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  1. delboy030767

    Burrill lake whiting

    thats a good size whiting i was fishing down that lake just before xmas it does produce some good quality fish
  2. delboy030767

    Fishing Burrill lake

    Hi fellow raiders I'm heading down to burrill lake on Saturday for 7 days just wondering how its fishing and where is the best place to go as i don't know the lake to well I'll be staying at the big4
  3. delboy030767

    Wangi Wangi (22nd and 23rd October)

    Sounds like you had a great day you just got to try different baits and techniques
  4. delboy030767

    Hawkesbury River

    top job good to see you catch some fish out of the hawkesbuy
  5. delboy030767

    Tuggerah Lake Session

    Good to see some action well done
  6. delboy030767

    Fishing Lake Macquarie - Swansea

    Well done lake macquarie seems very productive i seem to do better there than hawkesbury at times its always good to try different places
  7. delboy030767

    Parsley bay boat ramp

    Thanks guys for info will try and get there over weekend
  8. delboy030767

    Inner West - Abbotsford

    nice work
  9. delboy030767

    Good landbased spots hawkesbury

    You could try the north channel at the entrance just over the Entrance bridge very good flattie spot some times it can be a little weedy
  10. delboy030767

    Parsley bay boat ramp

    Does any body know if upgrade of parsley bay boat ramp at brooklyn is open yet
  11. delboy030767

    Prawning season is open

    Nice hall of prawns mate
  12. delboy030767

    PB hawkesbury bream, jews and a missed king

    Nice size bream mate
  13. delboy030767

    Windang session

    I fishing upstream west from the bridge near sandflats just before open part of lake
  14. delboy030767

    Windang session

    Took the day off work yesterday to go fishing after getting boat back from workshop only fish caught was a toad ,fish for 3 hrs it was constant battle with the wind so i decided to call it quits and head home
  15. delboy030767

    Hawkesbury session

    Put the boat in at brooklyn yesterday morning at 6.00 tried every where using baits soft plastics,with zero results water temp 20deg weather a little breeze fished for about 4 hrs then decided to call it a day and headed home,well thats the way it goes some times better luck next time around.