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  1. Welster

    Boat Law

    From memory.... 5hp or more the boat needs rego. It's legal to operate a boat at a speed less than 10 knots without a licence even if it's capable of more. I think learning the rules and getting a licence is the smart thing to do especially if the boat is capable of 10knots.
  2. Welster

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    You deserved a cracking fish after the effort you put in. Well done on sharing your method too.
  3. Welster

    Early morning king surprise

    Well done what a buzz on light gear. Nice report too.
  4. Welster

    Rui Squid Jigs - Anyone used them?

    Not me but interested to hear how they go. I like Harimitsu jigs but have had plenty of success on $10 and cheaper jigs. But if I'm only using one rod I felt more confident with my fave Harimitsu until I inevitably lost it.
  5. Welster

    Huge gemfish at browns

    I think Jim has picked up on your typo. Should be 1130mm not 1013 you are robbing yourself. 🤔
  6. Welster

    Gemfish at Browns

    Thanks. I looked at them at the show. Just not convinced I want to store it.
  7. Welster

    Gemfish at Browns

    What size is your fish bag? Do you like it?
  8. Welster

    Gemfish at Browns

    Cracking fish Basil.
  9. Welster

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    Nice one. The conditions don’t get much better than that!
  10. Nice work Zoran.
  11. The last few trips I have had a few litres as well. I had doubts if it happened out on the water though. It’s definitely drained atm as I washed the boat at a mates house before driving home with the bungs out and putting it in the garage. So I will know for sure next trip. My boat is an Stacer Easy Rider not a Trident.
  12. Welster

    10 or 15hp for Polycraft Tuffy

    How do you intend to get the tuffy to the water? More horsepower would always be better except for carrying 50kg around, hopefully the carry isn’t to far with either weight. Maybe some kind of trolly would work?
  13. Welster

    Winter Blackfish

    That’s a nice feed there. Waiting for the clearance after a hernia operation is frustrating.
  14. Welster

    Port Hacking flattie

    Good on your son for getting his PB flattie. What is your PB from the Hacking Yowie?
  15. Welster

    More flathead

    That’s frustrating. The blue water is always promising. Last time out I lost heaps of gear. My gear had been sprayed with Inox I’m not sure if that played a part.