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  1. Yowie, How do you prepare the snapper for eating? Thanks
  2. Great report once again Yowie. I’m also lucky enough to have access to a deep waterfront in Yowie Bay and see Bream off the front all day everyday along with Kingies What’s your rig setup to catch them as they are both very fickle for me? Cheers Wrxter
  3. Hey Yowie, How do you salt your tailor fillets if you don’t mind me asking. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go as you seem to use them a lot and always with good success. I have one of those Vacuum Sealers so would that be worth using to keep them “fresher” whilst frozen? Cheers Wrxter
  4. Thanks Yowie, now it all makes sense as it’s in front of Turtle Road! Many thanks again 👍
  5. Thanks Plethora, That's actually Gymea Bay even though it says Yowie Bay & Great Turriel Bay! I'll give it a try one day. Cheers
  6. Thanks Plethora, where abouts in Yowie Bay is it? I don’t have a GPS in my tinny. I was told it was a leatherjacket haven as you’ve mentioned Yowie. Cheers
  7. Hi all, I’ve read a few fishing reports in the past referring to “Turtle Reef” in Port Hacking. Can anyone shed some light on where this reef actually is as I can’t find any references to it. Cheers Wrxter
  8. Great job again Yowie, How do you catch the Yakkas? Im assuming one of those bait jigs and how do you choose your yakka spot? Cheers Wrxter
  9. Great catch/report as always Yowie, I catch a few of the reddies as well on squid strips but never as many as you! What do you find is the best way to cook the fillets? Wrxter
  10. Great report Yowie. What's your technique for catching the Gar as in the rig and bait. Also which locations do they tend to hang around. I live in Yowie Bay and have a small boat; Full of fine bones but great to eat grilled I reckon straight off the bbq. Cheers
  11. Which bay was it in Pachma and was it Eastern or Western side? Thanks
  12. Hey Yowie How did you catch the crabs? Great feed there! Wrxter
  13. wrxter


    [snyder What's your friends name and phone number??
  14. Without giving too much away, where about in the Hacking did you catch it? Well done.
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