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  1. Chris I have built a couple of boat trailers and it is not that hard. The reason most people build their own is to improve ease of launching and retrieval. After you have worked out how much you have to carry and the size of the trailer think about Where am I launching my boat how bad is the boatramp (is there a boat ramp) Am I launching by myself or do I have a cast of thousands. Can you get into the back of your car when the boat is attached (is the draw bar long enough). Do I need a walkboard in the center of my trailer to hitch the boat or the automatic drive on hitchs. Where can I strap my boat to the trailer. What type of winch do I need a electric with remote or manual steel cable or strap. How easy is it to get into my boat when on the trailer (A step on the side of the trailer) How about maintenaince LED lights bearing buddies and hot dip galvanising (remember if you have to weld after the trailer has been hot dipped you will remove the protection for your trailer so measure twice cut once and think hard about your design before the trailer is dipped. How many rollers or skids do I need. Longer springs give a softer ride and will not bounce your boat all over the road. Put your number plate on hinges so the water pressure does not snap your number plate going in and out of the water.
  2. Spotters lens are good but we have had two pairs of glasses where the coating on the frames blisters and falls off and to get the glasses repaired will cost about $100. I have owned MAUI JIM they are great and I now own MAKO I think all three lens from each company are really good. I think if you get the lens that works for your particular style of fishing and they are comfortable you will be happy with any off the good glass name brands.
  3. Hi Rizzo, I own a 10/20lb Procaster-Z linear interline rod I use it for Barra to troll and cast. We use a Team Daiwa Viento with 20lb braid and wind on leaders the only hastle with this is the knots must be neat and small to avoid hooking up on the end guide. It takes a bit to get used to fishing with but I like it very much and it always goes with us on barra Trips.
  4. I would like to see a slim beauty is there a book or a website I could see this knot.
  5. Hi Josh, I own in the 2500 size reels shimano sustains, twinpowers and we have recently bought a daiwa kix recommended by the local tackle dealer which has 9kg of drag. Most weekends we go spinning for queenies and trevally etc all three reel types are comfortable to cast with and have smooth drags. You will be happy with any of the top end Daiwa or Shimano reels.
  6. Fantastic idea I was contemplating giving mine away. And I did pick mine up the other day without clipping the top a huge birdsnest and my kids leaned some new words.
  7. The boat is an old fiberglass seeker runabout 4.8m long The Boat will be used for inshore work mainly rivers and sheltered estuarys to catch Herring squid etc. The motor that was on the boat was a 50 Honda which I transferred to my current Boat.
  8. A Friend of mine has just purchased my old boat minus the motor he has found a 2004 secondhand Honda 4 stroke for $5000 with a three month guarantee from a reputable dealer or for another $1000 can buy a 2008 50hp Mariner with a 3 year guarantee. His question is will the Mariner be as quiet and fuel efficient as the Honda and which is the best buy and if he buys the Honda what should he look for that could potentially go wrong.
  9. I am just about to build a live bait tank for my latest boat has anybody used the gentle flow oxygenator pumps. From the write up these pumps seem to give the bait fish a better chance of survival and increase there activity.
  10. There is a product called Diesel Power it is available in 250mls and 1 liter bottles I used it on my old Hilux and it did actually work I noticed a remarkable power improvement. My mechanic suggested I put the whole 250mls in my fuel tank when I filled up and within 25kms I had more power brilliant stuff.