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  1. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!, well worth it tho
  2. Plumb

    Bate Bay

    Great haul, again. A few weeks and my girl should be back in the water. First outing will be bottom bashing for flatties. My 7yo wants to catch two flatheads at once on an over head reel with a gimbel belt on.... one to many fishing shows I think lol
  3. Had this on mine, it’s a setting under the cursor options. I can’t recall exactly now but I’ll turn it on tomorrow and find it
  4. Plumb

    Members Boats.

    A new addition,, fun for the kids on a junior licence, good for the shallows and not a bad tender to my old girl.
  5. Great haul, definitely no bananas on my boats tho. I’ve come unstuck before lol
  6. As the boats on a Port-a-slip while I do some upgrades, i think i might relocate the transducer to a standard external mounting. I haven't yet tested it at any great depth, but the structure and side scan didn't really work as well as they should have... Any thought's on replacement flooring? marine ply? i was thinking about something like seaboard https://www.allplastics.com.au/component/igallery/applications-menu/marine/seaboard?Itemid=741 but i cant seem to get a price of anyone. I want to insulate it a much as possible from the vibration and noise of the diesel engine. I was just goi
  7. It hasn’t been tested at any great depth yet. I’ll let you know how it goes
  8. So I installed the standard transducer in the hull. To test it 1st, as suggested by Zoran, i just turned off the beige pump and filled it up. Seemed to work on in the marina so I pumped out out, cleaned, dried it and installed it on a bed of sicaflex, making sure there were no air bubbles. This way I figure if it has to be moved a Stanley knife and some time will be all that's needed, rather then epoxying it in straight away. I had a quick run on Sunday ( in the wind) and it seemed to work well. ill post up some pics of the install once I get back to a few other maintenance items, ( just forgo
  9. NRMA got back to me, and its now sorted. cheers
  10. Awesome work, withthe water is still so ridiculously brown.
  11. Hey guys, anyone had experience with New Wave Marine Insurance (RedSky Insurance Pty Ltd) I'm trying to get a policy,New Wave offered the policy, after an online application and reviving a copy of the survey. Nautilus stated that- "Unfortunately we are unable to offer any cover on this vessel due to a combination of the location and mooring type falling outside our underwriting guidelines" Club marine- "that the Cruisers Market Value is required to meet our minimum values or above, based on the length of the boat" apparently I should have spent more, better tell the wife t
  12. yer I'm looking at up front of the engine, left or right to avoid the keel and any prop distortion. the keel is timber glassed over, so wont transmit through very well if at all. The hull is full fiberglass. Its not on a trailer ( pic's were taken during survey) and while I like swimming, I'm not keen on getting in in winter with my screwdriver
  13. Anyhow im going to install the supplied transducer, as suggested I’ll try a few locations on the hull by Testing the location submerged in water. while slipping the boat I’ve located a few spots with minimal dead rise. Once a good location is found I’ll install it in resin.
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