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  1. All, Per the above. I am looking at heading up to coffs for 4-6 days within the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know of any accommodation that has space for a maxi trailerboat? 3 of us will be going up so need 2 - 3 bedrooms. Im planning on leaving boat in marina for most of the time, although they do not have ULP on water so will need to bring boat back to refuel / stock and store the trailer. Any help or previous experience is appreciated. Regards, Ben
  2. HI


    I had Wayne Coast Wide boat Covers from Shell Harbour do my new covers on my Stacer Bowrider, great service and great price.

    He is also mobile now with a truck and his Sewing machine in the back.

    Coat Wide Boat Covers is a Completely Mobile Service 

    Lake Illawarra NSW 2528


    Tel: 0448  614 631


    He is also on Facebook, if you get work done







  3. fish2relax

    Boat Cover

    All, Had a search however could not find anything specific. After a storm cover to be made for my boat and am after recommendations of companies you have had good experiences with (and any to stay away from). Boat is 8.2m. Not after something I can tow with. I am located in Western Sydney. Feel free to PM. With thanks.
  4. I have suspension seats in my Cat. They work great and help as I cannot stand whilst underway at speed due to bad back and knees. They take 95% of the shock out. Only issue is that on the odd occasion you bottom the seat out I think it is worse than not having suspension seats at all. My seats are standard KAB style truck seats.
  5. Are you referring to the Broken Bay (Sydney North) FAD? - that is still missing - I made the same mistake on Sunday. Terrigal FAD is still there and you should of spotted the dozen boats around it. where do you fish for flatties of Broken Bay? I usually have a drop on the way back in for zeros.... Nice catch.
  6. well done mate. I generally try for a drop after a day pulling lures and always get zeros.... You fish straight out of the mouth or slightly south? Nice fish
  7. keep your head up. I did 150 hours over Christmas and about 120 hours this year for 2 rat dollies. I have hooked a few fish but nothing has stuck. Still better than sitting in front of this computer all day..
  8. Great read and well done champ. Once the bug bites it bites hard. Cheaper to have a drug habit though...
  9. Fished out of Broken Bay on Monday the 3rd. Went to FAD. Dead as a doornail (to be expected - to early). Headed wide and just over the shelf had nice water with bait. 1130 hours had a good run (50 meters) on one of my divers only for leader to fail (suspected crimp failure) Continued on 5NM NNE and between 1230 - 1400 hours had 2 strikes on the long corner (seen one strike) and another visual strike on the shotgun. Had elec issues and lost GPS so headed home 14330 hours.
  10. The marina I use (Fenwicks) at Brooklyn is consistently $1.89 for diesel.
  11. Been a member on here for a while now. Recently took the plunge into a bigger boat and picked up this Sailfish with Twin 140hp Volvo deisels. Call sign Chicka. Boat is moored in Brooklyn. Fish wide off Broken Bay and down to Browns. If you see me out feel free to say g'day.
  12. MerryFisher, That yellowfin was off Port Stephens. Apparently a couple around that area but to far to take the boat up for the day. Hopefully the water may continue to push south
  13. Broken Bay Wide refers to the shelf. Turned around 10 miles out on Saturday as seas were 4 meters, boat overturned at Brisbane waters and it was horrendous. Went out again on the Sunday and ran about 45 miles out for zeroes. That was the Sunday the bite was south of Browns. Water looked ok and had some life in it but no luck. Ran out Sunday just gone to same area, had a nice temp break with bait but zeroes again. Looking at the SST their seems to be some ok water in between Broken Bay and Browns. I would be heading there. Unfortunately I am worki
  14. Well done Nipper. I am heading out tomorrow from Broken Bay. Will go wide from their and tossing up whether to go south or North. Cooler water looks well wide at the moment so fingers crossed.
  15. All, Considering that a good sized Blue fin was landed well east of Broken Bay widea couple of days ago, and looking at and studying the forecast for Saturday I think it is well worth a shot to go for a run. Good temp break, smack bang in the middle of some eddys etc etc. This is more a call out to see if anyone else will be heading wide. Call Sign Chicka on VHF 16 and 21.
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