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  1. Welster


    Maybe go with a theme for the names. Many of the appliances at my place have names. Boris is the pool cleaner, Doris the vacuum cleaner from the movie True Lies. The dishwasher is Vivian from Pretty Women every time I mention it I think of the line when she says something like my legs are 44 inches that’s 88 inches of legs wrapped around you. 💭.
  2. Welster


    Very nice, I like the idea . Do you just put a meter or do trace on them?
  3. Welster


    That one on the right is huge
  4. Welster

    Late report to W.A.

    Warning to all fish in the Hacking Yowie is back! Great work on landing the Jewie and cracking your PB. When I was in WA 20 years ago I spent a day in Kalbarri and have always wanted to return.
  5. No response from my local member yet to my message on messenger, my email or letter. When I called I couldn’t get past the guy that answered the phone. I insisted I wanted to know her position on the issue he said something to the effect that’s what the consultation period is for.
  6. Welster

    Lock out

    I didn’t reply to each zone but did s general reply and uploaded a letter. I intend to talk to my kids about if they wish to reply this weekend.
  7. Welster

    Lock out

    There is no doubt about it we have given to ground on to many issues. I feel sorry for our kids griwning up with the crap rules society keeps dishing out.
  8. Welster

    Squid at the Spit

    It’s probably best if you to start a new thread in fishing chat. Are you squidding landbased?
  9. Welster

    squid fishing jervis bay, nsw

    As Captain Spanner is saying not all jigs in a size range weigh the same or have the same sink rates.
  10. Welster


    Nice, you would have to be happy with that.
  11. Welster

    squid fishing jervis bay, nsw

    To get your jigs back I’d be using minimum 10lb line and leader, redo the knots every now and then.
  12. Welster

    Baitrunner/Liveliner/Baitfeeder Options?

    I have a shimano d series in 8000, a thunnus 4000, and a penn live liner. I have also caught a 73cm snapper on a shimano OC 6000 that wasn’t mine. They all go pretty good though. Id consider the 4000 size as a step up with 20lb braid and 4 - 8 kg graphite rod. It has a bit more grunt than your other combo bit should still be fun waiting for the bigger fish. Brand wise I don’t think you can go wrong with penn or shimano. Just be aware baitrunners are heavier than an equivalent standard spin reel.
  13. Welster

    Family Car/Sedan Towing

    I agree two wheel drives were no problems for years nothing has changed. As long as the ramps you use are ok you should be fine. Just check your car towing spec as suggested above. I now tow with a four wheel drive with standard road tyres but never have I needed to engage 4wd at a boat ramp.
  14. Welster

    Squidding high current areas

    I haven’t done it but think paternoster would be the go to. I am pretty sure that’s the mothod in the articles section for the spit bridge so it’s probably worthwhile to read it.
  15. Welster

    squid fishing jervis bay, nsw

    I haven’t squid fished in JB. But as with most places the go is probably having a variety and hoping for the best. Reds, orange, pilchard look, black, yellow, white, green, maybe cedar and others have all worked for me at different times.