 mins of small reddies caught a 31 cm & 33 cm fish. Headed back to the ramp 730 pm. Today took grandsons out, decided to fish Georges river for a change and to try and hide from the wind. Put in at Como and after 2 hours in the como area just a few throwbacks. Went down near Capt Cook bridge my grandson landed a 68 cm flathead his new PB. A couple of photos and a measure and it was back in the water swimming strongly. Don't know if I'll be fishing Georges again for a while, the hacking is starting to produce for me now days after many years of learning.
  5. Looking at the bend on the rods I guess it only takes anything going wrong for a big bang nice fish and it's nice to know there are good numbers down the coast
  6. Nice fish it only takes a couple to make the day unweighted nippers sounds like my style of fishing have to fish live podies more
  7. Fished Port Hacking this morning started in the deeper water off lilli pllli few tailor around bitten off twice landed couple not quite size. No other fish even the small reddies were a bit quiet. Moved onto the flats managed a mullet, a bream, a good crab purplish with a few barnacles then a 73cm flathead measure photo released. Pulled the hook on another high 50s next to the boat. Went quiet so moved over near baths caught a couple large pilchards, slow trolled live for zero. Headed up to gymea bay tried casting around any baitfish showing on sounder for zero then had a troll landed a nice salmon on a lure I hardly ever use. Back at the ramp by 10.
  8. I agree with you Dave seems to be more large flathead around this year. Last Friday there was a bit of activity sounds like you had a bit more today with flathead tailor and kings. Hope there are a few around tomorrow still.
  9. Only freeze the raw crabs cooked crabs and prawns don't come out to good when defrosted. I'll remove the back shell and all the guts before freezing. Works on the muddies up in Qld if you want to bring a couple home for the family.
  10. Cooked up 4 for dinner beautiful Few legs and bits left for a snack this arvo. Froze the other one for a taste on Xmas day in case I don't catch anymore. The four larger ones averaged 500 gms, still a little to go to catch up with some of last year's that weighed over 800 gm
  11. Fished the deeper water near lilli pilli this morning, did find a couple of kings the 1st busted off around the anchor the second hooked up on the lightest rod meant to catch yellowtail etc. Eventually boated it but at just 60cm only one place for it straight back in the water. Saw no more kings but did get a legal flounder and a legal reddie. Got tired of throwing back little reddies so moved up on to the flats hoping for a crab, they have been a bit quiet this year. Managed five using an old whiting and head for bait. Hope they stay around for a while.
  12. Nice bag of fish with a couple of better blue spots. Its good to have an almost reliable supply of flathead just offshore. Last couple of trips the kings have been noticeable by their absence. Plenty of large slimies out around the bommie. Bruce
  13. Nice legal Jew. The flounder will be nice and sweet. I found the deeper water was quiet last fri. There were a few fish and crabs on the flats.
  14. This thing came right to the surface and had 3 goes at the reddie with the fish hanging on the rod. But it would not take a half pillie on the other line next to the reddie . It didn't seem to care about the boat. For me this season seems to have a few big flathead Last week at SWR I did 5 trips in the river and managed 5 flathead 60-74 cm . Sometimes offshore a flathead will follow a hooked one to the surface you look over the side and see 3 fish and know you only have 2 hooks in 30 m of water Already planning my next local trip maybe Friday
  15. Did a quick trip in the hacking this morning hoping for a king. Didn't see any or any surface action. Anchored up and berlied caught a few small red bream then one got hit on the way up glanced over the side saw a shape put the rod in the holder quickly got a line in the water for what I thought would be a king. The fish hit the reddie again I looked over the side to see a flathead with a tail hanging out its mouth tried to set the hook but fish pulled out and flathead swam away. First time I've had a large flathead come to the surface in 12m of water. The reddie was 20cm long and well scaled. The flathead eventually took a very small pilchard cube on a no. 4 hook floated down the berley trail. Put up a good fight on the little 2kg outfit wouldn't stay still for the photos and was back in the water in short time. Measured 77cm. Home by 9 am the kings will have to wait for another day.