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  1. There is a Wilson Black Fish rod it is 10ft 3-5 kg good value at $120 I have one and has been ok for some yrs . Bob
  2. Hi I have hooked the odd Mullet when using the Berkley Gulp worm cut down (4'') Clr Camo .I use this for bream & fatties . Bob
  3. Hi Otto The Veritas is good value but check out Daiwa AirdX UL 2-4 good value also@ $99 . Bob
  4. Yes that is one of the many types of weed (algae) which is ok for blackfish bait . Bob
  5. There is a new pontoon there near the netting which you could cast to . Best time is a high tide to run out also there is a rock to the west which is worth ago also . Regds Bob
  6. HI Hustler Check out the web site of Tackle tactics .com as a ton of info on there to help you . Bob
  7. Nice Flatty Jenno good to see a release .Would you reveal the spot you trap the poddies ? Regds Bob
  8. HI Check out a shop they have some of the Berkley 3B Flicker shads 50-70 mm for 5$ ea --good lure for Flathead as you have found also . Message sent . Bob
  9. Hi Rod Look in to the Decoy round snaps size 1 as I have used these for some yrs with no problems . Bob
  10. HI Jewfish point is also a good spot for Blackfish on a run out tide which runs hard there. Bob
  11. Pafisho08


    HI Check out the Cooks river from the boat ramp to General Holmes DR south side as I have caught a few by trap & line in the past using bread . Bob
  12. Hi Use a 30 cm length of 12 - 15 lb tipit after main leader and tie on with a triple over hand knot . Regds Bob
  13. HI Try 1 hand full of chopped weed and 1 cup of bread crumbs to 1 /3 of a 20 ltr bucket of damp sand .This has worked well in the past . Regds Bob
  14. HI Check out the Daiwa AirdX rod 702ulfs 2-4 kg good value under 100 $ and AirdX reel 2500 also . I have put a few hrs on them with no problems . Bob
  15. HI All good pop them in the freezer . I do the same with poddy mullet and are ok for a year . Bob