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  1. Totally agree with the salina II high speed, i got 2 of them and have given them plenty action on GT's at cairns......along with alot of other big fish, loaded up with 80lb just quality.....
  2. hey chris how u been, nice bass mate. Me and grant have been fishin down the river too have landed so really nice fish, inbox me your number and you can meet up chase so bass with us! take care champ, gj.
  3. Smashing bass well done, cant wait to chase them mighty fish this summer, so looking foward it!!
  4. Hey chris. Top effort buddy, where was my invite lol!!!
  5. Hey guys, Bad luck at the spit hey.... Ive fish the spit alot LB, and always come home with a mixed bag of fish. I usually fish the run in tide they seem to bite alot more. Fresh bait is a must too, better luck next time!!
  6. Absolutely smashing report Roberta, Im DOWNING a cold beer reading your story. What a thrill it would have been getting asked to enter the finals....Well done on a great performance
  7. Hi DAN, mad report. Its a shame too see other people keeping fish that arnt legal size, why they do it i just dont know...At least u went home knowing u did the RIGHT thing, well done.
  8. Mate what a great report, look foward to your next one....
  9. Smashing pics mate, carnt beat a sun rise like that.....
  10. Really nice lookin jew there mate, great catch.
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