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  1. Great report dude. Gotta be happy with that flatty!
  2. Congrats on the house Scratchie! Enjoy it mate. Cracker fish!
  3. Impressive dude! Your hard work has obviously paid off. Well done mate
  4. Cracker fish dude! Would have been an awesome fight! Well done
  5. kiro

    Sabiki Rods

    Mate I've got one and if you live bait a lot, I definitely recommend getting one. After you've burlied and the yakkas are present, you don't need to feel anything. You just drop it down and by the time the sinker hits the ground, you'll have 3 yakkas on the line. So convenient and saves heaps of time and effort. Cant recommend it enough!
  6. Great catch Witha. Give me a yell next time you fish cooks. I'll come keep you company and hopefully land a few fish lol
  7. Great report to open your account with mate, well done! Looking forward to reading more of your sleepless nights fishing trips lol
  8. Top day put on by generous and selfless individuals. Stewy and Donna as always, and to the instructors and staff who gave up their time, their families and their Sunday to teach us how to catch more fish and to feed us! And getting nothing in return! Thanks heaps guys, and it was awesome meeting fellow Raiders and putting faces to names! This is why fishraider.com.au is my home page!
  9. Great read mate, solid landbased king! Well done!
  10. Great catch Witha!! Bet u weren't expecting that! Great effort mate, hopefully see u on Sunday
  11. kiro

    Home made aquarium

    Wow dude. That's unbelievable! What else have you made? Start a thread titled Fab1's Creations and post pictures of all your projects!!!
  12. Thanks mate! The info on the social is in the social events forum under fishraider news. It's on 4th may. Location and all the details are there! Hope to see you there
  13. Great report dude. I just bought a couple of zman packs as well after reading about them so much. Hopefully I do as well as you! Great effort mate
  14. Great report Witha! What a way to christen the combo! I regret selling it now lol! Looking forward to reading more of your reports. Well done brother
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