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  1. Hi Been back in Sydney about 6 weeks from my half lap of Aust Syd to Broome and back via Darwin, King Ash Bay and other fishy places. Been fishing a few times blackfish in Georges river, whiting bream flathead at South West Rocks flyfishing for carp at Burrinjuck Dam last week end. Decided to have a go for crabs in Port Hacking yesterday. Got to the ramp at 3 pm and found it very busy. Pumped nippers then tried to find somewhere out of the wind and away from the crowds.Found a few spots and put together a mixed catch 6 crabs, 2 whiting and a 55cm flathead. Best crab was 70cm claw tip to claw tip, one of the biggest I've caught. Used large pieces of yellow tail for the crabs fished the sandflat dropoffs. Fish were caught on nippers.
  2. Nice work phil drummer certainly pull hard and dirty. No secret spots what town were you near
  3. Had a quick fish at the boat ramp before we left timber creek. Used bait caught a couple of jewel fish plus the compulsory catfish. Camped at Edith River tonight had a 10 min flick in the shallow river this afternoon for a oxeye herring will have a few casts tomorrow before we move on Bruce
  4. Over the past week fished a few times for mixed results. Home Valley Station fished the Pentecost river from the shore. Cast lures for no result then tried using small dead mullet one reasonable missed hit and some catfish. There for two days only one 80cm barra caught by another camper. Then headed to Lake Argyle on way found a fishy river so camped near the river for a couple of nights. Had a few sessions interrupted by sightseeing caught about 10 legal sooty grunter kept 4 lots of small ones and spangled perch. Also caught this sleepy fish just under 40cm a new specie for me. Had a fish at the boat ramp on the Victoria River near Timber Creek today no fish will try again in the morning. Have to keep an eye out for crocs every where up here.
  5. Hi all Thanks for all the comments. The cruise in the Kimberly was a once in a lifetime trip. And the fishing was a bonus. Took a long time to find one that had fishing that was affordable. After the cruise we spent 4 days at Quondong point north of Broome it looked very fishy but couldn't get a bite let alone a fish. Have moved on from Broome and next serious fish will be at Crab Claw Island in the NT. Wait for you in Darwin Dave Bruce
  6. Hi My wife was very sceptial before the trip thought she would end up on a fishing boat. The trip was fantastic the food was there every time you turned around and was all perfect. Ate a lot of what we caught oysters crabs and fish plus all the basics steaks lamb cutlets pork loin roast and all the fancy deserts Boat had 12 passengers and 5 crew. I'll send you a copy of my wife's holiday email she says it all Bruce
  7. Just back from a cruise Broome to Mitchell Plateau . Had a fish along the way. Fished five short sessions along the way. Caught a lot of fish mainly fingermark and jacks to 50cm, also bream trevally cod and mixed fish. On the last fish I finally nailed a barra and lost one. Measured 77cm and tasted very nice for lunch and dinner the next day. Also saw all the tourist things and did the helicopter and light plane flights
  8. Hi Dave I'm getting ready to go out on a boat on Monday be back in Broome on 26 th June. Hope To catch some fish. I think it's a fishing trip my wife thinks its kimberley cruise At 80 mile beach at the moment .
  9. Fish of a lifetime x twice any photos Bruce
  10. I don't think I would describe Gordon as tall and dark, more tall and mysterious. The mystery unfolds after several late night drinks. Yes he knows how to fish I learnt a lot from fishing with him. Glad Neil got some black fish. Bruce
  11. I'm sure Neil appreciated the effort and it will only make the next successful trip seem better Bruce
  12. Just south of Broome Barn hill station. Arrived yesterday afternoon had a fish off the shore caught about a dozen under size reef fish plus two good bream. They will do for dinner tonight The bream appear to be a variation on our normal yellow fin bream. Try again this arvo. Was a nice sunset
  13. Thanks Gordon I haven't caught them before. Just left Mt Isa so don't think there will be much fishing for a few days
  14. No more decent fish just a few small grunter and other things. Few shrimp and yabbies plus some crabs. Just small ones don't know what type. From Burke river at Boulia
  15. Don't do a lot of freshwater fishing. Calling this a yellow belly 37 cm caught Coopers creek
  16. Those of you who want to go to Weipa it is doable for six people it costs just under $1500 each for a week plus airfare plus your alcohol. We found the action in Triluck was great lots of queenies all types of trevally plus a few barra and jacks Normon fished well for jacks l landed 15 one day plus big queenies and some barra. Just outside norman near the rock island we got a 5kg gt
  17. Just back from Weipa Was a different trip this year as no bait schools or pelagics. Made up for it with barra jacks and reef fish. I caught over 30 barra about a third legal best 70 cm Similar number of jacks.Queen fish to a meter were common and the reef fish joined in for some tasty meals. Fished the beaches a lot as sheltered from the wind even found a couple of nice muddies up in the shallows just a few photos
  18. Try the wide fads the fish are still there with a lot of fish over 90 cm try to get there before 8 to give yourself a better chance . They get shy with the boat traffic but will still bite even on pillies . Keep the bait moving and try around the fad up to 200 m. Bruce
  19. When I was heading out this morning didn't see you at Yowie bay or Lilli Pilli now I know why. It's always good to have bit of variety in our fishing. Are you heading across the top to WA or across the bottom. We don't leave to take the van across to Broome and the Kimberley for another 5 weeks. Got to go to Weipa for a couple of weeks fishing first. Bruce
  20. We head up to Weipa in 3 weeks so report could be very interesting but I think I might be traveling are you on a house boat charter or whatever Bruce
  21. NOT AN EASTER HAT IN SIGHT. Nice mix of fish. bruce
  22. Hi Dave Couple of nice flatties. I must be fishing on the wrong side of the boat lately can't seem to get any flatties in the Hacking. Did get 1 legal reddie near the deeper water at lilli pilli on sat morning but had already cut it up when I took the photo. Bruce
  23. Hi Luke Couple of nice crabs. I find I do best for crabs in shallow water near weed beds fishing the rising tide. Late afternoon seems best and a couple of smelly fish heads hanging over the side seem to help. bruce
  24. Kept the belly flaps from dolphin fish I caught also makes good strip bait for offshore bottom bouncing