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  1. There are still fish in the hacking larger baits for jews may restricted your catch of smaller fish. I fished near lilli pilli Monday morning didn't start till after 8 , 1am far too early for me. Kept 3 trevs 40 cm a good bream and 10 jackets. My son got a watsons bonito, a large longtom and a few other fish on Sunday.
  2. Just saw this post. The rods you saw only tallied up at 48, then theres 5 blackfish rods and 3 beach rods under the house another 10 in the shed and half a doz up the coast. Why so many, when I take the grandsons fishing everyone has to have at least 1 rod of each type to use. 1 kg up to 15 kg depending on if we are chasing mullet or marlin or anything in between. Every rod has a reel and a lot have a spare spool for different line classes. Bruce
  3. Interesting you mention work. Phil and I used to get out at least once a month, now I'm retired and Phil is semi retired we find it hard to find a day we can both go fishing, life gets in the way. Bruce
  4. The swell was still up a bit but was long and slow, it did stop us from anchoring in close to the rocks. The light nor wester made for a pleasant drift. Today the swell was quite low. I have heard his death may have been a medical episode, sure more details will come out.
  5. Yes we got a couple of feeds so that was good. Saw a good number of whiting along the inside edge of the lilli pilli sandflat but didn't have nippers and it was time to go home
  6. The weather was good and we avoided the early start. Nice tailor, whiting and overall bag of fish.
  7. Went out in the river for a white this morning then outside with a mate Phil . Left Grays point ramp at a pleasant 730 went down to the deeper water near Lilli Pilli fished with pillies and slimy fillets. Caught a lot of small reddies and one legal , also caught a few just legal trevally that went back and one good one that went in the esky. About 930 went for a cruise around but didn't see any activity so headed out to chase some blue spot flatties. Fished several spots between 30 and 50 meters deep but never found a good spot. Ended up keeping 10 and a flounder. Threw lures aroun
  8. Left home at 3:50 this afternoon got back home at 5:20 pm. Had some green weed in the shed for a month, not very good but it worked. Fished Georges river for about an hour, the fish were there but the bites very timid.We kept 6 28cm plus, released a couple more legals and few small ones. Good weather and an encouraging start to the season.
  9. You might have to go over to the dark side. I think you can get green weed in the ponds behind the breakwall at north haven
  10. Hi Dave Bit late in replying, I'll have to do another hacking trip try and get a flattie haven't got a decent one for about a year. you have come up with the results again. Bruce
  11. Gordon, Dave and Rebel thanks for your replies. I am a bit slow in replying but I do appreciate people reading and replying to my posts.
  12. Your asking a technical question, I think it is a white clouser. I have a good mate who ties flies and gives them to me, I just pick out something that looks good and throw that around. He wants me to take the fly rod to Weipa this year but I would rather take a real fishing rod. (Thanks for the great flies Phil)
  13. I used to let my sons troll for flatties over the sand flats when they were very young (now they are 40+) and it was productive but mainly smaller fish. Used to slow troll plastic squid skirts in about 3 ft of water.
  14. The flatties do slow down as the water cools down beginning of june, still get some but it is more productive to chase the luderick. I took the fly rod out to the breakwall a couple of times last year and managed luderick on fly, it was harder than using flies on the blackfish gear. I'll be up there chasing luderick in 3 weeks time and again towards the end of july. I'll check if your up there and look for you on the wall. August I'll be in Weipa, Sep I'll maybe be at the rocks for the end of the luderick season beginning of the flattie season Bruce
  15. Yes I normally would chase them in April and May but the floods in March seem to have chased them away. My best dollie on 2 kg tippet was 64cm (2nd place on the Fishraider records).
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