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  1. I've got alot of rat king to just near legal in Botany on 2-5kg rod, 2500 reel and 8lb line, very fun, but very scary haha. To be safer i'd go heavier, the bigger ones will kill you on that gear. I've be going 8-10kg rod 6000 reel 30lb line and it'll handle most kings in the bay
  2. Wow who drives without insurance ? If you can't afford it don't drive, if she hit the bum of a Lamborghini shed be paying it off for the rest of her life. Looks good that you fixed it mate, Its alright as now you know you have all new trailer parts (on that side) and that should give you trouble free towing
  3. 40 would be too small mate. I'd want atleast at 50-60hp. A 40 would push it fine with 1 person in it, throw say, a small family, fishing gear or 2 other keen anglers a bait tank etc and you'll find you'll have problems, it'll struggle to push the boat through the water (also using more fuel). I can't comment on Quinnies or any other boat brand in that size range for that matter besides my Ally Craft. It's a pretty good size, really ideal for fishing inshore/bays and stuff and if you want to head out on a good day it can do it too. We paid 15k for it, 2005 model with a 60hp 4 stroke (42hours). Most boat brands are pretty good these days, as long as you don't get suckered into buying a motor that is too small for the boat, i'm sure you won't be disappointed. Any questions/pictures or anything just ask or flick me a PM ! Cheers
  4. Nice ! Thanks mate. I'll be heading back down when it warms up again
  5. Cheers fellas. Ben: we got pretty close to the Island while fishing, had Livies on the bottom, top and mid water but got no Kings what so ever. Had a lot of Livies bitten, probably just Letherjacket. And yeah I've got the sedan, we launched at Dalmeny with it once and almost lost the car because it started slipping down the ramp ! Ended up dragging the boat up the ramp with the strap until the wheels were off the green stuff, then bought it up. After that we just used my uncles 4WD as he lives down there.
  6. So i just spent 10 days camping down in Dalmeny , near Narooma. I must say i love the place and will be planning many more trips down there. Dad towed the campervan down there and i followed in my car with the boat, so it worked out really good. I actually even took the boat out a few times by myself in the lake and i was able to do it all myself, i have no worries if i ever want to take the boat out during the year. Sadly during the trip our dog passed away, but besides that we had a nice trip and caught some fish. A few days were out because of the weather but besides that we were out on the Lake or fishing off the Islands. Got some nice Snapper (and a new PB just under 50cm) some boring but tasty Flatties, Decent Trevally, Annoying Leatherjacket, Mullet, Yakkas (in the millions) and i even got to feed some local rays at the boat ramp. Some of them were massive ! Anyway, thanks for reading fellas. It's been a while since i've posted a report, i probably should start doing it more frequency.
  7. Thanks for taking your time and sharing Roberta, my car has the hayman reese hitch and i never thought about it that way. I just use a trailer lock. I will get one of them for sure !
  8. Yeap it should be fine, every boat we've owned we have sold for what we paid for it if not more. Should be fine mate.
  9. RIP mate. I remember calling him just to ask him a few questions about Jewies, ended up being on the phone for hours ! great guy full of information. Such sad news to hear
  10. Yeah mate it was fishing alot better last year but just lots of avg sized Flatties this year.
  11. If your yammy 4 stroke is fairly modern and regularly serviced i'd save the $$$ and not worry about it. You rarely get problems with them these days and as long as you have a radio i'm sure if you need a hand you can get it
  12. Thanks guys, yeah Lake Illawarra and that's what i said to my dad. Atleast there was no rain !
  13. Haha yeah, always fish the classic. Thanks guys, yeah looks like a Sand Crab to me. Threw him back in anyway Cheers