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  1. At $55 a kilo for flathead fillets that is some gourmet shit right there....Pulp Fiction reference...
  2. Ok then...i might have hit that but they where mostly small kings before new length came in....thats a lot of fish and well done!!!
  3. 86 fishing that is crazy considering the year we have had. .Back in the day when i was hitting harbour in early days of king resurgence i think i hit over 120for a year so you are on track to beat that so well done!! That was when name say and the other Bing was still around. But that was before child and when kings were just little and on the come back. Great to see where they are now....Still remember my 55 kings released in a day solo...that was a fun day. They are a great fish. Still have only ever cooked up 1 ..
  4. But now it is back? Swap and sell keeps sites alive.......
  5. Must have been using shit bait? Sorry couldn’t resist...
  6. Have done well further up on right hand side where there is a kink in shore line....
  7. rippinlips

    Old stuff

    Hi, Please see photos as there is a lot.. Price $200
  8. Nice work. At $50 to $55 a kilo for flatly fillets you’re doing well....
  9. Well done, To be honest my first trip out i got a 6”2... been hard to head out after that!! That night i also experienced a moon lit rainbow due to the mist etc that fricken cold and wet...It has a special name....
  10. Oh to be clear happy for this stuff to go to a collector for beers... Not looking to get rich....
  11. Sounds like a plan. Have another old school rod that is a 3 piece but no makers as well it might suit it and a split cane which might be more fly. Also have some floats and a cane shoulder basket and old school net. It also has hooks with no eyelets and tiny leads....only know this as have had to empty out a cupboard to move for painting this week...funny how you forget what you have packed away!! Can get pics on weekend. Is there a for sale section as need to sell off other cane beach rods as well...
  12. Hi, i picked up a couple of super flexible old school fibreglass rods about 7 foot long. Would they be of this era? Could picture your reel on one in a guide is porcelain i think. Have been custom built...both have a different colour scheme. Cork grips. Cheers
  13. They only work at speed. You need to troll squid slowly. Best bet is to use snapper leads. We use to use them on a rubber band so if they got caught up they would snap off. Bit expensive though. Just tie them to a swivel a metre above your bait. You will need to mark out metres on mainline though if not using coloured braid.....
  14. Hi, I picked up my new second hand Prado late on a Wednesday night. Next day drove to QLD to purchase my boat. Got back to Ballinna that day. Went to local rego place in qld to get needed papers to tow it back. Had wife insure it as well. Drove back next day with new boat and car. Neighbours could not comprehend how this had happened in a day and looked like the castle for a bit!!! Did trailer and boat stuff back here at place near Drummoyne boat ramp. good luck with it. cheers
  15. Hi, Do you have a rod already or in mind. I have certates in the sizes you are looking at. Personally like them in smaller sizes then Stella's in larger sizes. Cheers