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  1. Well done mate, cool report! I've just moved down to the northern Illawarra area and looking to upgrade my tinny soon to head out off Bellambi ramp!
  2. Awesome report mate!... How big a boat do you "need" to safely get out to these FADs? ... i'm thinking of upgrading my tinny (soon) to be able to get into some more offshore stuff.....
  3. I would go 6lb braid (over 4lb) to start... 4lb begins to get really thin and i find it's more prone to wind knots if not careful.... we've caught small bream through to 75cm+ flatties on 6lb with no issues. Leader we generally use 8lb but change up 10lb/down6lb depending on area being fished.
  4. Thanks for the reminder about Dinga!... I ordered a new electric from them today and got the Fishraider discount 🙂
  5. PlayerOne

    Min kota

    55lb thrust will be fine on a 4.2 tinny - I've got a 54lb JW Watersnake on my 4.2 Dory and it goes fine (will replace it with a Minn Kota when it dies!)... I'm pretty sure any larger motor would need a 2nd battery, I run a 100AH and its pretty heavy on its own....
  6. We don't use swivels for SP's - just braid onto flourocarbon leader & directly to SP (loop knot)....
  7. Cracker flattie mate! My PB is also from the same lake (@ 77cm)
  8. Nice work! Good to see a successful report from Lake Illawarra! I've just moved to the area & will hopefully be doing a bit more fishing there!.... We had a morning session 2wks ago and scored about a dozen flatties (to 53cm)... I don't know much about the lake but given it's size & decent flow, it '"should" hold some decent fish right?
  9. Nice report! You guys did much better than we did on Saturday! We did a heap of drifts inside the heads for a heap of undersized flatties (all released of course) and few flounder!
  10. I agree with above (i.e. steer away from anything euro in this price range); I'd suggest a Mazda3.... $6k(ish) should get you into a 2004-2006 2.0L model, if you save a bit more say $7-8k(ish) it could get you into the sportier SP23 with bigger 2.3L engine.... This would be much "cooler" than a Corolla!
  11. I've been using a (M-100) C-Tek charger for my 100Ah battery for years and it's done a great job..... PS> You might want to research battery sizes as 100Ah seems overkill for only finder & lights, especially when space is premium in a 4m tinny!
  12. PlayerOne

    New car

    Just traded my MY12 Forester (Turbo) for under $25k... Used it to tow my 4.2m tinny as well as box trailer with no probs, was the most practical car I've owned!!
  13. PlayerOne

    4WD help

    From Port Stephens, it's not far to access the northern end of Stockton Beach.... Taken my Subaru Forester out there a few times with no problems... It's a fairly level access onto the beach from this end.