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  1. hookerbruce

    Botany Bay jackets revenge

    They may not be big but they are very tasty and the kids brought home fish to eat. In port hacking there are plenty around 20-25 cm I found pieces of jacket skin was a good tough bait for them.
  2. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    Fished the river ocean still 22-24 water clear main run of mullet not arrived yet and almost no blackfish schools didn't see any red weed on the beach or in the river
  3. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    Brought weed up but there is enough growing up here. Work another day here's dinner
  4. hookerbruce

    Hastings river

    Can you send a few of those jewies up to the Macleay river Nice fish.
  5. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    Put the tinnie in the water 11:30 plan was catch herrings for live bait and throw flies and lures. Backup was a big handful of pilchards and nipper pump. No herrings and couldn't get a hit on flies or lures. After an hour total catch was a bream and a Bonito on pilchard. Moved to next spot nothing on fly, a decent flathead on pilchard. Moved again still nothing on fly but nippers and pilchards worked really well. Lost count of the flathead well over a dozen all legal and half were over 50cm plus 8 or 9 legal bream Kept the Bonito 1 flathead and a couple of bream.
  6. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks sun

    .. Arrived in SWR about 3 pm after an easy trip from Sydney. A quick unpack and out to the breakwall by 4. Fished till just after 5 . First fish went very hard and felt good but managed to get into the rocks and cut me off. The next 7 fish landed 6 all in the mid 30s .Stopped fishing just after 5 kept 1 for dinner Only had a dozen downs and no one else fishing for blackfish. Go chase flathead now. Bruce
  7. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks

    I'll be up at the rocks next week fishing mon to fri mainly in the river. Anyone who wants to come for a fish up there let me know Bruce
  8. hookerbruce

    Georges river wed

    Had plans to fish port hacking on wed and catch some of Yowie's snapper, but life got in the way. Then just after 2 pm a small window of opportunity opened , quickly grabbed the blackfish gear rigged the rod and headed off at 230 to the Georges to try my luck. Started out slowly but the berley started working. Every drift a down a lot must have been very small but enough fish to make it a good hour and a half. Landed at least 15 fish about half legal kept 3 fish 32 to 36 cm. And back home by 4:15 in time for the grandsons to go to footy training.
  9. hookerbruce

    Encounter with a majestic beast

    I’ve just read your report 3 times. Great report, photos and unbelievably fish. Congratulations. A lot of work has gone into the capture. Bruce
  10. hookerbruce

    Grandsons’s first dollie

    No Weipa for me this year doing Iceland and Scandinavia so no money left. Do a few trips to South West Rocks and maybe southern Qld. Looking at Weipa next year maybe. Bruce
  11. hookerbruce

    Grandsons’s first dollie

    Thanks Gordon the kids love fishing on wed they caught dollies then flathead, then as soon as we got to the slow zone they started baiting up their lines to fish at the ramp. The one we saw was about twice the size of a large dolphin. Head and body vivid white with a little bit of grey just near the tail. Think some type of albino. Couldn’t get close enough to get a photo Bruce
  12. hookerbruce

    South West Rocks

    Good result. Nice place to fish as long as the river bar is behaving. I am heading up there next weekend for a week. Any one else going to be up there
  13. hookerbruce

    Kingies for a kiddie

    He certainly looks happy. On 4 kg would have taken a while to land even at that size
  14. hookerbruce

    Off Cronulla

    Sounds like an interesting evening with the bonus of a Jewiie each to take home. Up to two weeks ago the hacking was fishing good. Last couple of trips produced a few crabs, trevally and big mullet I know you’ll find them biting when you go.
  15. hookerbruce

    Grandsons’s first dollie

    My grandsons have been very keen to try and catch a dolphin fish, with several trips aborted because of weather being not suitable. Yesterday the weather gods smiled on them and they got to go out wide. Launched from Grays Point at 7:00 am tried a couple of spots before we managed 10 live yellow tail baits. Moved out to Jibbon bommie for a while trued for kings while we checked out the sea conditions, a little bit of north east slop left over from the night before. Time to go younger one was a little concerned when we went over a couple of hollow waves and the boat landed with a bang as only a tinnie can. After about 5 Kim the seas flattened out and a much smoother ride. Saw plenty of dolphins on the way. Couple of stops to refresh the bait and we arrived at the fad, couple of boats but not much action visible. Stopped about 100m before fad and baited up the lines, a 3kg and a 4 kg mono outfits. Both live baits deployed and I cast out a Pilchard on a 3 kg out fit. Tripple hookup on light gear fish going in all directions around each other, carefully going under and over each other managed to land all three fish. Mine went straight back the boys both landed there first dolphin fish. Stayed about hour and a half boys landed plenty and kept 4 each 65-70 cm. On way back in came across what we think was a pilot whale it stood out because it was white. We could not get close enough to get a photo it was moving north fast and very shy. Stopped at the flathead grounds for a quick drift and kept enough for a meal for those who don’t eat dollies. Back home boys want to know when we can go again. thanks. Bruce