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    Sydney North + Terrigal Fad's

    may stay inshore a few more weeks and target some kings then. cheers for the tips guys.
  2. Hi Guys, Just wondering how everyone has been going (if anyone has been going) offshore to either of these to areas) i am keen to get out this weekend, and thinking i may take the trip out to the FAD's and see whats about. I will more than likely put out a few lures once i start seeing the traps, and troll the rest of the way to see if there are any stripeys, or bonnies or even salmon about. (hopefully i can put them down deep at the fad) Anyways, any news would be great, as i havent been on the water in a good month to month and a half.
  3. Hamuwaja


    Blue Broken Arrows, and Pink Rockets... thats what i say.. here is a video of me and some mates doing some jigging with these 2 jigs.
  4. Hamuwaja

    Pesky Birds Stealing My Bait..how To Get Rid?

    Make sure you guys dont get seen doing this. as i dont think its very legal.. but in saying that, they are pesky, esp when drifting around the fads etc. Apparently if you sprinkle chilli powder on the water it stops them and seals, as they dont like to dive in chilli ? I never tried it, i just end up using a small sinker, and dropping the bait over the side.. i have had a few baits caught and brought to the surface by them, but i guess its all part of the game. maybe you can get some feather dusters to scare them off, like gulls on moored boats? i would also love to know how to be rid of them, just not game to get my oar all bloody haha
  5. Hey mate, i agree with the above, it sounds like you may not have enough experience to test this alone. But not taking a stab at you at all. I would say just grab a mate, or maybe someone off the site who goes out there regularaly on small craft to go out with you the first few times, to give you some pointers etc. does seem like your boat will be fine outside mate, and depending on the conditions, sometimes (and more often then not) its rougher closer to shore, then when you pass that it seems to get flatter, and nicer.
  6. Hamuwaja

    Youth Fishing - Be Responsible

    It disgusts me, when i go to my fvourite rock spots too... and you find bait packets, line, drinks etc etc, all just pushed into the crevases. i always have a few plastic bags in my fishing backpack (i have a bunch of the flat tackle boxes, so depending what fishing i am doing, i just change up whats inside the bag, and always take it with me.. I usually end up bringing back other peoples rubbish from the rocks, but have had a couple of people try to tell me i cant throw it in the bin by the pool... Seriously though those ppl can suck a fat one, because if i didnt put it there, it would eventually just end up in the drink... - i do understand if it was my rubbish from my car, or home a bit of a different story, but my fishing rubbish, along with others i have picked up... (maybe its just because it looks a pretty full bag when i have it - and my part of the bag is usually very miniscule...
  7. Hamuwaja

    Any Interest In A Day Deep Sea Fishing

    Hey mate, i would be after october, as i am going away next week..
  8. Hamuwaja

    Mako's Inside Browns

    Hey mate, Club would probably not do much to a big sucker like that, if under a meter you will probably crack the skull and kill it.. though, i have done it, had a collapsed skull, and the thing still wouldnt die.. I would be looking for a samurai sword, and right though the skull
  9. Hamuwaja

    Does It Matter Which Way The Rod Bends?

    Hey mate, mentioned it in the post, but not in the sense, just as an example.. but yeah the road i am more interested in is the - shimano 15kilo backbone elite - regular non roller guides, and non roller tip. - This is the one i want to use for the threadline reel. (also was told these were good for braid use as opposed to rollers which i was told are not great for braid fishing.. just wasnt able to tell is it was for overhead or threadline. I have the Shimano 15 kilo backbone elite roller tip - i have a tld 25 on her 24 kilo shimano backbone elite full rollered. - just with another tld 25 on her for now.. I have another tld 25, on a no name roller rod.. so if its for overhead reels, will probably use her on there, and load with braid anyone know the Shimano backbone range ? and know if the non roller ones, are made for threadlines?
  10. Hamuwaja

    Jigging For Kings At Peak And 12Mile

    Hey Guys, this always comes up, i am sure it was in 2 posts last week. PJ's are not protected at all. They were many moons ago. Are wobbeygongs still protected? P.S- i do throw them back once caught, have kept a couple before for the guys at work(PJ's Not wobbeys). they love em, but too much hassle for me to bring them home, gut them, and take them to work for them the next day... - As for Trevs and stronger tasting fish - Go down and get the fresh paste stuff and use it (found where you find the herbs and stuff in the vegetable section in woolies) I get the garlic, ginger, hot chilli, basil. I mix them together (to taste so just dip your finger in each time, and decide what you need more of) then i skin the fillets, and put them in a shallow tupperware pour my mix over, and massage it into the flesh.. then i seal the tupperware, shake it around, and putin the fridge for a couple of hours (or even just 20 minutes) the longer, the more flavour will soak in.. then i like to do them over the grill side of the BBQ as opposed to the plate so you get that flamed grill taste. and a bit or crisp... Man my mouths watering i use a few different combos, but this oneis good, i prefer the - 1 part chilli 1.5 part ginger 1.5 parg garlic .25 part basil. Good luck
  11. Hamuwaja

    Does It Matter Which Way The Rod Bends?

    thanks for the top info guys. I saw another post, but it was more about how to find the spine as opposed to weather you can use one on the other. I will do the tests tonight, and see how i fair. Should they also bend differently when under load? Maybe i can tie on my 5 litre bucket and test an overhead, and a threadline, and see the difference. would i be right to assume, that the reel that gets more bend is the right one ? or the other way around? or ?
  12. Hamuwaja

    Malcom Douglas

    Yes Mate, Very unfortunate indeed. you guys can see more below - http://www.kidsolo.com/malcolm-douglas-dies/2671/
  13. Hi Guys, just wondering if it matters which way your rod bends? I know i use baitcaster/ overheads, on some rods which are actually for egg beaters.. (or made for spinning etc) But does it matter more when you go up in size. say for example, a shimano 15kilo backbone elite - regular non roller guides, and non roller tip. now can this rod be used for both an overhead, and an egg beater? or just an egg beater? or just an overhead? Any advice, or tips and experience would help alot. Cheers.
  14. Hamuwaja

    Do You Clean Your Own Fish And Where?

    Yeah come on, whats the difference here with burley ?? or chumming ?? i guess i agree with the leaving the whole frame of 10 large fish off the end of the local jetty as being bad enough th warrant littering, but you just dont see it enough.. any chunks that go in, would eventually be picked apart by peckers, crabs, rays, occys will all get into it, and they should not last long at all.. But yeah that being said, anyone seen any legislation on this ? as i would rather know if it is illegal or not, and what the guidelines are as i dont like to get a big fine for nothing haha. P.S- I catch my fish, if on my old mans cruiser, we would bleed them and chuck them in slurry until we got back to the doc, as trying to clean down the wooden decks with scales everywhere would be killer.. however, we have pulled up a mooring when we get back into the bay and you can clean them in the water over the side if you want. Thats what i do on my smaller boat, i usually pull up a mooring in pitty, gut and scale, (which usually attracts hords of yellowtail.. and i stick a bait out for kings if they are about.. We have caught a few kings while doing the cleaning... If i dont get a chance to (i.e its way too dark etc) i use a big bucket (like the rectangular ones at the markets, or mty big esky.. fill with some water.. do the scaling with the fish submerged (to stop strays flying around) and then gut.. i will then have a separate bucket for scraps, which i use as berley on the next outing... Hope it helps.. i would say to you guys wanting to scale at home, but a big bucket, and do it submerged... No misses to keep happy as i live in my own flat, but when i lived with the parents, this kept mum happy..
  15. Hamuwaja

    Shimano Rod For Soft Plastics

    Hey mate, Good tip, is to not go over your rods line breaking strain when you are filling your reel. If it a 3 kilo rod, dont use over 6 pound. (or you could so long as you set your drag correctly) When in a snag, point the rod directly at the snag, and walk straight backwards. This way there is no pressure on the rod itself. The line should be sitting freely within the guides. If you find it is not coming free, thumb the spool and it should snap. Hope this helps if you get snagged again, so you dont lose another tip. They are very easy to break.. (also when fishing them from a boat, try not to lift the rod tip too high (try not more than a 45 degree angle to the water) to avoid it over bending and snapping too. Anyways, sounds like you got great service at the tackle store, which one was it ??