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  1. Welster

    Tailor migration

    As a kid 35 😳 years ago. Fishing in the bay with my parents tailor seemed to make up the vast majority of our catch. They did seem more plentiful than now especially considering the bay was commercially fished as well.
  2. Welster

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    Great photo and report. 4 squid makes for a yummo feed
  3. Welster

    Long weekend at Forster

    I’d be stoked to have a weekend like that. Awesome. If I was there I would of been tempted to try Sandbar beach at Smith Lake as they opened up the lake towards the end of last week.
  4. Welster

    5000 klm for a bream

    That sure is a long way for a Bream. Broome has been on my wish list for ages, I’m looking forward to more reports. On second look it looks more like a Tarwhine. Did it have black stomach lining? I just checked it doesn’t look like Tarwhine extend so far north in WA
  5. Welster

    Yama Egi Oh Q Live $12.07

    Great prices Dinga
  6. Welster

    PB Sydney harbor squid

    That’s a very solid squid. Well done.
  7. Welster

    Hairtail hairtail hairtail

    It’s great to hear the hairtail are about. Plenty of info in your report, a shame you knew kicked an own goal whilst the bite was hot.
  8. Welster

    New or second hand outboard

    Mate I’m not sure of the actual costs but if your wife insists on new how can you argue with that! Most boats are lucky to get used a couple of times a month so don’t worry about that. I wouldn’t skimp on horsepower though and would much rather a second hand motor near the max rating if the boat than a smaller new one.
  9. Welster

    VHF radio suggestions

    The higher you can get the aerial the better. For VHF you should do the licence course. If you contact Marine Rescue or look on their website, you could go the 1 day course first and it will give you a better idea of what features you may like. If you think you want the DSC function I’d be checking what’s compatable with your current electronics.
  10. Welster

    That time of year again Snapper

    Awesome days Fishing Basil.
  11. Welster

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Nope can’t pick it! I was fishing with a mate on our boat when we caught a ray. He had it on the deck removing the hook. It looked like it was cooperating and all of a sudden doubled over and whack it hit him in the back of the hand. It went through an artery so was pumping blood, each squirt going a few metres. Needless to say a trip to hospital shortly followed.
  12. Welster

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Stingray stings are nasty that’s for sure. I hope he has a speedy recovery and you are out on the flats giving each other a hard time quickly.
  13. Welster

    size improving

    Great report Dave and good tips
  14. Welster

    Hows the Harbour or Botany bay fishing? 19/05/2018

    I haven’t been out for a while so I couldn’t respond. Did you go out? Any success?
  15. Welster

    Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    If you put the part number off the diagram into eBay the corrrect bearing will pop up. Measure to check.