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  1. I live on Canada Bay and fish it regularly. In recent times there have been a lot of salmon around the boat ramp jetty but there is always a good smattering of bream from any of the walls but by far the flathead is the most frequently caught. In one two hour session along one wall I managed to bag 27 flatties, all of them over legal sze with the biggest being around 50cm, so no giants but plenty of them to keep me busy. My biggest ever bream also came from CB and came from the wharf in front of the apartments, that fish went 48cm Like any other spot, you have to work for your fish but when you find one you'll generally get a few from the same spot. Frenchmans Walk goes around CB from the canal near Barnwell Park Golf Club right around past the boat ramp to Massey Park Golf Club at Exile Bay then around to Cape Cabarita and part way around France Bay. All is fishable and many a fish have been caught and released along the entire stretch, you just have to have time to walk it's length.
  2. As a dedicated BD user these days I've got a few rods (6 to be exact) which haven't seen water for some considerable time so it's time to offload them. For the price I'm asking I'd like to sell them as one item. * Shimano Steve Starling Stradic Spin Rod - 7', 2 piece, light action, rated 2-6kg. (Needs a new tip guide.) * Shimano Aeroglas Baitcast Rod - 7'6", 2 piece, rated 5-10kg * Silstar Power Tip Spin Rod - 7', 1 Piece, Medium heavy * Silstar Power Tip Baitcast Rod, 6', 1 piece, light * Shakespeare Ugly Stik, 6'6", 1 piece, 100% Graphite medium rated 3-4kg * Daiwa Triforce Z, 8', 2 piece, medium light rated 4-8kg. Selling as one lot, asking only $300.00 the lot.
  3. From the BREAM web site: Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:02 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve, The prefish ban begins Tuesday 25th January and runs until the Official Prefish which is Monday 8th of February. Cheers Simon. It should also be noted that Monday 8 February should read TUESDAY 8 February>
  4. In an other thread posted by Macman re EP relocation I made a few comments that, in retrospect, I realise were out of line. Apart from Jocool's shot at me (which I deserved) I haven't read the rest of the thread so I don't know how many of you guys want to hang me. I was having a bad day (no excuse I know) and wish to extend my sincerest apologies to anyone who took offense.
  5. Billfish

    Buying Bulk

    Remember one thing Andrew, I have a long memory :ohyeh: As for the Quantum, it's brilliant!!! Only a few hours to go if anyone is interested in a bargain
  6. Billfish

    Buying Bulk

    Sure is a bargain Ken, have a bid :thumbsup:
  7. Billfish

    Buying Bulk

    Check out this link to eBay I can vouch for the seller :ohyeh: :ohyeh:
  8. I had a 540 Lancer a few years back. It was fully tricked up with outriggers, GPS etc with a 115HP on the back. It was a dream to drive, very stable and made quite a few sorties out wide and not once did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe out there.
  9. Billfish

    Nitro Jigheads

    After months of development and testing the new range of jigs are now available and with over 60 heads they are still evolving. The range now includes 1/32oz in a variety of bream size hooks up to #1 Gamma Heavy Wire. Throughout the Bullet range most grub keepers have been re-engineered with a low profile multi rib grub keeper which gives hreater grip and doesn't split the plastic. Check out for the full range. Matt Fraser is continually refining the range and there are further changes in the wind and will be available in the near future.
  10. Adam, I've got that very rod (ZWS65MJ) and use a Calcutta 400 with 30lb braid on it. As a matter of fact I used it when I went out to The Ribbon Reefs last year and I had trouble getting it back off the other guys on the boat. Everyone who tried it, loved it. It handled some quite large fish with best being a 14kg Cobia but mostly big bottom fish like Red Emporer, Nannigai, Trout etc and I gotta say I was impressed with it's capabilities. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you get one.
  11. Billfish


    Grant, IMHO the 10lb Spiderwire is an absolute nightmare on a spinning reel but is great on a baitcaster. From personal experience the very fine diameter of the 10lb does not sit well on the reel and loose wraps and wind knots are a constant pain in the proverbial. Fireline is a far better option on a spinning reel. My humble opinion.
  12. I don''t see where I was sniping at you Ken, I simply made a comment on what I thought re the rules. I completely understand the situation regarding hypelinks etc but I can''t get my head around why this only seems to apply to BD. I am not privy to behind the scenes happenings but I don''t see anywhere on the forums a ban on mentioning the likes of millerods (as in the case of BD). Is it a case of black balling BD thru sour grapes because they could not pay for advertising. If someone asks a question, as in this case, are we not allowed to answer it and express an opinion, or can only we answer it without mentioning any brand other than Shearwater? If you''re going to have a rule in place on banning the use of rod builders names (other than Allen of course) then there has to be an level playing field, one out all out. Similarly, maybe the same should apply to the likes of Berkley, Ecogear etc if they do not sponsor your site.
  13. Where''s the snide comment Iain? From what I saw, it was a tongue in cheek comment while at the same time trying respect the draconian rules regarding mentioning sponsors product!
  14. Thanks Andrew, I''ve seen that boat. Not the sort of boat you would really call Bream Reaper