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  1. So keen to get out and extract some revenge. I lost a monster after a two hour battle on Heatons last year. It's been haunting me ever since.
  2. A rare catch indeed mate. Well done.
  3. Well done mate. A huge box ticked. Cheers
  4. That's a great effort solo mate, very well done. Cheers.
  5. Out tomorrow. Will be on 21, 'Emilu 2". Happy to share info. Will head to BM and go SE from there. Good luck
  6. I had not been out for so long we went out Sunday despite the weather, went to Browns and trolled south east almost off the Gong. Had a big thresher attack the lures for maybe 5 mins then gave up. Otherwise lifeless and battled 2 hours back against the roaring westerly. Hard going but was worth it to get on the water and give the boat some exercise. Radio was very quiet. Cheers
  7. Greta work there Ian. I hope they last till after this blow as I cant get out till after it anyway...
  8. Great work buddy. I have been out of action for school hols and now back in town I am keen to get into them. Cheers.
  9. nice work mate. Let's hope the barrels turn up a little north soon.
  10. can't wait. My autopolot has been playing up so I need to get this fixed fast.
  11. Top stuff mate. That will give you plenty of incentive to get back out there quickly.
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