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  1. Lagos

    Broken Bay offshore Sunday 19/11/17

    Great catch and nice report Zoran
  2. Lagos

    Changing wheel bearings-Final

    I have a packing device ($15 in any car parts shop) working with a grease gun. It is much more cleaner and accurate to do packing job with it. Cheers Sam
  3. Lagos

    Almost spring whiting!

    Good catch scratchie. How do you distinguish trumpeter whiting? Last summer I throw back lots of them because of I didn't know if they are sand whiting or trumpeter whiting.
  4. Only the toilet block side of the car park is being locked at night. Other side (the creek side) is always Open.
  5. Lagos


    Shallow fried small yakkas (around 15cm) is a common delicacy in Mediterranean countries. Rub them with polenta, flour, pepper and salt mix and line them up in a pan in circle tiles in. Half cup of liquid cooking oil shallow frie for around 5 minutes each side. Bones are not a problem because they are too small and fried. Serve them thin sliced union and parsley mix top on it. Sam
  6. Lagos

    Finding live bait in Cowan

    Right before entering to Smiths Creek right hand side for yakkas, berley with bread. Little JB drop offs for squid.
  7. Lagos

    Squid In Jerusalam Bay

    Hi Matt I gather nearly all my arrow squid from Little Jerusalem bay (just next to the Jerusalem bay up the river) over the drop off kelp beds be for my jewfish session which is your easy reach distance with a tender. I hope this will help. Regards Lagos
  8. Lagos

    Longreef Virgin

    I appreciate the great information rekless. I have some snap frozen squids in the frrezer and I will definitely try your advice next week if the weather permits. Cheers Sam
  9. Lagos

    Timber Floor

    Hi Baz, How would you hold the flotation foam packages down? if you didn't screw the timber floor back on to the floor frame. You can use "Duralac jointing compound" to screw those stainless steel screws back to the their aluminium base for better protection against to electrolysis. Cheers Sam
  10. Lagos

    Longreef Virgin

    Could someone point me where was the wall area on the map. Thanks Lagos
  11. Lagos

    Nippers In The Lower Hawkesbury

    yes, on the sand flats which are exposed at low tide you can see nipper holes especially around the middle of the bay and close the creek bed at the far side
  12. Lagos

    Nippers In The Lower Hawkesbury

    Hi hawksburydave You can find heaps of nippers at the first bay on the left hand side from Apple tree bay at low tide. It is an easy 10 mins walking distance.
  13. Jewgaffer, I have been fishing in Hawkesbury and Broken Bay and out wide for 18 years mainly in my boat. Since I sold my boat due to engine troubles I didn't have much chance to fish. I am a part timer and semi retired living in Hombush area. I would like to share my experience and learn more from someone who know fishing. Cheers Lagos