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  1. Welster

    Flatties on the bay including 76cm model

    Nice feed and well done on the release
  2. Welster

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Is the Stabicraft 45k and what would be included in that? I’d like a different style of boat every time I go fishing I reckon.
  3. Welster

    My Stress Free new to me Boat

    That’s a nice looking set up you have. Raiders help and collective advice is awesome.
  4. Welster

    Mixed bag on live poddies in Botany Bay

    Great fishing, yummy feed.
  5. Welster

    Sydney harbour squid and kings

    Great day on the harbour and good report.
  6. Damn, I get the message but have ignored it so far.
  7. Welster

    Persistence payed off. Sorry long post.

    Good thinking going back with the trebles.
  8. Welster

    Boxing Day Flatties on the Flats

    Oh dear not the esky. Sounds like a very educational day in the water. I didn’t know NZ didn’t have flatties.
  9. Welster

    Energy Bills

    Will the smart meter have time of use billing?
  10. Welster

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    I have two batteries in my current and previous boat with the simple 1, 2 or 1 and 2 set up. I have a live bait tank in each boat the first had 360gph and the 2nd boat has 500gph. I only ever have one battery switched on and have never needed to switch over but it is nice piece of mind.
  11. Welster

    Energy Bills

    With solar panels it’s just a matter of knowing where your power consumption is, the space available on the roof, overshadowing and if you have standard billing or time if use. My pool uses up to 3.5kw over the three pumps so if they are going whilst the power is being produced it is a good saving. My system is 5kw so 3.5 is achievable directly offsetting the pool which I can set the timer to run during the day. The ducted system probably uses 7 kw whilst it is running. I Halogen downlights 50watts each but they are unlikely to be on whilst producing the electricity. I really think the key is to use the power you create rather than sell it at 11 cents. I have a lot of unshaded roof facing north so it works well for me.
  12. Welster

    Energy Bills

    I checked my panels after the hail and they were fine but the hail was much bigger a few kms away. Funny thing about my recent gas bills. Two quarters ago the bill was very big compared to normal and they actually called asking if I wanted the meter reread to check. I said don’t worry. In the most recent bill the error was corrected resulting in a credit invoice, but they still charged me $1.98 for a credit card processing fee! It’s not like I’m going to spend 1/2 hour on the phone to have it corrected though.
  13. Welster

    Energy Bills

    As a builder I see a few houses with roofing over roofing but not a lot. Before I got divorced my power bills ranged from 800 to 1800. That’s with running a pool too. Hot water and some heating is gas. As the house is largeish single story with 10ft ceilings it has a big AC unit 22kw that uses a fair wack of power. We have 80 odd halogen downlights the 6 in the kitchen I changed to LED and plan to do the whole house eventually. I have a 5kw solar system and for the last 5 or 6 years my bills have been between 100 and 600 per quarter. I have the pool running during a day when the panels are producing the most. I don’t mind the house pretty cool in winter but give the AC a workout over summer. But enough talk about that I’m flicking the AC on and going fishing.
  14. Welster

    Installing a Downrigger

    The rod holder mount ended up like this. We added a stainless plate and a hole to mount a rod lanyard.
  15. Welster

    Installing a Downrigger

    It might be easier to buy an angled one cut it and get it welded or make it from scratch. Mine goes in an angled holder and have the hookem brand but modified it anyway. In my oat to keep the plastic rod holder due to paint and it being a shared boat I made a rod holder that goes under the gunnel and uses the plastic one as an insert.