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  1. Pafisho08

    Blackfish Weed & Cabbage Weed

    Hi JIM Check your message Pm Bob
  2. Pafisho08

    Blackies around in good numbers

    HI I have had the odd Bream take weed so may have been horse ? Bob
  3. Pafisho08

    Drummer fishing - winter is coming

    HI For leader in Copoly Sunline System Shock leader is the go 4lb to 20lb I have never had any issue with it . Bob.
  4. Pafisho08

    Harbour Blackfish

    Well done gents .It looks like the Blackies are on the chew there .Hmmm that rock looks familiar Stewie . Bob.
  5. Pafisho08

    size improving

    Hi In the Bream comps they make a point of working any poles or branches with any trace of bird droppings hard with lures also . Good one Dave . Bob
  6. Pafisho08


    Hi If you are after the Chrome Wobblers Halco make them and I saw them at the big snake shop yesterday 5gr to 40gr $5-$8 etc ea .Reminds me of my younger days also as a intro to lures. Bob.
  7. Pafisho08

    Stradic Ci4+ - Dropped in sand and water

    HI SPOOL Check out the Shimano web page as there is info on repair prices .And you can call in or phone them they are very helpful . Bob
  8. Pafisho08

    Live bait spots in the Georges?

    I have watched people often catching yakkas at the San Souci wharf using pork mince on light line small oo sinker and size 10 long shank hook and most fish are right under the pontoon. At times they catch enough for a feed not live baiting !!!! . This is also one of my Black Fish spots as winter arrives . Regds Bob.
  9. Pafisho08

    Live bait spots in the Georges?

    HI The go to lure at present is the Samaki fork tail 125mm soft vibe in mullet colour or green/ orange .Work them slow with lift & drop. Any of the deep holes on slack tide ---- Good luck. Bob
  10. Pafisho08

    Live bait spots in the Georges?

    Hi As for yakkas there are very few upstream from C Cook bridge .You may do better going for mullet as that's what the jew go for . There are yakkas at times around the north pylon on the C Cook bridge and also under the pontoon N side . Bob
  11. Pafisho08

    Georges River Bream

    Well done NW . That would have taken some string .Also that 3B lure is hard to replace now so watch out where you throw it Bob
  12. Pafisho08

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    I use Shimano 2500 Baitrunners when bait fishing for Bream & Whiting as they can feel little resistance until you switch to the main drag . My hook up rate has improved over time since using them . Bob
  13. Pafisho08

    Lures at night

    Try the Samaki soft vibe 125mm Fork Tail in UV colours .A slow lift and drop at the tide changes . Bob
  14. Pafisho08

    Earthworms as saltwater bait

    HI GH Which colour do you find works best with the 2" worms (camo) or others . Bob
  15. Pafisho08

    Bream won't take the hooks on surface lures

    HI Atomic assist size 10 are the go On line from most tackle shops or try your favourite one . Bob