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  1. Fished the deeper water near lilli pilli this morning, did find a couple of kings the 1st busted off around the anchor the second hooked up on the lightest rod meant to catch yellowtail etc. Eventually boated it but at just 60cm only one place for it straight back in the water. Saw no more kings but did get a legal flounder and a legal reddie. Got tired of throwing back little reddies so moved up on to the flats hoping for a crab, they have been a bit quiet this year. Managed five using an old whiting and head for bait. Hope they stay around for a while.
  2. Nice bag of fish with a couple of better blue spots. Its good to have an almost reliable supply of flathead just offshore. Last couple of trips the kings have been noticeable by their absence. Plenty of large slimies out around the bommie. Bruce
  3. Nice legal Jew. The flounder will be nice and sweet. I found the deeper water was quiet last fri. There were a few fish and crabs on the flats.
  4. This thing came right to the surface and had 3 goes at the reddie with the fish hanging on the rod. But it would not take a half pillie on the other line next to the reddie . It didn't seem to care about the boat. For me this season seems to have a few big flathead Last week at SWR I did 5 trips in the river and managed 5 flathead 60-74 cm . Sometimes offshore a flathead will follow a hooked one to the surface you look over the side and see 3 fish and know you only have 2 hooks in 30 m of water Already planning my next local trip maybe Friday
  5. Did a quick trip in the hacking this morning hoping for a king. Didn't see any or any surface action. Anchored up and berlied caught a few small red bream then one got hit on the way up glanced over the side saw a shape put the rod in the holder quickly got a line in the water for what I thought would be a king. The fish hit the reddie again I looked over the side to see a flathead with a tail hanging out its mouth tried to set the hook but fish pulled out and flathead swam away. First time I've had a large flathead come to the surface in 12m of water. The reddie was 20cm long and well scaled. The flathead eventually took a very small pilchard cube on a no. 4 hook floated down the berley trail. Put up a good fight on the little 2kg outfit wouldn't stay still for the photos and was back in the water in short time. Measured 77cm. Home by 9 am the kings will have to wait for another day.
  6. The high country is a pleasant change. That is a good trout and a good golden perch
  7. Very nice fish, one of the ones that keep us fishing.
  8. Its probably 15 years since I fished the very small lake and there were definitely still trout there then.
  9. I use a longer shank no. 2 bait holder hook . Put hook into the tail and bring it out just before the head so the body lays straight along the hook.
  10. Up river different spots for about two klm fishing the shallows.
  11. Went back this morning tide was slack then started to come in. The fish were not the same as Thursday with a good run out off the flats. Give them another try when I can have a falling tide. Today's fish, also released a mid 50s flathead and a dozen under size fish. The flathead I kept was a lightweight 62cm the maximum size I would keep. All the fish will be eaten Sunday at large family get together. Thanks for the coments.
  12. Fished the sand flats in the macleay yesterdays afterwards for me I did really well on whiting. Nothing compared to the snapper at Port Stephens. Fished from the shore as only a short trip and couldn't be bothered launching the boat.. Fished unweighted nippers on 1 and 2 kg outfits for about 3hrs near the bottom of the tide. Never caught so many whiting over 35cm in a single outing. . Going to give them another try tomorrow
  13. Some very good bream. Which waterways did you fish
  14. Headed outside from Grays point this morning, the river looked very tempting but stuck to my plan to look for surface fish. Guess what found nothing so had a flattie fish kept 8 and five jackets, then went back in to the river about 9:30 anchored up got done by three kings then landed a 63cm king . Packed up and back at the ramp by noon. Turned out a reasonable day. Might try again tomorrow Bruce
  15. You got a tasty feed as usual. It was a bit cool this morning beenie weather instead of broad brim hat. Looked like you heading onto Lilli Pilli flat as I came out of the baths channel just before 7 am. Last Wednesday in the wind the bream were very quiet on the flats just a few whiting around main bar and Grays point. Bruce
  16. The boys love their fishing will go as often as they can. Quite like fishing the sand flats with nippers and light lines or any other form of fishing, will fish all day and then into the dark. Thanks Bruce
  17. I don’t know what it is, was virtually dead when it came on board, couldn’t be revived in the live bait tank so it was just the right size for little Evie for tea. Not the little sister but the little sisters new baby borne doll. Someone had to ask.
  18. Yes on the days when we are feeling older the close in blue spots are an easy option. I usually drift with two rods hold one and leave one with a heavier sinker in the rod holder. Some days rodholder catches nearly all the fish other days I catch all the fish.
  19. Thanks for comments Luckily I only kept a few of the fish the rest all went home with the kids so they could show mum and dad. My son ended up with filleting job and I’m sure his in laws would have ended up with a meal or two. Yes it was a solid jacket, boys tell me it’s a length record for a sub junior so dad has another job to put in a record claim form.
  20. School holidays are here so it’s fishing time. Plan was two trips one reef, one flatie plus try to find a pelagic or two. Tuesday after packing the boat and stocking up on food finally left Grays Point ramp at 10am. Headed outside and spent 40 min trolling and exploring around the Jibbon Bommie found nothing of interest so headed out to chase blue spots. First drift produced 3 keepers for Kobi who was then full of advice for his brother who had caught a dozen throwbacks no keepers. Next drift was a couple each, third drift Tyler came thru with a strong finish the only 4 keepers and a good jacket. Sea sickness started to show itself so trolled back around the bommie and into the river as the tide dropped we pumped some nippers and fished the flats and deep water found bream around legal size in most areas only kept a couple. Back at the ramp 4:30 crew straight away continued fishing. Wednesday after pancakes and the works for breakfast left the ramp at 9 am and headed for the Merries reef area. On the way saw a bit of surface action got the boys to put the lures out while I drove. After a few minutes got hookup on first lure waited a few secs for the double hookup. After a few unders and overs of lines the fish went opposite directions one up high for the beach one down deep for the open sea. With a lot of winding and comments both fish were eventually landed both PBS. 655 mm and 673mm luckily one each. Fish had dispersed so headed over and anchored in 20 m on edge of reef. No spectacular fish but the boys had a good time catching colourful reef fish keeping a few. Headed back into the river by 12:00 before seasickness arrived, picked up my wife and granddaughter for lunch and more fishing. Back at the ramp by 4 pm. The boys are just at an age where they are good company on the boat and can bait own lines, unhook most fish and even set and pull up the anchor in the river. I’ll just have to force myself to take them fishing lots, it’s not an excuse for me going fishing.
  21. Enough activity to keep your interest and a feed of fish as well I haven't fished the port for a while been up south west rocks for a while and the port was slow before that. Going to head out the front tomorrow Bruce
  22. Oyster creek at the bridge on Bates Drive near Kareela shopping centre has some weed. I picked some up today to take up the coast next week. It’s a bit rough but will work just fine. Don’t forget to make up a bit of berley. Sounds like Oscarthebeagle had a good teacher bruce
  23. Very nice fish and report. Shows the effort is rewarded sometimes Bruce
  24. Hi Gordon This photo of strange rocks on the beach beach might give a hint
  25. FISHING BEGINS Like to travel north to warm weather and fishing for winter. This year we went too far north not warm and no fishing. Back in Sydney last thurs managed a short trip out for some flaties yesterday. Had hoped for some jackets as well but didn't find any. Fished inside Port Hacking for a while, water was about 15 deg and fish very scarce. Moved out off the Bommie and found reasonable number of sand flathead, after 2 hours we had 15 in the esky between 35 and 55 cm. Then moved on and looked for something different, caught a few undersized red bream and stuff nothing to keep. Ocean was about 18 deg but no sign of any fishy activity. Going to look for some green weed tomorrow and head to South West Rocks for a few days. Bruce