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  1. Awsome work Scratchie! looks like you are also a top cook.
  2. Looks like a real fun night. Nice work .
  3. drifting with sea anchor and casting ahead.
  4. Thanks guys,...lotsa changes. Made some very good friends through this site while on the fishing journey. The site admin, she has always been nice.
  5. Hi Guys. Long time no post. Couple of hours fishing for snappers today south of sydney, conditions werent great. Wind opposite current and with strong current. Plastics were working better than bait. Here some pics. Did anyone get out for reds?
  6. Zoran, You may be over thinking this but good points there to help justify consideration for a manual switch. @Rhys Rowlo You have a 60 Hp engine, so not a huge boat. Are you a bait fisho or a offshore fisho? Trolling cover some distant? Downrigging? Can you calculate and measure your power requirements (what electrical devices. what it consumes, how long run for?) every day on the water could be different typically sounder ,lights, livie pump goes on all day and possibilty electric reels. If you are a bait fisher anchor up and engine off. Manual switch will be fine but I would still get an auto charge. If you are an offshore fisho cover alot of distance , have electronics running all the time and not sure what everything uses and past age 40 (memory loss which battery did i use last time?). Then definitely get a VSR kit. For peace of mine ..grab an add a 2nd battery kit. When you add a 2nd battery in a boat or a 4wd it is best pratice is to put in a VSR (Relay) and it comes with the kit with a switch, to close the circuit to charge the 2nd battery. With a 4wd you could always walk home. A VSR it is just a relay that closes the circuit . VSR , a Voltage sensitive relay it will closes when it senses 13.6V.It isnt that hard. When you get the boat with single battery, it is all wired into one circuit to one battery.Just leave the engine and bilge pump 's circuit on the first battery. Add a 2nd battery and put all the accessories onto a new circuit that connects to 2nd battery so now you have isolation. Add the VSR to bridge the two for charging. BEP and Blueseas makes kits for Marine. Check them out, the Blueseas i think is better as it has one switch that does it all unlike the BEPs multiple switches.
  7. VSR is the way to go just install and forget. You will find lotsa diagrams for it on the net. Look for Blueseas or BEP versions .
  8. Good bag there mate. Do you know how many Kms is from Bellambi ramp to the humps?
  9. Great fish there guys.. What ramp is best to get out to Broughton?
  10. Hey is this a report? Or a motivation post?