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  1. A good feed for your family there, enjoy.
  2. When you flick be sure to it let it drop they generally take it on the drop. Try to maintain contact with your jig. They are very curious creatures. On quite a few occasions I have been frustrated by them just following the jig and looking. In that instance I usually keep changing jigs or technique. As for location around Kurnell it depends on the wind and drift a bit but literally anywhere from right in close over Watts reef and out near the markers and into the oil wharf. I generally don't get as far as the end of the wharf although once when we got hit by a rain storm the arrow squid were smashing jigs as soon as they hit the surface and further out than the wharf. I mostly get green eye. Getting occasionally snagged and weed on the jigs is a good guide though and when you find them drift over the spot again it's amazing how often you pick up more in exactly the same spot.
  3. Hi Ponchy, There are definitely squid in those areas so I think maybe you need to change your approach. Tell us a little about the amount of time you are putting in and your technique. How many are fishing with you? The Kurnell side is probably my preferred spot in the bay. Around Bare Island ( be aware of the bommie) also produces for me. I'd recommend drifting over anchoring. You should be getting weed on your jigs and snagged a bit otherwise you are not in the zone. I tend to squid with at least 12lb line and leader to minimise losses as the squid don't seem to care. Any area with a mixture of kelp/weed sand and rock is good. One method to try is to move into an area close in and fan a series of casts towards the shoreline and all around the boat. Change jig try again and if it's not working move. It doesn't have to be a big move just to a new spot. If you start getting them stay there and watch for followers it's always worthwhile having another rod ready or your mate cast at it as you will often get two. If you think you have one don't strike at such but do lift the rod with the aim of the barbs penetrating as often the squid just hold on and let go when they choose. Keep a steady tension on them so they can't easily release themselves so don't pump and wind. There is no need to have some massive ripping action or going to fast, it's more likely you are going to fast then to slow. Think of how far the rod tip moves and how far the jig moves in the water. A lift and drop often works. Mix it up and see what happens, Make sure you allow enough time for the jig to drop staying in the zone. If you aren't getting snagged occasionally your jig isn't in the zone. Another method is to go a little wider and drift. You should be able to manage two or three rods doing this. Have an idea what depth you are in and think about where the jig might be in the water column. When doing this I'd usually pick up a rod give it a few twitches drop it back in the holder and do the same with another. You'd be surprised how often it's the unattended rod that picks them up. Over time you will have a pretty good idea if it's weed or squid. Again you should be getting weed on the jigs or snagged occasionally. Put the cheap jig on the unattended rod so it doesn't hurt as much if you lose it. Change drifts and jigs if it's not working repeat the drift when it does. It's worthwhile to dedicate a whole day to squidding rather than giving up and moving on to fishing. Don't be scared to squid in deeper water if you are not getting into the zone you can use a sea anchor to slow the drift or a small sinker above the jig works well. I have never squidded off Towra but I don't doubt it would produce. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Yeah I have booked. For the last trip Dad was coming up with me before I cancelled so I told him about this one. Mum and dad decided to take their van up for two weeks. I'm booked for a week of the time with the Girlfriend which includes that weekend. I could most likely move it back to the following weekend but no later and moving it forward might be ok too. Fingers crossed it works out. I get it can't suit everyone in the end. If it doesn't there will be spot available on the boat sometime that week for a local expert!
  5. Nice one. I was only thinking the other day I hadn't seen a Dory report this winter.
  6. I am booked for the week. Hopefully the weather plays ball.
  7. Hi Jeff what do you mean by exhaust valve functioning?
  8. Great post Keith. The back up plan came up trumps. Very sharp pics too, well done.
  9. That's pretty cool I'm sure we all wonder what's going on below. If your down towards the south side if Sydney and want to see what's under my boat let me know.
  10. Does it get any better than that land based on winter? Well done.
  11. It sounds like you got the good result you deserved for the effort and thought you put in. Well done Zoran
  12. Great start to a day.
  13. Great work Sam in pretty challenging conditions.
  14. I haven't seen many reports
  15. Great report Keith. I'm glad you got a few fish and the 36 pack of TP.