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  1. fish2relax

    Sydney BlueFin

    Well done Nipper. I am heading out tomorrow from Broken Bay. Will go wide from their and tossing up whether to go south or North. Cooler water looks well wide at the moment so fingers crossed.
  2. fish2relax

    Broken Bay WIDE

    All, Considering that a good sized Blue fin was landed well east of Broken Bay widea couple of days ago, and looking at and studying the forecast for Saturday I think it is well worth a shot to go for a run. Good temp break, smack bang in the middle of some eddys etc etc. This is more a call out to see if anyone else will be heading wide. Call Sign Chicka on VHF 16 and 21.
  3. fish2relax

    New fishing Boat

    Phil, Another one to consider is Trailcraft Profish. I had a 540 with 115 4st Yammie. Great boat and should not be discounted in your research. At the time of purchase I also looked at the Tabs Territory Pro. Ultimately it came down to $$ and I choose the Trailcraft. Very stable boat. Only sold it as i was getting into game fishing and it wasn't suitable. Cheers
  4. fish2relax

    Markham Dominator

    All, Does anyone have any first hand experiences with the larger Markham Dominator catamarans? Specifically the 7000 and 8100 models? Just after some info on how they ride, towing weight and anything else that you wish to disclose from your ownership or ride in one. If you could refrain from dragging up all the old rollinator stories it would be appreciated.... With thanks, Ben
  5. fish2relax

    Look to buy a 5 meter open boat..

    Daniel, I had a Trailcraft 540 Profish several years ago. Good solid boat. Side console. Equivalent to the Top Ender. Only sold it as I was getting into game fishing and the thing would bang around when running wide. Was fantastic fishing inside and within the harbour. Ben
  6. fish2relax

    2 Barrels for Reef Magic today - pics attached

    Damo, Great fish mate. I'll be out tomorrow. Just broke it to the boss. Se of browns? Ben
  7. fish2relax

    Tuna lotto

    Hopefully shortly, I am about to book my 4 weeks annual leave in again for the end of June as I did last year. My diary states that I was on the Bluefin on the 21st July last year so fingers crossed they and the yellows are a little earlier this year. Ben
  8. fish2relax

    Sat 13/6/2015 - how did everyone go?

    I was out on Saturday, on Browns around 9am. 4 drifts for 3 blue eye - more than enough for a feed so ran home at about 10:30. - did not hear any reports and knew the fin were to far out so didn't bother sticking around for a troll. A slow trip back in to Sydney though. The swell although small was short and sharp. Peter, I run 60lb break away - around 4 meters. I find the trick is to watch the depth and ensure you do not have to much line out. IE north of the mountain we start at 430 meters and it comes upto ~380m. So we make adjustments to the amount of line out while we are drifting. Helps minimise snags.I run 80lb mainline so I do not get to much of a belly in the line. Ben
  9. All, Late notice, however with tomorrows forecast is would be to good to pass up. Looking at leaving Western Sydney @ 6 and launching at Ryde @ 6:30am, returning approx 3-4pm (home in time for the footy) I have the boat and gear but require a decky. (just need to bring your lunch, drinks and snacks) Looking at a run to Browns for a drop and then troll. Please PM me or let me know here if interested and I will provide my mobile number. PS I am a smoker Ben
  10. fish2relax


    I will be out tomorrow to have a look at what is around. Quick drop at browns then between it and heatons also. Call sign Trophy Pro Ben
  11. fish2relax

    Pre purchase boat inspection

    Chocolate, Would you mind sending a PM with your contact onto myself? I am inspecting a boat this weekend and may need to get it slipped and inspected next week. If anyone else has any contacts it would be appreciated. Experience in Cummins a preference. Regards, Ben
  12. fish2relax

    Have a look at Outriggers Direct specials on the new website

    I can vouch for Gary. Great bloke and fantastic product. Ps Gary empty out your in box. I am trying to send you a pm but bounces back. Ben
  13. fish2relax

    bluefin arrive off sydney

    Just my luck. Left home at 6am and threw a wheel bearing at end of my road so pulled pin May have a look at the weather forecast tomorrow
  14. fish2relax

    sydney blue fin

    Fishbones, How late in the season do you think they may turn up this year? After 3 years working my butt off I recently put in for all of July and half of August off. Plan on chasing these hard this year during this period and am hoping my timing is on the money. Cheers Ben
  15. fish2relax

    Towing Capacity question

    Pod, If the dealer told you that your car will be fine to tow it during negotiations than I would suggest you politly request he put that statement in writting prior to taking delivery of the boat. FYI I just typed "Baysport 545 boat weight" into google and the first item i opened up stated that the BMT is 1200kg. Add fuel, electrics, safety gear and you will be 1400 or more kg all day long. Alternatively request the dealer put it over a weigh bridge and provide you with a copy. Regards