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  1. Oyster creek at the bridge on Bates Drive near Kareela shopping centre has some weed. I picked some up today to take up the coast next week. It’s a bit rough but will work just fine. Don’t forget to make up a bit of berley. Sounds like Oscarthebeagle had a good teacher bruce
  2. hookerbruce

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Very nice fish and report. Shows the effort is rewarded sometimes Bruce
  3. hookerbruce

    Holidays end

    Hi Gordon This photo of strange rocks on the beach beach might give a hint
  4. hookerbruce

    Holidays end

    FISHING BEGINS Like to travel north to warm weather and fishing for winter. This year we went too far north not warm and no fishing. Back in Sydney last thurs managed a short trip out for some flaties yesterday. Had hoped for some jackets as well but didn't find any. Fished inside Port Hacking for a while, water was about 15 deg and fish very scarce. Moved out off the Bommie and found reasonable number of sand flathead, after 2 hours we had 15 in the esky between 35 and 55 cm. Then moved on and looked for something different, caught a few undersized red bream and stuff nothing to keep. Ocean was about 18 deg but no sign of any fishy activity. Going to look for some green weed tomorrow and head to South West Rocks for a few days. Bruce
  5. hookerbruce


    When I get back to Australia ina couple of weeks I'll go and catch some jackets. They are good eating. Good that you caught some flathead
  6. hookerbruce

    Winter kingfish in middle harbour

    All kingfish over 80 cm are good fish. A top catch of hard fighting fish. Bruce
  7. hookerbruce

    Winter Fatty

    Nice fish. Which river did you get it in? I haven't caught a legal jew in well over a year so I'm quite jealous. I'll have to cast a few more lures. Bruce
  8. hookerbruce

    Bate Bay flatties

    In a few weeks I'll be home and able to chase flathead in Bate Bay So can you leave a few Dave. Bruce
  9. hookerbruce

    Port Stephens Live Report

    Sounds like some keen fishos turned up pity about the bad weather. Hopefully next get together I might be in the country and be able to attend. Bruce
  10. hookerbruce

    More George's River Mulloway

    Nice work Thanks for showing us the type of lures you use . I might give the lures another try for something other than flathead and pelagics Bruce
  11. hookerbruce

    Botany Bay jackets revenge

    They may not be big but they are very tasty and the kids brought home fish to eat. In port hacking there are plenty around 20-25 cm I found pieces of jacket skin was a good tough bait for them.
  12. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    Fished the river ocean still 22-24 water clear main run of mullet not arrived yet and almost no blackfish schools didn't see any red weed on the beach or in the river
  13. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    Brought weed up but there is enough growing up here. Work another day here's dinner
  14. hookerbruce

    Hastings river

    Can you send a few of those jewies up to the Macleay river Nice fish.
  15. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    Put the tinnie in the water 11:30 plan was catch herrings for live bait and throw flies and lures. Backup was a big handful of pilchards and nipper pump. No herrings and couldn't get a hit on flies or lures. After an hour total catch was a bream and a Bonito on pilchard. Moved to next spot nothing on fly, a decent flathead on pilchard. Moved again still nothing on fly but nippers and pilchards worked really well. Lost count of the flathead well over a dozen all legal and half were over 50cm plus 8 or 9 legal bream Kept the Bonito 1 flathead and a couple of bream.