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  1. My guess is your daughter is the star fisherperson of the family.
  2. I registered but most likely wont get out.
  3. Great report and it just shows when they say the fish are at your feet its often true. It is pretty hard to beat whiting on the table too.
  4. Thats a quality bag of fish for a public holiday. Great effort!
  5. Nice plate size Snapper. I’d be jumping on the offer from Scratchie,
  6. Nice bag of Snapper Jeff and top report.
  7. Lucky indeed. As long as they give me some space I am pretty happy. Yep and one of dads trevs for lunch today 😋.
  8. These guys were at Swallow Rock ramp just after 6am. I’d say they had just launched there.
  9. I agree theres a lot happening in a small area and its going to get worse over time. The number and size of boats mooring overnight really seems to have skyrocketed. There a constantly growing number of people sharing the waterways.
  10. It has been ages since the last fishing adventure. With rain forecast the next few days I decided today was the one. There wasn't much swell about, the wind was stronger then predicted so after poking our nose outside I decided I didn’t want to persevere with it so we ducked back inside. Usually I’d have a plan A, B and C but today I had nothing I just wanted to be on the water. We worked our way back in trying various spots. I caught a banjo ray pretty promptly then the fishing was so slow we were struggling to even lose a bait. We came across a few bust ups and s
  11. The ski boats were at the ramp when i launched this morning at that stage there was 3 boats with two in each. Being a water skier I thought cool old school boats but there is no crew to ski. Afterwards I saw one going pretty hard trimmed out and looking pretty sketchy. The thing with the Hacking is that it is such a small system it really isn't the place for what they were there to do. Maritime were out and about today, i will post up a report.
  12. Great catch and good report thats the huge. It’s worthy of submitting it to FR records.
  13. Wow Frank the Bay is certainly a lot different now. The only changes I recall is the addition of the third runway and the extension f the oil wharf a few years ago. The hot water outlet has gone too.
  14. The curse of a painted aluminium boat its frustrating. Other than touch ups its a strip back and repaint I think. Then fit all fittings with care. Try to avoid self tapping screws that damage the paint edge. Use nylon bolt and nuts where possible or nylon sleeves with stainless fixings. If unavoidable use Tefgel when reinstalling the fitting. On things like rod holders use sikka under them when reinstalling to seal it. If repainting id use seam sealer to stop the salt getting into the seams. After doing all that it will minimise it and slow it down but it will still rec
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