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  1. Circle hook size 1 or 1/0 Owner is the go and chicken thigh small pieces marinated in garlic & parmesan cheese .Do not set the hook only wind in on rod loaded up . Bob
  2. HI Check out Jaycar electronics for a 10W solar panel and charging regulator as this is what I have been using for some time to charge and top up the boat battery as the panel is on the garage roof 24/7 . Bob
  3. Hi Dimo Check out Wilson 10 ft 2 piece Blackfish rod is glass and will last for yrs . Bob
  4. HI . Check out Remco 40 AH AGM deep cycle Aprox $200 .They are made for what you need . Bob
  5. May be one of those sneaky Bull sharks !!! they love dark shallow creeks .
  6. HI Watts reef is aprox 3/400 mtr ENE of Kurnell oil wharf .The AFN Fishing Map no 23 shows most of the spots in the bay and Georges River on the map it is spot 42
  7. Hi Ecogear sx 40LC clr 390 and Eco ZX35 vibes dark clr also . These are top quality lures for Bream .
  8. Hi Daiwa J8Braid or BerkleyX9 take your pick both excellent in 6or 8 lb . I have used both for some time with good results .
  9. There is a Wilson Black Fish rod it is 10ft 3-5 kg good value at $120 I have one and has been ok for some yrs . Bob
  10. Hi I have hooked the odd Mullet when using the Berkley Gulp worm cut down (4'') Clr Camo .I use this for bream & fatties . Bob
  11. Hi Otto The Veritas is good value but check out Daiwa AirdX UL 2-4 good value also@ $99 . Bob
  12. Yes that is one of the many types of weed (algae) which is ok for blackfish bait . Bob
  13. There is a new pontoon there near the netting which you could cast to . Best time is a high tide to run out also there is a rock to the west which is worth ago also . Regds Bob
  14. HI Hustler Check out the web site of Tackle tactics .com as a ton of info on there to help you . Bob
  15. Nice Flatty Jenno good to see a release .Would you reveal the spot you trap the poddies ? Regds Bob
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