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  1. Andyok

    Pink Ling

    Hi kingy chaser, I must say it is one of the best eating fish I have caught, not tough at all.
  2. Andyok

    Pink Ling

    Hi Frank Thanks for the comment, yes we did eat it and was fabulous, a nice firm white flesh really good battered, crumbed or in a curry. We got id deep dropping in 500 plus metres and no it was not much of a fight, funnily enough though it had prawn in its stomach. Thanks
  3. Andyok

    Pink Ling

    Thanks Big Neil
  4. Caught this Pink Ling on June 9th while deep dropping East of Jervis Bay, length 139cm weight 11.090kg
  5. Andyok

    Vale Gabe

    A great friend and mentor, Gabe will be sadly missed
  6. Andyok


    Very good, had a look and a peruse, must say a fantastic job, it will be ge great visiting now.
  7. Andyok

    Shoalhaven City Marina

    Hi all, Just wondering your thoughts on the new Shoalhaven City Marina to be bulit next to the punt at Numbaa on the Shoalhaven River, it is due for completion between easter and July 2011. Check it out Thanks Andy
  8. Andyok

    Smartcraft With 115 Optimax

    Thanks Huey, seems to be worthwhile investment Andyok
  9. Andyok

    Smartcraft With 115 Optimax

    Hi guys, I have a 115 Optimax and am thinking of connecting the SmartCraft through a Northstar 660 has anyone done it and if so what will it display. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Andyok