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  1. That moment when all the effort pays off. Congrats
  2. Welster

    color bond

    48 meters thats a nice deep block. As they say you cant make an omlette without breaking an egg.
  3. We had one last year that we ended up replacing, I cant recall the brand. Around the Anode bolt at the top is a depression in the inner tank that holds moisture and was corroded with numerous pinholes. I removed the top and tried to epoxy it to stretch its life out a bit more. I gave up after a couple of attempts and had it replaced.
  4. Hi Zoran, I tried to find the article I read it on but no luck. With not going to work I read through a lot. My guess is its an IT issue that will be fixed.
  5. Thanks Donna, I have had my first dose of Pfizer a couple if weeks ago. A few days later I had nausea and vomiting. I think most likely it was a reaction to it but who knows. I will put the certificate on my phone after my second jab in a couple of weeks. i read the federal government didn’t require Covid vaccines to be logged with AIR until May. So i guess some early recipients may not show on the register. I have also heard that people that have had one of each ( Az and Pfizer) do not show as fully vaccinated but are not eligible for the third dose of either. Hopefully they get that stuff sorted.
  6. What a superbly written report, I felt like I was there with you. Well done on some top fishing in the local system.
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss. 😢
  8. Another nice feed Yowie. Most of the whiting you catch seem to be when you are wading, is that your preference to target them?
  9. I am all over the shop with this. Feet or meters for depth, speed knots, miles or km is fine. Temperature always Celsius. As a builder, timber, building products or room sizes metric or imperial is fine, but for calculations metric. For my car I generally use mpg for fuel consumption. I was born in the 70s so we were taught the metric system, that was until I got into the garage with my dad or a building site with my Uncle when I started work.
  10. Great report Isaac your persistence paid off well.
  11. And we have only been locked down for a few days!
  12. Thanks opportunities to get out have been very rare this year.
  13. Thanks Yowie you are correct. I don't know why but i thought the read underneath the mouth was the marble flathead. I will edit my post.
  14. Absolutely although fishing with Dad is pretty good too.
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