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Community Answers

  1. Great report Isaac your persistence paid off well.
  2. And we have only been locked down for a few days!
  3. Thanks opportunities to get out have been very rare this year.
  4. Thanks Yowie you are correct. I don't know why but i thought the read underneath the mouth was the marble flathead. I will edit my post.
  5. Absolutely although fishing with Dad is pretty good too.
  6. I managed to snag a couple of days of work with my daughter on school holidays. She chose to go fishing and target flathead, so who was I to argue? We kicked off from Swallow rock around 8 headed down south in nice conditions to our flathead grounds. The conditions were pretty good with the day warming nicely, plenty of whales still about a decent drift and the fish joining in, it really doesn't get much better. After a few nice hours on the water we had our feed and headed home. I was surprised how warm the water was at around 19 degrees outside the hacking with a much more chilly 14 up river. The flatties ranged from 37-48 cm. One of the bigger ones had a fat belly with a recently consumed red spot whiting. Mostly blue spots with the one Tiger flathead.
  7. What a cracking whiting nice tasty fillets there. You have a knack of fining the good size reddies as well.
  8. Two days two very different results. I have fished with Mark we had a tough day but still very worthwhile.
  9. A couple of nice fish there. It has been ages since I caught a Tarwhine.
  10. My advice is be careful. There is nothing more frustrating than having a squid smash a live squid only for the rod holder to spin on the rail and your king outfit disappearing into the depths.
  11. How good is it trying a new spot that produces first drift? Hopefully the others come up tight next time or you might need to find a new sponsor 🤣.
  12. Well there you go. It doesnt sound like a good idea to me.
  13. @zmk1962 I must of missed that post!
  14. Awesome effort and report. Looks like you need to upsize the esky 🤣.
  15. Thats a sensation fish off the beach. Awesome effort.
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