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  1. That was him he could sell ice to Eskimo's, but saying that he made some good gear
  2. Thank you all for your input I will check my cable and give it a good clean out and I will give the auto transmission fluid a try instead of grease. Thanks again Peter
  3. Thank you Rick I understand what you are saying about cost out weighing the gain it's just one of the ideas I have been bouncing around, I have the Teleflex system on it but it is pretty hard to turn, I might just have to eat more wheatbix before going fishing lol. Thanks again for taking the time to reply and your input. Big-Pete
  4. I have an old 25 hp 1976 Johnson outboard to which I have push pull steering on but as my arms aren't what they used to be I would like to convert to hydraulic steering. On this motor the steering goes onto the front bar of the outboard and the ones I have seen on the net seem to all use a system that goes thru the front section of the motor. If any one can offer me advice on what kit to buy I would appreciate the input and help. Big-Pete
  5. As there are heaps of cicadas about I would use a surface lure or a subsurface cast under the trees and along the reeds. If the sun is high I would go the divers and fish the deeper holes. Big-Pete
  6. 'Dont Shoot Da Chinamen' , the reel is still sitting in the box I am trying to work out what line to put on it I am glad the lures work for you Big-Pete Stewy, that sounds like a plan I still owe you a fly trip we will just have to wait until October for the streams to reopen Big-Pete
  7. Hi Everyone, my name is Peter aka Big-Pete,I live South of Sydney, I am A Constuction Site Foreman in road construction, I have many qualifications, Butcher,Security Guard,Welder, Cutler to name a few (I dont know what I want to be when I grow up). I am on the wrong side of 40, I have fished since I could walk and there are some embarasing photos of me fishing puddles after a rain storm. I love all styles of fishing from fly to game but I have gone to mid ground these days chasing fish with soft plastics. I fish the Port Hacking and Georges River and spent considerable time fishing Burill L
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