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    Fish ID

    they have the nickname of 'A Boot Fish' so when the old timers have called then a Boot you know it isn't a good thing
  2. cast ahead of your drift and fish the lure as you drift towards it in many cases the snapper will hit it as the lure is sinking
  3. the goverment has decided that Hammerheads need protection I know a few around here have encounters with these sharks so please be warned
  4. well for many of us up here on the mid north coast NSW the flooding mean we may as well fish right out our front doors nah to be honest the rivers are kapoot at the moment so only place to fish is the deeper reefs outside in about 40m (20fath) as anything more shollow also has too much fresh on it and the fish are sulking
  5. hope you have got them marks down shark?
  6. even looks rubbish in the pic behind the boat well done in that slop and a fish most deserved for just fishing in that
  7. yeh agree with all that start nice and slow untill both you as a driver and the rider are feeling comftable one main thing i will add however and this is more to do with tubeing than most other towing and that is to watch the turns and leave yourself PLENTY of room to allow the tube to whip out i have seen people getting whiped into trees and although thankfuly i have never seen it there are DEATHS each year from exacly this with people not giving themself another room for the whip and putting their loved ones into moored boats, pontoons, trees, riverbanks,and other such obsticals the tube when you turn will whip out from the wake and momentum will force the tube out wider than you are turning
  8. i often wonder the same there have been cases up north with the big barra where one said of the camp is saying that keeping the bigger ones can do the fish stocks better as the big girls eat more fingling than they produce and also reduce the amount of fish stock being able to be kept no to add to that i often wonder with the big fish like this flathead at if released how much longer would it really be around for anyway as no dout that is about as big as these fish grow so one would have to think it must be near the end of it's life anyway food for thought i know i can not answer some of these questions but it does get your thinking about when big is too big and where do all the big fish go to die
  9. 5 Mile 32.04.239s 152.39.711e 7 Mile 32.16.842s 152.36.233e corner 32.16.082s 152.34.591e pinnacle 32.13.771s 152.36.001e lats 32.12.602s 152.34.201e tanks 32.10.749s 152.31.311e barge 32.09.379s 152.32.279e blackhead 32.05.891s 152.33.239e dj's (trag) 32.06.272s 152.38.021e blackhead wide 32.05.202s 152.37.802e schnapper rock 32.01.749s 152.36.050e hope some of these help you get into a few reef fish
  10. gummybusta

    vhf radio

    have a VHF and i use it even thou i'm not ticketed to use it been pulled up by my loacal guys a few time mainly for a bit of a chat and never once have they said anything even my loacal marine rescue unit have told me they much prefure me to have one and use it then not to have one and need to use it one day they will run a course and i will get it but most around here are still running a 27mhz and not much of a demand for the unit to run a course for the VHF yet answer the question thou yes you can have one and monitor however technicaly you need to be ticketed to use one ohh and they changed it from calling it a licence about ten years ago and now it is classed as a ticket
  11. love things like this mainly because fish know not to either be west or east of the bridge nor can they swim each side no dout some over paided desk jockey got paid alot of money from the goverment to tell them this also almost all fish move up and down the rivers streams harbours and coast lines so who is able to tell if a fish caught at the habour mouth is any better than one west of the bridge sorry can't help you with your question but i guess the best thing to do is what geekstyle wrote and if it looks ok smells ok and came from a clean enoght place maybe give it a go as along as we are not talking eating them each and every day
  12. as i'm not from down sydney and it has been a few years since i last spent any time down there i can't say if there is any point or not i know up here on the mid north ocast i can reach my marine rescue unit from my home so i can test my radios it is that good i even get them on the old handheald i have also (good for haveing on listening to the chatter from other boats)
  13. you hit the nail on the head there troy you make your own and have not them let go on you yet i would bet that your wind-ons are made a hell lot better than the average joe buys off the shelf and it are these ones that have let people down and why many don't use the wind-ons makeing your self is the only way i will go for a wind-on now days
  14. depends on the airal some will not need the earthing and souds like yours may not if it has the rubber backing and may be doing the earthing via the radio so check the plug to make sure the sheilding is still in good order and no corosion is happining