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  1. Hi Raiders, Me and the parthner are looking at going to Fiji in April and staying at Shangri La Fiji. Unfortunately its not a full fishing trip but I am tempted to bring a set of tackle to wet a line. I have heard that fishing from shore is not allowed any more. Is there any truth in that? If not suggestions to locations and tackle suggestions woould be greatly appreciated. I will also be keen on a fishing charter which I am sure I could convince the parthner to spend a day out on a trip with the possibility of some decent fish. Any suggestions on a decent charter which would not cost me an arm and a leg? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. regards Darryl
  2. Good day folks, As a few of you guys already know I have been posted up to Ballina for the next few year for a project and will be heading up at the end of this week. Just wanted to drop a post to say a thank you to everyone on this forum for making my fishing time in Sydney fun and enjoyable. A big thank you to all the nice people I have met and had a chance to fish with. As for Ballina, I am also interested in meeting up with any one in the area or having some insight of the bream fishing around the area. So if any woul like to meet a poor asian bloke who struggles to catch fish most of the time, do drop me a pm and hopfully we can catch up. regards Darryl
  3. Good day folks, My Kayak has been storage for the past year and finally during the easter break I managed to take it out for a paddle. The only problem was that the sounder was not showing anything. The depth of the water keep showing zero while there was no showing of contours of the bottom. The sounder showed that the transducer was connected and when I did remove the transducer, the simulation came out perfectly. Any ideas on how to fix that or is this one of those times I shld just bin the unit and get another one for the yak. regards Darryl
  4. Good day folks, Me and the girlfirend is making a trip up to cairns for the Christmas break and being a fisho would love to do at least one fishing charter while up there. The only question is what kind of fishing would be the most productive then. Any advise this would be greatly appreciated. Do leave contacts on any good charters which you would reccommend too please. Thanks in advance regards Darryl
  5. Dun feel bad if it take 4-6 weeks mate. I send in my certate for a repair and it take a whole 2 months to get it back. The good thing is they only charged me delivery cost. I say send it back to daiwa at least you know you can blame them for a bad job. lol regards Darryl
  6. wow an exist 2508!! Someone must be making heaps. lol well done mate. They are indeed a great reel. I honestly dun think any of the tournament dealers will be able to help you as i believe they all send the daiwa reels back to get it serviced. Let me know how desperate you are gonna get and if need be I might be able to send it back to SG for you f you really want. regards DArryl
  7. Gd work Dan, I have been meaning to have a fish offthe breakwall these few days but have been bz. We really should catch up soon and have a fish. regards Darryl
  8. Nothing taste better than Stringray on a banana leaf with some onion and chilli and bbqed. Best testing fish on a bbq!!! regards Darryl
  9. I wounder who taught you all those ideas mario and aloosh. lol.... Listen to these two mate, Clifton was almost our 2nd home when the fishing was hot. Spent more time in clifton compared to uni. lo those were fun days regards Darryl
  10. Thanks Tony, I might pop over the shop when I head down to Sydney this wkend regards Darryl
  11. Thanks Jorg, What I am concern is if I am getting a custom rod for it with the same guide spacing or guide size or just the same rods I use with my smaller reels, the distance between the spool and the stripper guide might be too short and thus resulting in line slap or a clogging of line on the stripper guide. Physics will tell you that if that distance is inadequate then this would result in affecting the casting performance of the rod. I know many people whom have shimano 2500 reels and have no problem with it. However if one looks at the daiwa 2500 spools, they are a tad larger than the shimanos. Thus looking at the daiwa tourny rods which has a lager stripper guide might be the way to go. I am just being a pain in the butt and want something different.
  12. Good day all, Recently there has been a marked increase with breamers using larger size reels such as the 2500 sized reels. My question is would you guys still used the same guide configuration as the smaller reels such as the 1000, or 2000 size reels. The shimano 2500 size reels has a smaller spool diameter compared to the daiwa's 2500. The reason for this is because I recently bought a 2500 sized daiwa and am trying to figure out a rod to fit/ match the reel. The last thing I want is to get a rod with unsuitable configurations/ sizes and affects the benefits of a larger spool. regards DArryl
  13. Heaps of fish are great for sashimi mate, Gars, Kings, whiting, flathead, Live squid, yellowtails, silver trevors, bonnies watson bonnitos. try staying away from jewies and tailor as they taste terrible. Bleed the fish once landed and keep them in a ice slurry of salt water for a few mins to firm up the meat. Fillet and skin the fillets as u normally would. Remove all bones present and slice the meat paper thin. Take the bottle of soya sauce out of ur tackle box and pour some in a dish. For those who liek spicy squirt some wasabi in and mix. Dip and not soak the fish and enjoy!!! Best thing to do by the wharf after a gd days fishing. regards Darryl Ps: in the tropics- magrove jacks and queens are awesome for sashimi!!!
  14. Sold Thanks for looking regards Darryl
  15. Hi folks, Have a daiwa finesse longcast 6'10 for sale. Tisic guides on and a solid rod. Have probably used it twice. For sale at $280. regards Darryl