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  1. saad

    quick harbour sesh 6-02-17

    Hey Krispy, Just saw your report for kingie, great catch! Ive got my own boat but since I can only go in the weekdays leaves me with no options to go with a decent like minded fisho like yourself. Mate if you are interested then we can go togeather on my boat. Let me know Cheers Saad.
  2. G'day fellow raiders. Looking for a decent mate to accompany me on my boat usually on Thursdays or Fridays. I tend to go really early to catch live bait to stand a chance of catching decent fish. I live near Kellyville area. Don't need to share expenses, just bring in the snacks!
  3. Hey Mark, Sent you a pm, have a read Saad
  4. saad

    Kingfish at last !

    G'day Fellow Raiders, Bought the boat in march this year to primarily catch Kingfish but by the time I came to know a few Kingie spots it was already winter. Got my Dad visiting us from Canada so took him to Fishing in the harbour as he hasn't caught a decent saltwater specie for a few years now. Just one fish in the first 5 hours and just when we decided to call it a day and try one last spot, Boom , Boom!! First Kingfish for the boat, 2 Flatties, 2 Trevally and a whiting (All legal) in a matter of half an hour!! Kingie fight gave my old man a very wide smile and relief for the skipper!!
  5. Thanks guys, yes I agree there is always a next time!
  6. G'day Raiders, Looked on the app for the forecast which was for a good sunny day and indeed was a beautiful day with low swell and mild SW wind. Thought today might get into some good fish after the very cold days. Caught 2 large squid and tried for yakkas, they were there but for some odd reason not biting on the sabiki rig. Went to flint & steel at the tide change for nothing then tried the railway bridge for nothing as well. Even with the fresh squid the fish weren't biting. Must be an off day for fish as every thing was ideal!! Will be interested to know how did everybody else go if they were out and about! Cheers
  7. Hey whitez, haven't caught a king yet and is now on my agenda, would love to do that, have my own boat and 4wd but haven't yet fished eastern suburbs. Will be interested to fish with you and share the expenditure. Saad. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  8. saad

    Boat review on 490 Top Ender needed

    Thanks guys for you valuable info, seems like its a good decision-
  9. Hi Members, Wondering if anybody hss some input for Quibtrex Top Ender 490. How do they fair in Nsw , are they worth buying? Will appreciate your thoughts. Regards Saad
  10. G'day Fellas, Just wanted to get your opnion on Quintrex 490 Top ender, am getting it next Friday. Its a brand new 2014 model. Will mostly fish hawkesbury and harbour area. Your feedback about the boat will be highly appreciated. Thanks Saad.
  11. Hi Raiders, First post after moving back to Sydney from Central coast, must mention here loved central coast and will hopefully move down there again on a permanent basis. Went to my favourite spot that I always bragged upon to my friend that you can catch jewies on lures given there is bait in the water, well everything proved right and we caught 2 jewies and one EP, couldn't take the photo of the second one and we let it go and the fish was striking boiling hot. Good to see my old spot is still firing. Regards, SAAD.
  12. saad

    My Biggest Whiting

    G'day fellow raiders, Posting after a long time, went to Brisbane waters to do some fishing for bream and flathead, turns out the day for whitings. Caught 5 in total with 2 good sized snapper. The Whiting was 43cm and my PB, planning to use live worms up next. Wish u all a safe and sound Christmas. Regards, SAAD.
  13. saad

    I Give Up - What Is This Fish?

    Hi Roberta, Its a Parrot fish,I've caught it before as well. Parrot fish family have 4-5 different relatives and some of them can grow up to 10kgs! Cheers, SAAD.
  14. saad

    Hawkesbury Afternoon Session Monday 17/4

    Good on u byron, its always good to catch some good fish among those hasty catfish.
  15. saad

    Good Start On Hawkesbury

    mate we were using fresh peeled prawns and tailor fillets!