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  1. Welster

    Chasing snapper

    Good report and the salmon turning up would have been entertaining
  2. Welster

    Crookhaven Heads

    Nice fishing and a good feed. It’s the first time I have fished there so I’m not very familiar with the spots. I am pretty sure we didn’t go beyond the 40m mark.
  3. Welster

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    I have a funnel type sea anchor and I don’t rate it at all, it’s probably 0.5m too. The parachute one I lost a few weeks ago was much better hopefully the new one dies the trick.
  4. Welster

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    I hope so.
  5. Welster

    My first jewie

    That’s a great first well done.
  6. Welster

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    Great footage. Salmon are so much fun and s good surprise up the river with a one hour session.
  7. Welster

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Top day on the water. It’s great to see the kings still around. Why is it the girls always put fish the guys?
  8. Welster

    Botany Bay Green Eye Squid

    Nicely done.
  9. Welster

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    I did the forgetting trick and lost my parachute type drogue a few weeks ago. I ended up replacing it with one from the US as I couldn’t see any similar to what I had around here. They roll up really small and open up over 1m diameter. Now I just need to get out in the water and see how it goes.
  10. Welster

    Port Hacking - slowing down

    Maybe your mate would of been better off going with you!
  11. Welster

    Port Stephens reds.

    What s great day on the water. . Scratchie has put so many raiders onto fish and is very generous with his knowledge.
  12. Welster

    Crookhaven Heads

    Perfect way to start the day.
  13. Welster

    Crookhaven Heads

    Yep was about as good as it gets. We collected live slimies early on to head out wider for kings but didn’t end up doing that. Plenty of moving about in that bag of fish all on the drift. I would of liked to try anchoring and see burley to see if that changes things. Funny Dave filleted, crumbed and cooked the lot no one mentioned they had a dodgy tasting bit!
  14. Welster

    Crookhaven Heads

    Some friends moved down the coast over a rear ago and we had struggled to find time for a visit. This weekend was our chance and as luck would have it Dave is also a keen fisho and the weather was looking good. We headed out from Crookhaven heads and managed to pick up a nice feed of reds. The first fish caught by Dave very soon after arriving. Naturally thought we were in for a cracking day but the fishing was rather slow with not much caught in between. The weather was very kind and we had a great day on the water. Another bonus was getting out on another boat with an experienced fisho to learn a few more things.
  15. Welster

    Bellambi Reds

    Very nice feed there. That 42cm one already has s pretty good bump on its head.