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    Offshore saturday

    Saturdays forecast doesn't really look suitable for a trip out wide. In my opinion. There is a significant southerly forecast to move up the coast around mid morning at this stage.

    Browns today

    A mate caught a 65-70kg yellowfin yesterday on the troll east of sydney. He was a long way out though. East of heatons i believe.

    Monday 22nd

    Those blacks are frustrating me a bit too. Missed the last 3 in a row……… About time one sticks I reckon or my gear will be up for sale lol

    Monday 22nd

    Good work mate ! You might have to delay the fishing gear sale for a while. 3 blues from 2 trips and 4 for the season so far is pretty impressive.

    60kg Stripe in 70 fathoms (Botany bay)

    Good work! We trolled the shelf line for most of the morning and heard you call it in when we where on on our way back in. We didn't find any bait anywhere along the shelf and couldn't find a fish willing to eat our lures. Did have something hit the teaser very hard …...snapped the clip that holds it and took it for swim.

    Slow day off Sydney 2/1/16

    G'day We were one of the boats that got a stripe and also hooked a blue that jumped and threw the hooks after half an hour. Got the stripe around 9am in 100fth east of the 12 mile and the blue an hour or so later in 130fth west of browns.

    Boat rego labels.

    I think the merger is to blame. Just teething problems hopefully…….. If they do arrive, chances are I'll just put them in the filing cabinet with last years stickers anyway

    Boat rego labels.

    Does the RMS still send out rego labels for the boat after you've paid the rego? I'm a not sure what to expect any more since they didn't even send out the renewal papers for the rego for either of my boats this year…..

    Sydney Blue Monday 9th

    Was an awesome day mate! Great weather, good company and a cranky blue. What more more could one ask for!!

    First fishing weekend up at port

    Fish can be very deceiving when trying to estimate weight. Have heard people estimate weights of their catch time and time again only to find that when put on the lie detector they weren't even close. Not disputing the size and weight of your cracker dollies as I wasn't present but a good scale always helps silence the critics back at the marina. Have heard of a few this season called for around the 35kg mark so I guess they do get that big or the fish aren't really being weighed. Great fish regardless!

    Boat/trailer rego

    hey Fab1, if you have the old rego papers it should have the weight on there. If not the mechanic that does the blue slip should be able to look up that info going off your existing number plate.


    I'm a fan. Won't own a boat without one. Boat sits higher, flatter, plains easier and at lower speeds. I run a 115hp on my 16ft so lack of power isn't an issue and it loves the permatrim. Have 2 mates with the same boat and the one with a hydrofoil seems to run just that little bit better out at sea. Tried to run my 22 foot without it when I got the new etec and it didn't like it either. I've used hydrofoil and permatrim and both did the job fine. Will definately get you out of the hole faster in my opinion . My 2 cents.

    e tec or suzuki

    I think you will find it hard to make decision based on what experience other boaties have had with any particular outboard. I say this because its mainly the people who have had a bad experience with a certain brand that feel the need to pass on the info. To put it simply, all manufacturers let the odd lemon slip thru and its just really bad luck if you were the unfortunate person who got that lemon. Do your research and make your decision on what motor best suits you based on specs, value for money, warranty and servicing costs. After looking at all the pro's and cons you will probably be happy either way as long as you don't end up with a lemon.

    Hacking report

    Good to see you finally got out for a fish. Bad luck about the phone but at least you got a feed.

    Boat Plate

    165KG should be fine. I think you will be happy with the safari with a 120hp on it. I owned mine for years and sold it to a mate who fished with me regularly. He refused to let such a good boat go to someone else. My other mate had a new quintrex but after going in the safari on a choppy day in botany bay, sold the quintrex and also bought a safari. They are a soft riding hull in the chop and handle it outside very well. One of the best boats I've owned.