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  2. Yeah, thanks dene m. Discussing in another topic..... Corunna, Mummaga, Brou all open Cheers Axe
  3. Yep, Exciting times !!.... For anyone else interested, search Youtube for some videos of the Tuross opening. Axe
  4. Thanks for the pics Hodgey.... I have word that Mummaga, Corruna and Brou are all open... Axe
  5. Good news about Coila ( i asked about it in another topic)...Is it going to be artificially opened or will it just open naturally? I also got word that Corunna has opened. Axe
  6. Am I being a bit optimistic by asking if Coila might be close to reaching it's pre determined "trigger level" for an artificial opening? And while I am at it, does anyone know if Corunna has opened ? Axe