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  1. Hey mate, would love to see a report of your Fiji fishing. Even just some photos would be cool 👍

  2. Nice work James! With a bit of detective work and exploration Fiji has some good but lesser known DIY light tackle fishing options. I have had some fun chasing creeks jacks and been absolutely destroyed in some landlocked ponds! You may inspire me to do a Fiji post from a year or so back. Cheers, Gus
  3. Nice report Katoe, Good results and nice to see responsible harvesting of a modest size fish for a feed! You did better than my first trip to Wyangala. cheers, Gus
  4. Nice one Rick, I was hoping to get there this year but it’s not going to happen!
  5. Nice work Trav, catching catching 4 solid fish like that between you, it probably only takes a little bit of extra luck on the day for a good result to turn into a great result! A lot of boats would have done it tough, but 5 over a metre shows great winter fishing potential! It gathering little pieces to the puzzle here and there, bird activity is one i’m going to keep an eye on. cheers, Gus
  6. Awesome report Dave, I saw it you had posted it a while back, and was looking forward to it but only just sat down to enjoy the read! Interesting re Khaki grunter, never new that, and your right about crocs. Reminds we a lot of a trip I did more than 10 years ago! Although we never got to the Herbert Gorge which looks awesome! Cheers, Gus
  7. Great angling Trav, I was at Wyangler (Grabine area) the same weekend, it was our first trip there, we really struggled, so your results are both disheartening and Heartening. Mostly heartening, as I know there is hope for future trips as the dam/terrain looked so awesome! We fished a mix of light, hopping blades and vibes, even briefly some plastics in the trees briefly as well as spinnerbaits, surface and the odd swimbait, even had a Lucky craft magnum MR on briefly! We got a big carp each on blades in the first 30 mins, then struggled for the rest of the weekend, eventually opting to troll for 1 small cod and a few missed hits. cheers, Gus
  8. Thanks, it was real heart in the mouth stuff, particularly because, I have bent these hooks on much smaller fish, it’s not straight forward to charge them, so I was cushioning every lunge. The 16lb fluro leader faired surprisingly well despite being so deep, I was getting worried about that, but I now wonder if the same theory from big flatties and light leader applies to cod. Every big fish you catch us special, but your first is generally the most memorable, I clearly remember my first big Bass, Barra and now Cod, the last taking me nearly 15 years. cheers, Gus
  9. Hi Rick, This holiday I explored Trout and Cod water in the Oven’s and Bidgee river systems. I’m not familiar with the relative levels but Someone I spoke to indicated the river was up a bit after being very low. Later in the year i’m Planning my first foray into the New England Area, so hoping things improve up that way during the year. Cheers, Gus
  10. Thanks guys, happy to have some good content to post, tell a story, and share it with like minded anglers who can relate to what goes on in a fisherman’s head!. cheers, Gus
  11. I’m in awe of the majestic beast who towed my packraft from pool to pool for several minutes before I was finally able to land her. I was on a family camping trip and with young kids, fishing windows were short, up before dawn 2 days in a row, and back to the tent by 7 or 8am. Not a hit the first morning, then I convinced my wife and kids to come out paddling and trolling in the packrafts for an hour or so during the day, hoping to get my son onto something, but still no interest. The 2nd day I decided I needed to hike further to find less pressured water, so I set off in the cold, well before dawn, hiking, paddling, wading and general boulder scrambling, stopping briefly to cast surface lures along the way. I found some nice water but I still wasn’t confident it had enough depth for natives to hold up during the day so I continued on. I covered a fair bit of ground and after a long shallow stretch and a more major rapid, experience told me a deeper pool wouldn’t be too far away. A bit further and there it was, I decided I shouldn’t waste the premium bite period on surface lures, given my limited time and no interest the day before, so I opted for a sub surface offering, Into the raft and after about 5 casts I was thinking how good the water looked and it was only a matter of time, but there was still doubt in the back of my mind. I saw a big tree right on the edge of the river with some rock at the base and possible undercut bank so I cast at it, 2nd cast having just clicked the reel into gear I got hit on the drop and all hell broke loose, the fish immediately took off across the pool and came to the surface with an enormous boil and tail slap that had me thinking oh F$#% this is the one! Over the next several minutes I was towed through 3 pools and the narrow channel connecting them, doing my best to cushion the lunges and powerful runs as she pulled line with ease. She was in control, I was just along for the ride! I was just hoping everything would hold and she wouldn’t find any timber, at one stage the line made a guitar string like sound, but I had her on a short leash and was able to apply some pressure and she swam clear. I spotted a sandy beach and did my best to slowly paddle towards it one handed whilst maintaining pressure. Eventually making it to the beach I jumped out and started to get things ready, but she wasn’t quite done, I maintained patience and didn’t rush, it was a massive relief to finally get the lip grips in and I had quick celebration. Careful handling, a few quick pics and holding in the water as much as possible in between and she swam off strong! A memorable encounter I won’t be forgetting! cheers, Gus
  12. Thanks for report, interesting about the Hydrid. cheers, Gus