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  1. Well done on bagging out ,sorry to hear about your rod🤬
  2. Hello raiders,I was after some help locating some weed to go blackfishing in pittwater this weekend with my Dad. I live on the central coast.Any spots around pitwater would be a help as well cheers tight lines
  3. Hi centrepin,I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get some weed on the central coast.As I would love to take my Dad this weekend
  4. will I loose my marks if I reset my sounder
  5. hi guys my sounder keeps flashing thedepth and then it reads the depth and the flashes again .the transducer is clean no nicks or scratches .does my sounder need a service
  6. are you not allowed only 20 pices of worms ,watch out for fisheries good fine
  7. nice jew what tide did you catch on
  8. are you allowed to use witches hats in brisbane waters drew boy
  9. drew boy


    hi just moved to the central coast and dont know where to fish around gosford and umina woy woy area any tips would be apreciated dre boy
  10. hello fellow raiders,well decided to go and through some sp yesterday afternoon in the lakes.arrived there at 3pm and the lake was glass,perfect no wind.there about 10 minutes and dropped my first flattie at the shore : : well through out again and was on this time it was a 53cm flathead stocked .then about five casts and i was on again (nice)a49cm flathead.then about half a hour latter and i was on again a 50cm flathead .that was it nothing after that .boats started to arrive up and down the lake and people were coming and going ,so that spooked the fish.let me sy that i have never got 3 fish on sps in all my years of fishing in narrabeen lakes.my pb was 3 days ago and it was 55cm.well i hope this is a great start for the summer months to come
  11. drew boy


    well just wanted to let you all know that yesterday afternoon drove into the open garage door with two beach rods on the ute and hit the door and snapped the top of both rods into several pieces luckily it is fathers day on sunday and my loving son is going to replace one for me.what a dumb thing on my part and had not had a beer yet (nice lesson)dont leave rods on the ute drew boy
  12. i actually caught the salmon on apatternose rig and caught it on a pichard tail with a half hitch,and yes went home and had for dinner,with adill and corriander sauce.am going to give it another crack this afternoon.was a bit dissapointed because i have just bougt a new alvey and was hoping to get hit with that so will keep trying.thanks for the replies and tips on how to cook drew boy