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  1. Just wonderinf if someone can get kilos of whole fresh or frozen squid? In the sydney area Thanks Mark
  2. gianniz

    Fish ID please (Striped Pyjama Squid)

    scientists are saying new research suggest pyjama carries same toxin as blue ring. though without knowling my mate used to place it on his palm and it never bit him... oh he doesn't do that no more lol
  3. gianniz

    Hairtail & Haweksbury Session

    problably dumpling squid
  4. gianniz

    Port Hacking again

    did you hear puff kind of sound as well???? if so there comes a seal sometimes at night. hear it when I was fishing at walleys else pretty large mullet. they do jump often at night and make very loud sound and also deceptively large looking lol
  5. gianniz

    Hairtail & Haweksbury Session

    tricks to catching finicky hairtail is not to strike..... well not straight away.. when you feel its biting... just very slowly wind the line... sooner or later you will feel a firmer tug, this is when you strike. This should give you near 100%
  6. I lost my net and I think I left it at Roseville bridge?? Anyway it's a long shot but if any raiders found the net, please make my day and pm me Cheers, Mark
  7. gianniz

    Kayak topples catching shark! This is why I want to buy one but I ain't! Also remember when I was young I tried one and fell in!!! Scared the shit out of me and also damn difficult to get back in!
  8. gianniz

    Baby oct as bait

    I'm assuming dead ones, well I don't like using any cephs for bait as they aren't that good unless your targeting certain species. The small salad occys stay on the hook pretty well so you can try whole baiting or cut in pieces.
  9. ever time I went out on a boat (bloody 4 am wake up) we caught pretty much jack shit
  10. still wanted to go and started parking the car, and blacktown sky decided to send more rain!!!! not happening tonight
  11. is the water still dirty or clear?? report please. hope clean so I can go fishing
  12. mate I'm in blacktown area so if you're near me, then I can come and pick u up. I normally fish at night if that's ok. just chip in for petrol (bait I get livies)
  13. gianniz

    Bought a squid light but do they work?

    squid uses eyes instead of smell to locate their prey thus having a light on where you cast will attract hungry squids.