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  1. . These marks were given by the boat sideshow ,
  2. Gemfish and blueye are travelling fish browns is just a stop over for this fish as they travel down the coast in the currents . Certain times in the year like now is the spawning season for blueye and gemfish and the pinnacles and seamounts up and down the coast. I think electric reels do put a dent in these as the old days you appreciated catching fish using a deckwinch . Well its the modern era and electrics are in , as long as bag limits are fished correctly it should still be a viable fishery for our grandkids .
  3. You can make up a saltwater ice slurry using rocksalt and water in a small esky , fully dissolve the rocksalt before you add the ice , cut your filets or cutlets and place them in the slurry . When its time to bag them up to freeze ,or for the table just use a strainer and pull your fillets out 1 by 1 giving them a wash as you do it . You will be amazed at the dirty slurry water when finished and your fillets are below zero as the slurry is so cold . Hope this helps . Cheers dogtooth.
  4. If you have doubts launch at bermagui you can come in at any weather , wind and tide , Dalmeny has a ramp that launches straight into the ocean but you need to be quick if the swell is up , narooma can be calm in the morning but wild if a nor easter happens . If you have not crossed bars before , even as a passenger don't attempt it . Launch at bermi and allow a little travel time . Dogtooth .
  5. 105 pound for spanish I will try and get a couple of pics tommorow of my rigs . If you got shown you would be making rigs like a pro as for the red tubing I wouldnt use it mackeral have great eyesight and if anything it will reduce your catch . There is an art to single strand wire , but shown correctly its easy.
  6. App looks good , works on Android
  7. That rig is ok for spotties , but not for spanish , you need to wind the wire a little tighter up the top . If you get a good fish discard it and use another fresh rig . 105 for spanish . Rigs keep nicely on a foam box edge , or a foam box lid .
  8. I used to fish a tournament 1750 with a 135 on the back , safe and honest boat but you have to drive it like you stole it in rough water they like getting airborne. Never had a wave break over the side and fished in some wild weather. Look at fuel tank size if your looking at Bluewater fishing as they are quite small.
  9. Kingfish are quiet all along the coast including the bay compared previous years , bream , flathead , whiting ,trevally are ther use plastics . Last weekend drifting and throwing plastics produced fish . Had 2 older guys yell abuse as I drifted past and we had double hookups catching fish 50 metres away , get the plastics out.
  10. Go the vhf , will transmit a lot further , another thing is brand of radios look at the Garmin or icom as there rarating is waterproof ip 67 , might be a little bit more but i will never own a G branded radio again had way to many fail , moral is if you buy cheap you get cheap .
  11. Had the pleasure of fishing with Byron , he certainly knew lots about Jews , and could talk all night in the boat , as for the phone calls they were long I don't think he would stop for a breath , and getting a word in would be hard , he definately was a talker . Sad news to hear , I'm sure he is playing with his jewie jewels and his faithfull black tiger rods . RIP
  12. Here's a link , download the PDF and view it on your smartphone . http://www.google.com.au/url?q=http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/docs/Tide_Tables.pdf&sa=U&ei=-9H7UIjwE82wiQe_noGgCQ&ved=0CC4QFjAA&sig2=a9ciJoarquuteYE7HCUszQ&usg=AFQjCNHkeZa-t5MT0Na3MQ9Uk8wJMty4MA
  13. Good to see your hooks stuck trolling , you will lose far more than you get to the boat but that's what gets us fishing , 8 kg of drag on strike , sharp hooks , and drive away if the fish is deep , get some angle and in front of it. Trolling can be boring one minute action the next .
  14. That picture says chaos , weekends at ramps is a pain .
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