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  1. Nice work Dave The smaller flattie fillets are sweeter just more work for less meat. Still a nice feed. Lost the baits a couple of times on Friday without feeling a bite, mainly when over 40 m of water. Didn't get around to trying a smaller hook. next trip I'll try 1 large and 1 small hook
  2. This was just a short trip out had thought about the FADS but decided it wasn't really in the spirit of the covid 19 restrictions. Left home just after 630 home by 1130 straight to ramp and back no close contact with anyone. Not even my son. A photo of my catch some to my son rest to be eaten over next couple of weeks.
  3. Hi Dave I agree port seems very very quiet . No surface fish at all except for big slimmes out off Oak park. I fished near lilli pilli Tuesday surface was smooth and not a baitfish to be seen. The reddies stopped biting about 730 and then it was dead. Ended up with a legal red and a Trev . I didn't try for whiting, back home 1100. Bruce
  4. Nice to have the time to amble along. Tried some razorfish tonight cooked it tastes just like an oyster might have to try them raw. Heading up to where we went the other year have a spot available for 1 or 2 weeks 4 to 18th sept this year yes no maybe
  5. Started fishing in Ceduna they had been getting blueswimmers off the jetty so I bought a couple of crab nets and went to the jetty late afternoon. No one else there. Maybe the 20 knot southerly had put them off. Caught a few Tommy rough as well hadn't tried them so kept them for later. Managed 5 legal crabs in windy conditions in less than 2hours. Next afternoon had another go managed 6 with slightly less wind, again had jetty to myself. Moved along the coast to a beach about 20 km before streaky bay. Guy camped Next door offered a trip fishing but I was going into Streaky bay for the day. My wife said don't be stupid go fishing. Result was squid king George whiting and Tommys, apparently a quiet morning. Went to Streaky bay for the afternoon. Next day moved on to Sheringa beach near Elliston, a salmon fishing spot. First morning fished beach near camp area for some very small salmon. Then went exploring and found a guy catching medium sized salmon off a beach. He was very keen for me to fish right next to him to keep the school active. Landed about 20 salmon 30-40cm kept a few and surprised how good the smaller ones cook up. Moved on to Coffin bay for two nights but didn't have a fish. Next stop near Port Lincoln place called North Shields. The jetty at the back of the van park was irresistible. An hour before breakfast or at tea time would produce 2 or 3 squid, on the last evening I fished till dusk and scored 7 squid and a nice king George. Heading to Cowells tommorow and hoping for some blue swimmers. As this is a touring holiday I am happy with what I've caught. Will add photos when I have better phone service.
  6. Spent last night camped near the creek/lake at Brim. Of course I had to throw a line in managed these two just enough for a meal. Leave Victoria tommorow head for SAust
  7. Weekend before last we went to Culburra fished the river it was filthy . Did manage some fish on the rising tide. Also got more bream and blackfish day before. Heading to Weipa Sept 4 to 18th might be a spot available
  8. At least you had a positive result with something to eat and salt for bait. I don't mind fresh or smoked tailor. Another week might clear up a bit. Bruce
  9. Had a night camped by the Murray near Echuca. Caught some shrimps and used them live. Fished couple of hours late afternoon and a bit less the next morning. Landed 5 small cod a small silver perch and 3 carp. I was surprised at small number of carp.
  10. That's a very good reddie for the river. Shows the fish are still there just got to know where and give them a try. Good catch. I'll not be out till Friday. Bruce
  11. Hi Dave Wed morning would have been my first choice but grandparent duties got in the way. Thought you would go with the weather looking good, looked for your report wed arvo to get some ideas. Tried near mouth of Yowie Bay for nothing then deeper water off Lilli Pilli still quite even had trouble finding little reddies to feed. I can't even get little jewies . Fishing will be different next week. bruce
  12. Hi Gordon The rain we are getting now is why I had a fish on thurs morning. It will completely change the local fishing for a couple of weeks. We're heading to Culburra next weekend and I think fishing will be hard but accommodation is paid for so I'll have a family fish anyway. bruce
  13. Weather forecast does not look good for the rest of the week so I did a short trip this morning. Managed a couple of keepers. First legal king since Xmas even though skinny the big tail helped it put up a good fight on 2kg. Caught on a pilchard tail on a 1/0 hook. Not a lot of fish biting even though sporadic surface action. Only a couple of showers so kept dry Bruce