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  1. Salmon always go hard this one went super hard and the little whiting outfit really struggled with lifting the fish. Started in half a metre of water on top of the sand flat and landed in 20 metres up past the church camps. Was a very good capture on 2 kg line
  2. Nice duskies I actually prefer eating them to the blue spots . Nice eating size fish.
  3. With the weather looking good on Friday I thought I might find you on the Hacking, you had another plan so I was able to catch some of your fish. Thanks. Nice catch of blue spots.
  4. Baits were IQF pillies pieces and whole, squid strips from a squid I caught a previous trip fresh enough you could eat it, and a few old slimies that had been laying loose in the freezer for a couple of months. 1 on the pillies the rest on fillets off the old slimies. Why do we bother with good bait.
  5. Very nice fish we all deserve to get a good fish for the time and effort we put in.
  6. There were quite a few boats around I just anchored in the deeper water and waited for the fish to come to me
  7. I was solo getting the boat in was okay then I just fished a couple of places then someone met me at the ramp and took the boat out. Thanks Dave
  8. Thanks Gordon I was surprised how many of them were around and not to many bait pinching babies in the way.
  9. Went out in Port Hacking this morning looking for a few fish for a feed. I found the fishing a bit slow but over a couple of hours managed a feed from the deeper water. Surprising how hard the little reddies go on little 2 kg outfits.
  10. Great combined catch, someone must have taught your father to fish so he could take you. Not a bad looking boat you’re in. See you got my message the pieces of snapper, rock cod and gummy have arrived here and will taste nice for dinner.
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments, they were a nice couple of fish and cooked up well for dinner last night.
  12. It’s 6 weeks since since I’ve been able to fish, hopefully another short trip soon. I did appreciate a few good fish at a nice location in good weather.
  13. It’s getting towards the end of the winter run, I’m very pleased with these two. I’ll keep fishing for the Luds for a bit longer while they are around. Even the small ones keep the interest up.
  14. Haven't been able to get out fishing for a while now, this morning was the chance. Fished the bottom of the tide 10.30 to 12.00 with stringy weed from a local creek. A lot of small fish but managed a feed. These were the best 2.
  15. You can get cabbage and some stringy weed from the ocean rocks at Cronulla. Other alternative is to use artificial weed (green weed flies) just tie onto your blackfish rig.
  16. Yes they are more available in winter, once you know how to rig and use blackfish gear Know where to collect weed, which rocks to fish off and which tides to fish. You must have had a good teacher.
  17. Very nice reddie for the Hacking
  18. The blackfish had gone . I think the rain last week may have moved them down the river a bit. My son and grandsons got these down the river early this morning.
  19. That would have put up a good fight on light tackle. Has weight a big tail and they don't give up. When we are allowed to travel take a trip to one of the inland dams walk the flats with soft plastics or small lures sight casting to cruising fish is an exciting trip. We fish with 1 or 2 kg outfits.
  20. Hi Gordon I'm lucky live not far from the river, have found a couple of new rocks to fish off and still allowed to fish within the limits I 've booked to go to weipa again next year haven't confirmed any of the details, after covid cancelling two years might be 3rd time lucky Bruce
  21. Friday 20 th aug went solo fished from Jibbon down to Marley. Had a couple of drifts for flathead plenty good size up near the hacking down near marley they were smaller. Fished headlands and reefy areas for wrass and coutta sweep, got 2 good squid near the bommie and kept 10 flathead 42 - 52 cm. Monday was a bit windy fished Georges 50 min no bites went home Thursday fished Georges and the fish were there caught heaps kept first couple then started throwing back fish keeping a couple here and there. Ended up keeping 8 fish 30-37 cm. A quick trip on fri provided a couple of 39 cm fish plus plenty of throw backs. Luckily Georges river is only 3 klm from home and I can find a spot to myself.
  22. Still plenty of boats out the carpark at grays point was full. No queue to get in or out so safe distancing.
  23. Nice tailor I find they are better eating at that size. The reddies help make a good feed. The jackets were still cruising around on sat.
  24. There were plenty of barrcoutta just off shelly beach on Friday they fit your description and no reason they wouldn't come inside the hacking
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