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  1. Check out the lowrance point 1 information on the net pretty much exactly the same thing.
  2. Hey mate Unfortunatly that valve yoy put in is an isolation valve designed to turn the water on or off.If you google non return valve that will solve your problem its a lot better if you get a plastic one as well they seem to handle the salt a lot better. Good luck ...
  3. Dpi fisheries web site has the conversion tables your looking for.
  4. Vac sealing is definatly the best just dont let them come into contact with fresh water at all that includes ice
  5. I stayed in south durras caaravan park a few years back which had a ramp at the back. Im not sure if its open to the general public or just park guests. I launched a 4.2 tinny there with no problems. A quick phone call would probably let you know if it is available to the public.
  6. No wonder fishos keep getting locked out out of good fishing spots
  7. I bought a fine mesh landing net and when you start pumping i push the handle into the sand so the net is half submerged then pump straight into the net because the pump then releases under the surface it stops most of the sand splashing all over you. You can then pump a few spots around you before you move to the next holes.
  8. There was a picture of it in todays telegraph
  9. My neighbour boils common garden snails and cleans up on bream whenever he uses them.
  10. mate your right you are allowed 20 for bait as long as they are under 15cm this size is what is referred to as a poddy mullet and the species does not matter as juvenile mullet are very difficult to distinguish at that size. But you are right also that sand mullet dont have a size limit.maybe someone could clarify how this rule is interpreted.I googled poddy mullet and it seems to include all species under 15cm.I also googled sand mullet and this just confuses it even more.
  11. gidday mate just finished reading your daily post just thought you should check the regs on your mullet sizes because the way i read it is any mullet between 15CM AND 30CM IS ILLEGAL correct me if im wrong anyway just a thought keep up the reports ive been fishing at forster aswell and have been doing ok on the jew off the wall but your right live bait is the key