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  1. bharris


    Go wayne Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  2. bharris

    Light Leader

    Mate thats probably the most used brand world wide ive used it for years never had a prob with it.has it ever been exposed to any elements because you would be the first to ever say anything wrong about fc rock
  3. bharris

    Thoughts on gen black two drunkmonkies

    Lol never had a prob with the ones I used didnt high stick it mate and these go twice as hard then small flattys
  4. bharris

    Thoughts on gen black two drunkmonkies

    I would veritas rods a miss full stop and stick with the gen black if anything save another 100 for a black lablel
  5. bharris

    Broken rod - can it be fixed

    If its a one piece its gone it will never be the same rod if its a two piece rod the top section can be ordered in
  6. bharris

    black or yellowfin bream

    Definitely not a black bream
  7. bharris

    Black fish sashimi?

    Full of worms
  8. bharris

    Sensor Surf vs T-Curve Revolution Coastal

    Go the senser surf had so many coastals come back broken
  9. bharris

    Few from last few weeks

    Just a cheep one from aldi
  10. bharris

    Few from last few weeks

    Lol yeah they glow in most of sydney lucky they dont swim to far I would be verry worried if people started to eat fish from these areas
  11. Good bit of fun to be had out there love spring
  12. Deff not bass still a cracker e.p
  13. bharris

    After school flattie

    One of the best rods in the price range
  14. bharris

    After school flattie

    New you would like the rod good stuff