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  1. jonno86

    First bonito

    which wharf is this?
  2. jonno86

    Land Base At St George Basin

    Hi Raiders, This week im heading down to Jervis Bay so I think i might give the basin a try to do some landbased fishing. Does anyone recommending any spots around the basin for some bream + flatties and an odd tailor or so? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  3. jonno86


    What bait and rig do you used?
  4. Hi As per thread title as i've a snyder rod which i fish all night with that heavy rod gives me a dead arm. I am considering a graphite rod to cast bait out to ease the load off my arm for night fishing My budget is $150-$200 max. Any recommendations/suggestions, please share your experience with your graphite rod for bait casting. Regards,
  5. jonno86

    The Gong

    Which breakwall is this?
  6. jonno86

    Windang Beach

    Nice catches there Mako What was your line setup and bait you used?
  7. Hi guys, What's the best tool pliers to use to open the eye on the hooks? Regards, Jonno
  8. jonno86

    Surf Rod Needed

    Hi, I'm after a surf rod under 12ft/5-10kg that handles your usual beach species i.e. tailors, salmon etc... . Maximum budget will be $150 Regards, Jonno
  9. Hi guys, What's a good night lure for night beach fishing for jewie, taylors & bream? Regards,
  10. jonno86

    [wtb] Ecogears

    Who sells Ecogears power shad & power squid in Syd south-west region?
  11. jonno86

    Poppers And Sps At Night?

    What else would you recommend for night beach fishing? ANy other lures/sp that glows?
  12. jonno86

    Windang Beach Fishing

    North of the surf club. I use pilchards. G'Luck on your encounter with the jewy as it could be you next hehe. Regards, John.
  13. jonno86

    Windang Beach Fishing

    LoL!!! thx for the comments guy.
  14. jonno86

    Windang Beach Fishing

    Hello fellow Raiders, I was out @ Windang beach and got there around 10ish when it was high tide. No luck with the tailor as they play mind games eating the pilchard. About 2hours into the fishing i struck someone solid on the line which has no reaction on the line as i though i caught a massive seawood or something and it took 5-10mins for me to reel it in as i struggle towards the end as I saw something silver on the sand coming in and and ran over quickly and caught this massive fish. First time i caught something massive for beach fishing. No idea what it was.. could it be a jewfish? What a day for the start of 2009 =] Regards, John.
  15. Hi, I'm thinking of heading up for some fishing this weekend as long the wind is not harash up there. Has there been any activity lately up in Avoca rocks, Terrigal or The Entrance? Regards, John