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  1. Nice work Keith. It's good to see Your Botany Bay blackfish reports. I use to get some poddies at Tonbridge, I could never figure if there was a pattern to them being there.
  2. I agree completely we should be locked down and if it was up to me I would of done it Friday the 13/3, except I would of needed to because I would of locked down the countries borders much earlier. Only allowing returning Aussies with enforced quarantine on return. If the government just got on with the lock down all of the confusion and contradictions disappear. It is going to be interesting watching how NZ progresses compared to us. My thoughts are domestically they will back closer to normal much earlier.
  3. I am glad we can get out for a fish, but at the same time I'm pretty bewildered at all of the contradictions in the rules.
  4. Good on you getting out and producing a top feed. Great way of spending some time with your dad at a distance. Although I was kinda hoping he landed the jig in your boat 😂.
  5. I will provide the low bar each day 😂
  6. Fishing outside for flatties I use a paternoster rig, usually fish strips or squid for bait as pillies disappear quick. Generally you will get bites as soon as you hit bottom but the size is often small. I keep moving around to I find a patch of keepers and mark the spot on the sounder. I repeat that drift. I'd start in 30 metres, move to 40metres and than 50 or the opposite if I was coming back in from out wide. On future trips I will usually go to one of the old marks and move on from there.
  7. I think it would of been around lunch time.
  8. Yesterday a mate caught bonnies near Lilly Pilly with bust ups "everywhere".
  9. I think that is pretty likely for Sydney or NSW. The measures taken do appear to be slowing the spread but it would take a week to know if it's enough, I don't think that's a game we need to be playing.
  10. I noticed the council has closed the ramps at Port Stephens. I get it that you can't have to many except fors in a shut down. It is a bit frustrating that we will have plenty of time and I could take my boat out solo with bait from my bait freezer and I have ample fuel for at least 6 trips or 2 out wider.
  11. That would be good to see.
  12. You can't beat a feed of whiting well done. What depths were you fishing in? I agree Autumn is good I just need to get out there.
  13. It's always good reading your reports Yowie. I think tailor are an underrated eating fish when fresh.
  14. Congrats to you and the kids Scratchie. It's so good watching the kids compete and enjoying their sports.
  15. Great report and catches Big Neil. I have never fished fresh water but enjoy your reports so thanks.