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    Texas King

    A family member of mine was also out there with his partner in the last couple of days and the same thing happened to them, with the pro's making threats etc. Aparently they launched a jig at his boat and were trying to really intimidate them. Its definitely not an isolated incident. (Unless you guys are the family members i am referring too LOL)
  2. Hi guys, Breaming tomorrow up the parra river and was wondering where is the closest ramp to the pyrmont/fish markets area that you guys have used? We know of and have used a few but none that are too close to the areas we end up fishing. Thanks for the help in advance guys. Allen.
  3. Didn't know where to post this and assumed the reports section is the most viewed so would be the best help. Travelling Westbound along the M4 this afternoon just past the eastern creek servo, I saw somebody's front and possibly side clears hanging neatly over the silver guard rails in clear view of the road. I know how expensive these things are to replace so hopefully this info helps some poor bugger find their missing clears. Cheers guys.
  4. We cruised around to bluefish a fortnight ago to find two rescue workers with what looked like a body on their rescue bed, there were definitly no signs of life on the bed as the rescue guys were sitting about 5 metres from the bed talking and waiting. After a short time the helicopter came & winched them up and they left, there were a lot of fishos down there which would have been horrible to come across. Hopefully it was a training drill but it didn't look good. Any body know anything about it? Co-incidentally it was the same day all life on earth was supposed to end. Unfortunately for somebody it looks like it did.
  5. G'day guys, I have a holiday to Forster over the Easter holidays that I am looking forward to, however having never fished the area I thought I'd throw a post up seeking any advice you guys may have. I will be taking the boat however am open to landbased options aswell. I also have all bases covered from inshore to offshore from the boat and all gear from bream through to Marlin aswell as Gps charts of the area too. Any advice on what, where, when & how aswell as any baitgrounds of any type. would be greatly appreciated guys, Feel free to PM if necessary. Thanks in advance. Allen.
  6. I named my baby, "CHEAPSHOT"
  7. Great fish mate, I was over there in March fishing with Carl and Tobi, great guys and monstrous fish. The fisheries over there are amazing. beautiful part of the world too..
  8. One night squidding on my boat, I watched fellow Raider "Miller" and mate TJ (in their boat) bringing up squid, rigging them up and sending them straight back down to hook up to kingy after kingy in the middle of the night while they continued to try squidding. Hooked up is right though, with his comment regarding visual hunting. This area was very well lit up.
  9. you've really gotta wonder what goes through some peoples heads dont you? Back to the Bonito, I've been hearing a few reports myself of quite a few larger billed predators in a lot closer than what most people would believe due to the swarms of bonito around at the moment. The Bonito seem to be in large numbers a long way up and down the coast too. They make a fun target too, the little rockets. Allen.
  10. Well done mate, a few mates from work had a similar experience down there with a baby tiger aswell. They witnessed a fisho on his own bring one in around the same size too. I'll see if i can get there pics, almost identical in size too, from what i can tell. Same size and species in the same area, Might be something worth researching?
  11. Thanks mate, thats exactly what i was after.. Allen...
  12. Hi Guys, Doing some work on the boat for the upcoming season and have noticed my bimini has deteriorated a little, so Im in need of someone to re-do the Bimini cover on my boat. I know there is a Mobile guy that does this in the Glenmore Park/Penrith area but i'm not sure of the name of the business. If anyone out there can help me out It would be much appreciated, Or if anyone knows anyone else in the same area, preferably mobile, could they please let me know.. By the way, you will probably have to PM the details due to site rules, maybe someone can clarify that as im not 100% sure? Thanks all.. Allen..
  13. Thats a NICE Gemmie mate.. Well done.
  14. We had very large seal with a bung eye attracted to my boat once in Jervis Bay. at the time I was fishing with one other mate when this thing decided he'd hop over the gunnels and have a look at what was going on in the boat. we shat ourselves at first but he didnt seem aggressive at all. so we got a few pics and threw him a couple of slimeys into the water, after feeding him he let us pat him and everything. he hung around for a while too. We were lucky he was just curious because it was huge and easily around the 100KG mark. Ive got some good close up pics here somewhere I'll get them up.
  15. Mate one of the combo's I have for this type of fishing is a Symetre 4000FJ matched to a Starlo Stix Maxspin Tournament Pro 7'2" with 14lb crystal Fireline. For around $300-$350 (cant remember exact price) for the lot its a great bit of gear. Casts a mile, loads up very well and is light and comfortable to use all day. I only use it for medium sized plastics fishing but So far Its knocked over, Kings, Jews, snapper, stripies and Dollies and never had a problem.