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  1. Thanks green hornet, got a squid last night of the Callala jetty, cheers! some nice flathead seen at the cleaning tables
  2. Gday raiders, hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I am staying at Callala Bay and was hoping for some fishing charity. I’m trying to get some fresh fish for mum’s birthday dinner tomorrow. Any advice for a land based lure chucker? thanks, paul
  3. Awesome fish, great catch!
  4. Great report, love Tuross to bits
  5. Here is the link http://www.fishraider.com.au/fishing-articles/salting-fishing-bait.php
  6. Hi DanRob, Have a read of Ken's article on salting bait - I'd keep it as bait if I were you. I catch my own (slimey mackerel) salt and freeze and they are an excellent (free) bait.
  7. Great report, thanks for posting. 6 years waiting.....respect
  8. Thanks for posting, loved the video. Takes you away
  9. Thanks for the post Trung. Solid effort
  10. Great work on the kings - amazing!
  11. Nice boat and nice catches - thanks for posting
  12. Hi Mackerel, I've fished the Lane Cove side and found it to be hit and miss. Most success was fishing the northern most part of the sandstone breakwall where it meets the bush. Fish unweighted baits into the sunken timber on the shore. Forget about casting with heavy sinkers. Baits I've used have been chicken breast and mullet strips. Use 10lb or lighter line and a bream sized hook like a size 1 circle or baitholder hook. Good luck