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  1. The prawns look yummy but what happened to the king? did you bleed it? so red.
  2. Yeah i can feel the racial undertones too and what you guys are forgetting is its the communication and education that is the problem. Its hard when people can't understand or listen but i have seen just as many Caucasians guys running around the rocks with no footwear slipping and cracking the heads open. I've seen "white" guys if you like swing off peoples ropes and fall off and injure themselves badly... no one ever talks bad about them, i think that's even worse considering English is not an issue. A few years ago one of the most experienced Caucasian rock fisherman in the history of LBG died on the NSW north coast. Washed in with two of his mates because they got complacent so experience and respect counts for nothing. All 3 should have died considering they were fishing 4m swells and all 3 went in the drink so that's a very lucky outcome. Did anyone bag them out for being stupid trying to fish those conditions? of course not, they were white and experienced right? Everyone has learning to do and its the ones who think they know everything that will take more risks... a catch 22 really.
  3. I dont get what you are asking? Sounds like you are going regardless of what reports you get off here. Are you asking for specific GPS marks?
  4. Great assortment of fish there!! but you do know there is no fishing on that wharf right? Its on the sign behind you on the pics.
  5. Awesome report and great to see you both getting decent fish. I personally think if you have a boat then you should use it and access areas where you cant from land. Granted tuna hug the shoreline at certain times of the year but to anchor up infront of a popular LBG ledge is a pretty poor form especially if there are fishos on the rocks already.
  6. There is no need or justification to keep undersized fish. These laws are in place not only for you but for the future generation. I know one day your kids will be able to enjoy catching big reds if we all follow the rules. As for deeply hooked fish then a quick snip of the line and less handling time might do the trick. Better luck next time... thats fishing!
  7. Might be worth doing a search before asking to be hand fed. Plenty of info on this already.
  8. Very nice catch!! how big was it? Congrats.
  9. barramatt, good point.. i hate to see a massacre of fish. For me its quality and not so much quantity. Besides a 1m+ fish tastes much better and will feed you for a year. I am almost sure if you research and fish hard you will get atleast a 1 meter each year. Everyone i fish with has. Mondo, You seem to only fish in perfect conditions which rarely happens.... so maybe you havent put in enough hours. But you will find suprisingly most Jew are not caught in anything that resembles ideal conditions.
  10. Swordfisherman sums it up perfectly. In fact i am sure there will be at least one life lost because of this thread!
  11. Forget about circles. Especially if you're chasing kings. You need to load the rod up slowly for the circle to 'engage'. Rarely would you want to give a king a chance to put their nose down. Make sure they've got the bait/hook in their mouth then hit them as hard as you can. They're not going to be nice about the fight neither, so nor should you.
  12. I stand corrected. Shows how clear these laws are with everyone having to contact DPI for clarification. Either way my "personal" view is to leave them in peace to breed. Its just a few months. I love catching and eating squid but I self imposed a ban on catching Southern Calamari for a few months because all of the 4 squid in my last trip all had eggs. The ban can only do good for furture stocks.
  13. You are not allowed to target Bass or Eps this time of the year. Did the inspector mention that as well? I hope he did.
  14. Boat or land based? I got 10 on sat morning, all 20cm+ mantles. I regret it now as most of them had eggs. I am not sure about spawning season but I think its now. Banning myself from squidding for the next few months. Can anyone shed some light about spawning times?