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  1. GTM

    Bate Bay

    Thanks. Cheers
  2. GTM

    Bate Bay

    Nice bag Yowie. You have those flathead sorted. If you don’t mind me asking what depth do like to start looking for them
  3. GTM

    SBT charter from Sydney

    Hi mate. I’ve caught good tuna on charters with Damo and Mike on Reef Magic and George on Wahoo
  4. GTM

    Alvey Reels closes its doors NOT

    I think I've still got the reel burn in the palm of my right hand from catching Jewies with the old no drag cedar versions. I remember gaffing one for Dad that he caught on it using red and white feathers that went +35kg jewie off Dundogan Wall with it in the early 80s. You definitely couldn't break em and the sand didn't matter. I've also got a smaller cedar version I always liked as a drummer real. Could float baits around and release line as needed. Great yabby pumps too.
  5. GTM

    Bellambi Friday

    Well done. That's gotta be good fun. Used to love fishing the hump down that way
  6. GTM

    Cowan and Hawkesbury 11 July overnight mixed bag

    My kids like eating the shovel nose better than anything. Skinless fillets of the flanks deep fried in beer batter. Can't believe I didn't try them earlier
  7. GTM

    Dunbogan Beach

    Went for a fish late Monday afternoon on Dunbogan Beach. Caught a few worms and fished a nice gutter on the northern end of the beach near the rocks. Pulled 3 nice bream and 2 good whiting. Would have liked to spend a little longer into the evening as it held good water and looks promising for a jewie but had to get back home (a little late anyway). If you're up there I'd give it a go. Fished the North Haven Beach the night before for zeros. Back in Sydney now unfortunately
  8. GTM

    Sydney Marlin aboard Reef Magic

    Great to see a nice fish on the deck of Reef Magic. Mike's must be feeling his fishing luck has turned his way again. Damo it's great to hear your well and truly over the fall. Cheers Garry
  9. GTM

    Prawning season is open

    Awesome Stapo. They taste so sweet at that size. The sandwich is making me hungry after watching the wrong team win tonight Cheers Garry
  10. GTM

    Black Drummer

    Well done Andy. Great eating size and even better fun to catch. Lock up and hang on for dear life. Cheers. Garry
  11. GTM

    Past two days.

    Very nice run of fish guys. Anytime your catching them in the 30's and 40's is a really good day. you guys certainly have them sorted. Great to see you catching them so regularly
  12. GTM

    Swansea breakwall - salmon

    Chris. I don't know that break wall but if it's anything like North Haven or Port Macquarie and your fishing the mouth of the river with a bit of swell through it I'd be using your beach rod. Save you getting too close to the water and you could lift them out depending on your line class and fish size. Ganged hooks with a ball sinker running down to the hook is what I used for tailor and salmon. Size of the sinker depends on the conditions on the day and how far you need to cast
  13. GTM

    Georges River Blackfish

    Thanks for the tip. Will do. Cheers
  14. GTM

    Georges River Blackfish

    Thanks guys. I agree with luderick angler they eat well if you treat them well. I did let these go after the photo but do like them fresh. I didn't have enough weed for burley this time but it didn't matter, they were on when I got there and bit through the tide change, but it's a spot that's hard to fish on the run in so packed it in not longer after it turned back. If the weather stays like this I might find my way down there again this weekend and see if their still about, if I can get some weed. Cheers everyone
  15. looks like a cracking morning scratchie, gotta love it when the fish agree. Sounds like the young bloke might wake up a little easier next time. Cheers Garry