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  1. Morning Raiders last Wednesday night someone stole all contents of my seafarer victory, including full set of new clears, covers and even frame! Took fish finder, relax outrigger poles, custom made stainless bait board, flares, epirb, fishing gear including gaffs, lure packs etc etc even took berley muncher, gaffs, lifejackets etc Boat parked under street light outside front of house. Actually have exterior house lights that come on at night when someone is at boat?? Just a message to others in the area to keep an eye out. Would like to say numerous other things however not appropriate for this site, piratin
  2. chewie it went 79cm. Was in good condition.
  3. Noticed all these reports of reds down south so we decided to check out some of the reefs out from Sydney. Sunday had an early tide change and an overcast morning well actually showers so the conditions were quite suitable. The moon was on the build and little current. We fished north from Sydney heads and right on the tide change we caught this red. We use floaters and jigs and fish in depths from 35m - 80m. The fish was caught on a bottom ship jig. It hooked up on the drop. We ended up with six reds and a mixture of tiger and sand flat head from some of the deeper water.
  4. Evening with the great weather and holidays decided to slip down the hump and see if any reds were around. High tide at 7.00am, we arrived at 6.40am. Lots of bait sounded which is useful. Fished with floaters and jigs and the first bait deployed resulted in a 2kg red. However it was a slow day Little or no current and green water. Ended up with five reds no real size. Tried for a squid in the many kelp beds in close as we wandered back up the coast. No joy as I feel they dont like the green water either. Nice day on the water gave the boat a good hit out. Good luck to those out over the next couple of week, piratin!
  5. Evening Raiders i have fished the hump area over the years and I will part of my knowledge in an attempt to help. I think south east of the hump is large gravel beds where the reds graze. I think they move around. We tend to fish 40m - 65m in depth. You dont want the current pushin hard, however you need some push - downhill. You can anchor and berley and this is successful floating baits back down the trail. You just need to judge the weight of the ball sinker. Not to heavy. You can drop a bait straight down on the bottom while floating baits down. Try to set your dropper on this rig three metres off the bottom. Helps to keep the rubbish away. Be patient as once you get fish in the trail you should catch a few. We have sat and worked the baits for 3 - 4 hours before we have had a bite. You can drift and we are tending to do this. We are using floaters and jigs - shimano bottomship jigs. We use a big sea anchor to slow us right down and deploy jigs and floaters. The jigs are awesome and the reds just nail them on the way down and as you work them on the way up. we just lift them 20m up and then drop them back down. No need to bring them right up - you must have the jig straight up and down. It will not work if the jig is on an angle out the back of the boat. If you drifting look around the gravel beds and look for bait. This time of the year you tend to find plenty of bait. If you find the bait you will find reds in the area. On top of the hump you tend to catch lots of species rather than the quality. It should fish well now until november. We do look for clean blue water rather than dirty water. If you read some of my past posts about the hump this may help, all the best next weekend
  6. Hi Guys I believe a company will be importing these lures from new zealand in the very near future and we should see them in stores soon. I can let people know when this happens. These types of lures catch everything. The kings climb all over them as do flat head, trevally, tailor etc thanks
  7. Formosan mate we use two brands these being the shimano bottom ship and a new one called jitterbug from new zealand. In New Zealand they are having great success on these lures and we have been doing very well at the hump and surrounds as well as places like narooma and port stephens on the reds over the last two years. Colours do not seem to matter, it seems the action is more important. Slow action and they climb over them in the same fashion they nail a plastic.
  8. Johno I have been reading of your success!!! We fish deeper mate 45m - 65m. Just what has worked for us.
  9. Hi Formosan yes the slower the better, light tip rod to provide necessary action, fluro carbon leader, attached to twelve pound fins braid. Only need to raise the lure 15 metres up and drop back down, often they get belted on the way down. This way you spend alot of time in strike zone. Also needs to be vertical not out on an angle if the current is on - hence the use of sea anchors etc.
  10. Fished down south of sydney in this incrediable weather early in week. Change of tide was around 7.00am so an early start ensured we were on the grounds before the change of tide. Our experience has indcated the reds bite on the change and considering it was early we had high expectations. The last couple of seasons we have been using jigs for catchin reds and have had success. We have found the jigs get and keep us in the strike zone longer ensuring more bites thus fish. These jigs are around the 90 grams and given current and often a breeze we at times employ a sea anchor to slow us down. These jigs of choice at the moment are the jitterbug. Early in the week the same day as formosan caught that fantastic fish. Conditions were rare indeed. We would of liked a little more current as it was basically non existant however with a berley trail we were able to encourage the reds on the chew for a couple of hours catching a dozen. The next few weeks should see the reds continue to bite. On the way back up we chased some flathead. The week before south of marley wreck we caught a nice lot all around the 65cm mark. This week the big leather jackets had moved in and the flat head were far more difficult to catch in the same numbers as the week before. tight lines!!!!
  11. Hi Benzeenees bar can be ordinary, however at various times it can be accessed very safely. Eg just after a southerly blow as the southern headland provides protection. Also during the winter when we get the light westerlies. Times to avoid - summer nor easterlies! Combined with the run out tide. It tends to build if you get a few days of nor east in a row. Not sure what size boat - their is a ramp at dalmeny people access. Plus you can access live bait up that way as well. These are just my thoughts Piratin
  12. Mate your goin hard!! Congratulations on your success. Still think that water is to cool at 16.5. Would be looking at 18. With the floaters are you anchored? As we fish the floaters on the drift - work them hard - at times use a big sea anchor to slow us down if we are movin. Tide changes are the go as are using a variety of ways to catch em is the way. I am on holidays but have not fished due to this cold water. Enjoyed reading your update
  13. Hi I have actually only had success on getting hits on the drop at their natural speed. I have tried slowing the decent and stop starting it but have had no success. The engetsu which is used is made by Shimano Japan - shimano Australia do not import them here. Can see them on web site. They make these in 30grams and up so you can use them in shallow water. They are like squid with a tail on them - work great for all size reds and kings love em. The other we use is the shimano bottom ship. Once again made in Japan and not stocked in Australia. However Shimano NZ importing them and they are having great success with them. Any tackle store in NZ will confirm this. Good luck in your trip. Unfortunately off Sydney the water is cold and green and the reds have not turned up in numbers yet this season.
  14. I have used them over the last 3 years in Sydney and Narooma and have had great success with them. I target snapper and have caught reds in numbers to six kgs. I use 20lb braid with a 20lb fluro carbon leader about 2 long. Light tip rod is important - I use the Raider rods - shimano by I Miller. Soft tip allows these lures to work better. Work them slowly - really slow and do not strike - allow the fish to engulf it the assist hooks will find the mark. Just work 20 metres off bottom and then drop down again. Quite often they will get belted on the way down. We would use the 90 gram jigs in water depth 40 - 75 metres. If the current is on we slow down with the use of a large sea anchor. We have caught all species on them including kings, all reef species, big squid, flathead and even a thresher shark. If you look at youtube and use the word engetsu their is some good tips and footage.
  15. In response to your questions we fish out the back of the hump - south east. Water depth anywhere from 45 - 75 metres. We believe that the gravel beds out the back of the hump is where the reds just move around and graze. Moon phase yes perhaps the lead up to the new moon is the go. But we do fish tides - a tide change is the go either early morning or late afternoon and we like the water to be blue, clean rather than green and cold. If you anchor wind needs to be from the north and current running down hill. No current dont bother dropping the anchor. You need to be patient. Let them find your trial. Use floaters with a ball sinker depending on the current. I am not a fan of the snapper lead. Big baits for big reds. Big fillets of fresh slimey and whole fresh pilchards, squid heads etc As i said this is what we have found and what works for us. Not sure what others think, only to happy to try and assist others.