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  1. rippinlips

    ID please (One-Spot Puller)

    Don't know but beggs the question on the profile of many are long and skinny......
  2. rippinlips

    Old days

    Hi gents, how things have changed but stayed the same. Overseas and came across some guys fishing rocks near a heap of surfers on beach. They had portable shelters set up. Looked like a shanty town with rods and stuff everywhere!! ....Walked out to the point and their gear was pretty average. Wasn't expecting much.. No Stella's or tiagras etc..have a chat and...... So they have a 25kg and 30kg GT in an esky.....they were using old looking rods and pen senators that wouldn't get a mention in Aus in the same sentence as GT. So they had anchor rods where they cast a heavy sinker close to drop off (15ft to 100ft)and snag it. Then slide livies on fighting rods with a simple release line...
  3. rippinlips

    Old days

  4. rippinlips

    Old days

    Memories... So now when I say I was into LBG people question my land based game LOL. Have a few pacific composite rods sitting around from back in the day. Also a shimano tsm4 . Also have my first overhead Combo.. A shimano bullwhip rod and similar reel... Have some floppy lures and full sets of tassie Devils and many old school freshwater lures.... Cheers old boys
  5. rippinlips

    Port Stephens reds.

    For sure. Best thing was the day before my mate got one at 86cm and gave it to us all night until I knocked this one on the head! Got to love Coffs...
  6. rippinlips

    Port Stephens reds.

    My biggest snap at 87cm was hooked just under a school of baitfish up north. Expected a tuna or sonmething because it was so high up....
  7. rippinlips

    Port Stephens reds.

    Oh crap, My parents decided to sell their investment property up there rather then set up a family holiday spot and me taking my galeforce up there....grrrrrrr
  8. rippinlips

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    OK. So in the the hell out of hiking out the front of Tomaree....spelling may be wrong LOL
  9. rippinlips

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    Are we talking the break wall near the marina??? If so hats off for a serious capture...or is there another wall???
  10. rippinlips

    Slow jigging reel?

    Hi, i have a saltiga 20 that I run on standard jigging rod and on my gomuku and a certate 3500 on the other. Gomuku rod. Have not used them much last few years though!!! also put a Calcutta on one for fun....
  11. rippinlips

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    30 kg wahoo is insane...the first run must have had the reel smoking. Fish of a life time for sure. I guess motto for second day was "wire trace is good!!!!!"
  12. rippinlips

    Good deals on a fly reel?

    Mate, For bream and bass you don't need anything expensive. You will fight them with your palm./fingers./hand. Seriously don't go over board as most of the time you won't even get to backing for those species. Fly lines you are going to get stung though....summer time was a floating for bass and for bream an intermediate...
  13. rippinlips

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    Ok, with 4 on board we would run 8 lines. Generally our lead lines or downriggers lines when they came along more often had flashers as they were deeper. But these were a tad larger than a Celtic blade. Two flat lines off boat then the rest off planer boards. Pretty much tassie Devils with flouro beads and mono straight through as no braid then!! Shit I am old!! RApalas painted to spotted dog worked well at certain times of year. I can't remember what we use to troll that we used a plastic keel in front to stop line spin. Have to ask old man.....
  14. rippinlips

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    I won ( my team) the bundy cup one year!!! May have shared water back then....use to,go up to island bend and collect those worms...killer bait. My old man still has the electronic trigger rod holders we use to use....
  15. rippinlips

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    Hi, Back in the day we would tie a fly of choice to the tassie devil hook which was often hit. Also used mini cowbell set ups at the front...spinner blades on a wire to attract fish. Not sure if any of this is being used these days.. Cheers, brent