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  1. All packed and ready to go .I think I need a trailer to carry all the goodies It will be like masterchef on the mother boat. Lots of wine and port , heaps of food, we may open a floating restaurant and the gas heater is back again this year so we can wine and dine in comfort.Before we go out and freeze our butts off catching Hairtail. Its not to late to join in the fun. see you all on the river cheers Reggie the Rabbit
  2. That's the best looking crew I have ever seen on that boat.
  3. Good to see you up and about Pete, nice fish hope we can catch up soon its been to long. Are you coming to this years Hairtail Social ? will be a great weekend lots of laughs take care Stephen and Fiona
  4. Great to be aboard the Polycraft again and its wonderful to see the motor running well again and not have that alarm going off. had a great day got a few fish blooded 2 new rods and reels. .What wonderful weather only 2 weeks away from the start of winter if this is global warming bring it on. Hope to get out again soon, Cheers Stephen (Reggie the Rabbit)
  5. Roosterone we must have been near you I saw the skate board and the antenna l come out of the water. As in my report we caught nil until I changed bait to garden worms.
  6. Fiona and I spent a great morning at the Campbelltown catch a carp day. We joined a large crowd, heaps of kids mums and dads and grand parents all doing their bit to rid Eaglevale pond of smelly carp. What a nice way to spend our Anniversary. Fishing started at 7.00am and ended at 11.00am. The first 2 hours were slow a couple of bites. Then we changed bait from corn to garden worms within 15 minutes I landed 2 carp approx. 50cm and Fiona got one the same size. The biggest fish went 63cm and lots of small fish caught. Rotary Club supplied the BBQ, council did a great job. Everybody had fun good to see so many children out in the sun having a good time. The pond is open to fish only one day a year for this event .All fish were collected by the council .
  7. Last grand final win 1971 I must be getting old I was there at the SCG I was 12 at the time we must be due for a win. Cheers Reggie the Rabbit (Stephen)
  8. Great looking country and the fish are awesome. Look forward to hear all the details, love the photos. Cheers Stephen
  9. Grant he told me something about how good Dan and Trung look in a wig ??????????? also how many RUBBERS or was it PLASTICIS he is taking with him, What happens in Weipa stays in Weipa have fun boys
  10. I know we fished the social that was on the house boat with family. but the past couple of years we have been fishing together on a regular basis which we have not done for ages..
  11. It’s been a long time since Stewy and I have had the chance to fish together, so when I got a call to have an early morning session down the Georges River I packed the gear and was set to hit the water. We arrived at the gate to Revesby beach only to find a big pad lock on the gate and no signs letting us know when it would open. So we back tracked and used a small ramp at East Hills. It was a cold morning combined with the wind chill factor it was freezing. The plan was to flick some plastics to try and catch a Jew, but they did not come out to play. So out came the smaller rods and we hunted for some EPs , After a couple of casts I was on no EP is was a nice Flathead And a PB for me. Then Stewy picked up a small one my next cast and I got a small one as well. Then it went quite we moved up and down the river not a bite. Until we move to Milperra and hit the honey hole Double hook ups all good size fish, until they moved on. We moved back down river for the tide change to have another crack at a Jew but no luck. It was a great way to spend the day out in the sun with good company and the first time after many, many, sessions out fishing with Stewy I finally top the score board. It was just like my beloved Rabbits knocking over Stewys Bulldogs last week.. Miracles do happen
  12. As everybody has said in this post it was a great weekend plenty of fish caught and a lot of new friends made. The house boat is the way to go, somewhere warm to come back to after freezing your back side off out on the water. But we caught fish so you did not feel the cold as much. Many thanks to Donna and Stewy for hosting this event this was the second year we have been on the house boat with them lots of laughs all round. The first night was slow until scratchie gave us the call to bring bait as the fish were almost jumping into the boat. thanks boys we had a ball. Saturday night started the same Stewy and I went out for a late session with Dhype and Trout stalker and Diesel. lots of sledging and between the boats Stewy/Reggies boat 4 Hairtail the others well lets say thanks for berleying for us. Great weekend thanks to everybody who took part..
  13. sadamson

    Hairtail help

    The closest ramp is at Apple Tree Bay it's only a short run .good luck