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  1. The rescue really got me thinking too. It has been on my mind for a quite a while. This week has just been soaked up with getting back to work unfortunately. My gear except the EPIRB is in the front of the bowrider under the casting platform, in the front I usually have my large esky and often an tub with a reef pick, 200m of rope and float. It is a checked and sorted but isn't at hand. That does make me wonder if the rescued guys may of run over their anchor rope. The one message that is loud and clear from most rescued people is the speed it all happened. So thanks Zor
  2. It’s great to hear you finally got out on the water Fab1. It is very thoughtful returning the legal fish to give Yowie a sporting chance at getting a feed 🤣.
  3. Your terms sound punishing 🤣
  4. We don't see as many sash weights on building sites anymore. I do have 4 or 5 you are welcome to. I have only removed windows with lead sash weights once in 30 years mostly they are cast. If you make them from Lead do you have a mould for them?
  5. Wow thats all kinds of awesomeness what a super effort and congrats. Not many people could say the have caught a Jack land based in Sydney.
  6. They were so lucky you guys were there about’s and investigated the light. What an experience and good job on the rescue. I too would like to find out more about their experience if only to add to my knowledge of what goes wrong and how best to prepare.
  7. Quality indeed well done. It’s a nice change seeing reports like yours in different locations.
  8. Thanks for the very detailed reply Zoran. I agree its certainly testing cleaning fish and up generally after a long day on the water. I haven't spent much tome on the water at all lately.
  9. That wobbegong sounds like a right PIA but nothing compared to that unappreciative boater you so kindly helped out. You did the right thing he just proved himself to be an ***hole.
  10. Those conditions look spot on. I saw lots of posts on social media about the crowded ramps yesterday. Congrats on your Blue Eye Zoran thats a big leap up in pb. How do you prepare them for the table?
  11. What a cracking session you sure find some good size hoods and get some good pics to boot.
  12. Well done Pickles you seem to have the harbour figured out and put plenty of Raiders onto fish.
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