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  1. Welster

    How much anchor rope

    Takes Ricks advice he has a bucket load of experience. A sea anchor is a good thing even if you have an anchor. I have the cone type that I do not like and the parachute type I use a lot. It really pulls the boat up and the drift is less controlled by the breeze. If I am fishing for flathead or squid I still want to cover plenty of ground but need to get the bait to the bottom the sea anchor is perfect.
  2. Welster

    Bulk/cheap bait

    Having a bait freezer is the go and collect it. I will buy the odd bag of IQF pillies but a lot of the time I come home with more bait then I took. When you freeze bait do it so it’s easier to separate later. Take bait in a small esky and frozen water bottle just defrost what you need.
  3. Welster

    Broughton reds not

    Sounds like a pretty tasty result from trying conditions.
  4. Welster

    Tyres for Ford Ranger

    Road tyre’s go well on the sand IMHO and are quieter than ATs
  5. Welster

    Joining the weekday fishing brigade

    That’s awesome fab1 I can’t wait for the reports when I’m working. I think the better fish are caught in the estuaries on the weekdays. You can stalk Yowie too.
  6. Welster

    New to Squidding

    Also if you look at recent posts of @rickmarlin62 He has reports containing his tips for squid fishing from a wharf using a float.
  7. Welster

    New to Squidding

    I think most people count as the various jigs will have differing sink rates. If you aren’t getting snagged on the weed or kelp occasionally the jig isn’t getting deep enough. Start with a cheap jig to get a feel for the area.
  8. Welster

    New to Squidding

    I wouldn’t bother with an egi rod to start with although my landbased squid experience is fairly minimal. The squid are right through he Hacking so anywhere there is a bit of sea grass or kelp around you are in with a chance. Keep your eyes out for ink stains on the wharf where you are fishing, that will give you some idea if squid have been caught in the area recently.
  9. Welster


    Awesome. I’d love to target the washes done day.
  10. Welster

    Fishing Saturday

    Thanks. Sport was cancelled this weekend and school work for my girls still stopped us getting out.
  11. Welster

    Hen and Chicken Bay Saturday

    Wow that’s a long time between reports! Hopefully you get some more fishing in soon.
  12. Welster

    Fishing Saturday

    Thanks it was it is pretty hard to beat flathead fillets and calamari for dinner.
  13. Welster

    Botany - Mixed Bag

    Thats a great feed.
  14. Welster

    Fishing Saturday

    After a chilly start the day turned out awesome.
  15. Welster

    Fishing Saturday

    Dad and I went for the first fish in ages on Saturday out of the Hacking. We started off in the search of squid and took a while to find them ending up with 9 good size calamari. We moved on with some flatties in mind thinking it would be pretty easy of course it turned out to be pretty hard going. The jackets proved to be a pain and cost us a few rigs. We picked up 6 flatties before calling it a day. In the end we worked pretty hard for our feed. No fishy photos sorry guys. Magic day to be on the water 😀