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  1. Nice catch for a short trip especially when you allow for travel time.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was pleasantly surprised when things did go to plan. Took under 2 hours from leaving the ramp to having the boat back on the trailer. Now to see if the squid cooperate in the hacking tomorrow. I'll have my young crew with me so it will be a full day of fishing. Thanks Bruce
  3. As I'm a fisherman I was allocated the job of supplying some fish for a small gathering of friends Looking at the weather forecast decided I had better try and get some fish today. Headed out from gray's point and flshed off Jibbon for blue spots. First drift in 38-42 m produced 1keeper, decided to move shallower rather than deeper and found reasonable numbers 35 to 42 cm. Two drifts in 33 m produced another 8 keepers so I packed up and back at the ramp before the sout southerly. Part two of the meal calamari might be a bit harder to catch on wed.
  4. Very nice bag of fish and that is a good red for Bate Bay
  5. Hi Dave from when I pumped the nippers to when we fished the tide had come in 20 cm and all the really good shallows had gone. Couldn't find where the whiting had moved to. I am aiming to fish late Tuesday or early wed.
  6. Yes the grandkids fish well and are very keen. Try blackfishing, several people fishing using same weed and only 1 getting bites even when floats are drifting cms apart. Might head out your way to try those M Cod next year. Bruce
  7. The grandkids have been fishing whole lives cut up bait, rig lines, pull up the anchor even help winch the boat on the trailer. Fish with 1kg line up to heavy braid bottom bouncing offshore will fish all day then fish at the ramp and ready to go out all day again next day They had both caught kingfish before but this was first time they had caught 2 in a day. They didn't lose any on the day. They are looking forward to a trip out to the fads soon. Thanks for your comments. In the new year when covid settles down I hope to head out your way to try and get a legal M Cod. Might cat
  8. Hi Bill Thought that might have been you, weren't that many boats fishing that bit of water. Fish the hacking most weeks though trips vary might end up at fad in summer or chasing blue spot flaties outside in winter . Bruce
  9. Looking at your report sounds like we were same areas on thurs. I was in a grey cuddycabin and anchored out off lilli pilli or on sandflat. Pumped nippers at mainbar. The kings even small are still exciting to catch. Bruce
  10. Thursday was first day of the holidays, my crew was eager. I headed out not real early, had a quick fish for kings near lilli pilli for zero. Went and pumped some nippers at mainbar then picked up grandsons at Wally's wharf at 830. The whiting I'd seen had disappeared we only got 1 at mainbar. Fished 4 spots between there and lilli pilli for nothing. The sandflat produced 2 35cm bream then quiet. Then moved to the deeper water which kept the boys busy with small red bream. I perservered with squid bait and pilchard hoping for a king. Decided it was time for a swim in a while, so I pull
  11. Good bag of whiting, always a tasty feed with them. Last week up the coast the whiting were a little quiet. I had a busy social weekend aim to put on the rain coat and have a fish wed or thurs morning. Bruce
  12. You have shown what is possible on our local beach. We just have to put a bit of time in and go for a walk. Might bump into you on the beach one day soon. Bruce
  13. Very nice fish and it would have fought hard. What line were you using.
  14. nice bream. Heaps of excitement when you can see the take.
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