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  1. yer I'm looking at up front of the engine, left or right to avoid the keel and any prop distortion. the keel is timber glassed over, so wont transmit through very well if at all. The hull is full fiberglass. Its not on a trailer ( pic's were taken during survey) and while I like swimming, I'm not keen on getting in in winter with my screwdriver
  2. Anyhow im going to install the supplied transducer, as suggested I’ll try a few locations on the hull by Testing the location submerged in water. while slipping the boat I’ve located a few spots with minimal dead rise. Once a good location is found I’ll install it in resin.
  3. Plumb

    Members Boats.

    Lol yes I’d be happy with 2 additional cylinders... I believe she was built in Clyde UK so the wheel is on the correct side 🤔
  4. Plumb

    Members Boats.

    Just got this little number her name is "seascout" shes a 22.5 ft custom , runs on a 4 Cylinder Perkins diesel, top speed of about 8 knots. 😁 shes pretty much an empty canvas that I'll fit out for fishing whilst trying to maintain the look.
  5. Cheers, I had looked at this the boat is a really old school looking Cruser so I’m trying to avoid doing anything external, definitely might be the 2nd option tho Cheers Zoran, that’s great advice exactly what I was hoping to hear, I’ve watched all the YouTube clips installing the transducer in resin, but hadn’t thought how to test it. It’s solid fibreglass so fingers cross the testing is productive.
  6. spoken via email, im just concerned with the dead rise of 5d, thats pretty flat.....
  7. Hey all, I'm not far off getting my feet back onto a boat, if it comes off ( inspections pending) will be a fiberglass hull (solid) so I'm eagerly looking into sounder and chart options. I'm leaning towards the Lowrance HDS – 9 live combo and wanted Total scan through hull transducer however with the fairing block the transducer can only accommodate to dead rises of 5 degrees max. which if im correct in assuming is basically a flat bottom i may just run with a standard active image transducer. that being said are there any issue with mooring a transducer? assuming it was wiped clean from time to time. I'd really like a through hull but without drilling the hull ( which i don't want to do) I cant thing there an option?? iv heard that some transducer will still work through the fibreglass? ll give that a go in a temporary install, but failing it working are there any other options in a decent combo through Hull? id happily go separate units but with a 9" display i don't really see the need. oh its a slow old boat, so scanning while under way wont be an issue, id just prefer the transducer not in the water 24/7 Cheers Luke
  8. 4 to the boat solid effort all the way.
  9. Yep that’s me, was a great day
  10. InA welcome back of sorts. was an active member a while back, sold my boat, had kids, a business life in general. But my youngest is a keen fisherman, As are my older two and I’m keen to get back into it. We’re lucky enough to have a jetty at out Place we can fish off, and a boat will be coming shortly. still my best fish was a solid tuna on a charter with sordwie a few years back. Is Tapatalk not supported anymore? How do people access these days ?
  11. ASADA... Oh year Sharks 37-6 !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Dogs unfortunately ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Done. Should be a bit of fun again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk