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  1. Looks good to me. If it is long enough to twist on a size 8 hook give it a go . I have used pond weed from golf courses -- It works .
  2. Hi Max For hooks look for Gamakatsu or Owner brands and swivels Mustard or Black Magic --these brands are OK. Bob.
  3. Hi . Look into the Daiwa 20 Aird X range -702MFS orHFS good guides and blank for the money $99 . This is for boat use .For off the beach a Daiwa Sensor Wave 1202H would do Regds Bob
  4. HI Check out Schroom on Tube .This young man has good tips on the Bream lures etc.
  5. Hi Have a look at Correa Bay Reserve on Woy Woy road near the boat ramp as I have seen some Mullet there at times . Regds .
  6. Try some metal vibes like TT 1/4-3/8 in gold or pink colour on a slow small lift as they cast well and cover a fair distance .
  7. HI . WELL DONE ....One hrs reward . Have they arrived up past Como ? Regds Bob
  8. HI Check out a few golf corse ponds as some hold string weed at times . Google Earth helps .
  9. Yes-- the Blackies are still there at times near the pylons .I anchor back and drift past close as possible . The north end has been best overall 10-12 ft drift Run out . Regds Bob
  10. HI Go the Minnkota ---less problems over time and better made and the 12 v 54lb ok . Bob
  11. HI Best paint for outside use is Norglass Marine gloss . Ask mr Google for supplier . Bob
  12. Yes ....Silver Biddy == Jew bait . Bob
  13. No problem using 5Min araldite --only clean the area well first . Regds Bob
  14. Check out a shop for Marlin brand you can't go wrong .Also some are on special . Bob
  15. A plus for the Power Bait and the Fire Tiger colour also gets them .The Bleak is a good mullet - bait fish colour . Well done checking out the new area .
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