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  1. HI Jewfish point is also a good spot for Blackfish on a run out tide which runs hard there. Bob
  2. Pafisho08


    HI Check out the Cooks river from the boat ramp to General Holmes DR south side as I have caught a few by trap & line in the past using bread . Bob
  3. Hi Use a 30 cm length of 12 - 15 lb tipit after main leader and tie on with a triple over hand knot . Regds Bob
  4. HI Try 1 hand full of chopped weed and 1 cup of bread crumbs to 1 /3 of a 20 ltr bucket of damp sand .This has worked well in the past . Regds Bob
  5. HI Check out the Daiwa AirdX rod 702ulfs 2-4 kg good value under 100 $ and AirdX reel 2500 also . I have put a few hrs on them with no problems . Bob
  6. HI All good pop them in the freezer . I do the same with poddy mullet and are ok for a year . Bob
  7. Hi matt Check out on Y tube SOFT PLASTICS 101 it is the Zman site and all is answered there . Regds Bob
  8. HI Use them on the sand flats for whiting and bream with a straight retrieve . Check out YTube at Sandflat Fishing AU for good info Bob
  9. HI . The best bait for the drummer is peeled bluetail prawn pieces and burley with bread and rock cabbage is best for blackfish off the rocks but they will take weed odd times also . Bob
  10. Yes inline hooks ok but use a locked blood knot to the hook and top split ring . Bob
  11. HI Check out Bunnings for 2mm white blind cord $5 and is braided polyester -- strong as . Bob
  12. Hi. Go the Berkley Flicker Shad good value for 5$ .Have caught a few good fish on them over the yrs and they troll ok also . Bob
  13. HI Daniel Yes the Arrowz is a good choice also the Daiwa Aird X 7ft ULight 2-4 is good value for $ also . Bob
  14. HI In Scarborough ponds there are Eels - Mullet and the odd Bream .The Poddy Mullet are Good bait out in the bay also . Bob
  15. I have seen some taken from the groyne next to the baths north from Coles . Good luck . Bob