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  1. What an awesome session big flatties, kings and Jews. It doesn't get much better.
  2. Scratchie you are so consistent on the reds well done once again.
  3. Great bag of fish there. Its nice to see you post your adventures.
  4. Two flatties 70 s and up that's a good day on the bay! Great report
  5. We have searched Stayz and the like and I was hoping somebody might have a suitable house or know somebody that does. I just thought I'd ask away and see if anything comes of it.
  6. Nice flattie there Yowie. Well done on the release. It's very unusual for you to come home without dinner.
  7. Hi guys, I know we have left this late but I could really use some suggestions if any members are able to assist. We are looking to rent a large house to sleep 12 people (13 years old and up) with a minimum 4 bedrooms (preferably 5-6 bedrooms) with at least 3 bathrooms that is available from around 28th December - 4th January. We would like to be near the coast for the usual summer fun things. We are all sensible and never cause any dramas or damage. Jason
  8. Search for the member Arpie she no longer posts but has many great Forster reports mostly from her kayak.
  9. Catching (and eating) a gummy is on my list.
  10. I have thought about using an iPad so I don't have to use my sounder as a combo and I can take the marks elsewhere. I believe you can get something to plug into the wifi iPad to add gps.
  11. Well done on your PB.