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  1. Hello there raiders, I have moved to Canberra from Sydney and I am looking to replace the black perspex windscreen on my Quinie Tinnie. I also need to secure some of the existing framework which has worked itself free. Do I just order from Quintrex and attempt replacement myself or do hire someone to do it? Regards and thanks Dhutchy
  2. Hi Raiders, I have an ageing Qunitrex Freedom Sport with an ageing and loose walkthrough window. I don't really want to go the expense of a new fitting, so really only want to use the existing frame, perspex, with new hatchtape and packing... Current plan is drill out expended rivets, install new packing, re-rivet securely... If anyone has done this and can supply tips I would be most grateful. Thanks Guys Dhutchy
  3. Hi Raiders, since moving to the ACT I haven't done much boating. After the last outing was almost stopped before it started with flat batteries x2, which I replaced. I have bought a CTEK charging system and have kept a trickle charge going for my crank battery. My question is: WIthin the next week I may be using the boat. So do I keep the charger just on my cranking battery, or do I also now use it on my other accessories battery. Thanks for your help Dhutchy
  4. Hi Raiders, a couple of weeks ago, I dragged the tinny up from Canberra to revisit one of my old haunts, the Great Sydney Harbour, via Roseville Ramp.It was to be a family day with wife and two boys and everyone was pumped for a good day on the harbour. As Canberra is about a 2 hour trek to the coast, the boat had laid dormant for some time. So I had put on the trickle charger over night and thought she will be right. Got the boat into the water, but not off the trailer, and the engine wouldn't turnover. The battery was completely dead. Curses were uttered, kids began to mutiny. Eldest boy,
  5. Well Raiders thanks for all of the generous comments and advice...At the moment I am sticking with the Pajero, I just couldn't find a new car that could get close it and be under my monthly payment plan. So for now I am staying with what I kinow. Thanks for all your help though. Dhutchy
  6. Okay Raiders, if I am going to replace my dual batteries, can you advise what type and size I should get for each, should they both be the same, or what? Many thanks Dhutchy
  7. Thanks Guys, particularly Incredible Hull. Looks like I will do the multimeter thing, but I suspect given the long period where the boat has been the garage (since moving to Canberra) its probably going to be two new batteries... and a ctek charger.
  8. My boat has been in the garage for some time dual batteries don't want to turn over... Any advice Raiders? Do I get a ctek and charge em both? Rgds Dhutchy
  9. Thanks to all you Great Raiders out there. You guys rock. Thanks for all you feedback and suggestions. I will let you know which car wins the battle... Regards Dhutchy
  10. Hiya Raiders, longtime no post, but I am wondering if the raiders can help. I am thinking of trading my GLX Pajero for a Toyota Fortuna (which is the latest version of what was the original Hilux Surf from years ago). The motivation is to reduce associated costs. I like the Paj, its big and heavy and reliable. Test driving the Fortuna, was okay but short of the obvious Paj muscle. I tow a Qunitrex 5m tinny with a 90hp mercury, often loaded with bits and pieces. I was wondering if any of you Raiders might have any insights into how different towing might be with the lighter Fortuna, or should
  11. Thanks Raiders, all good responses, thanks very much. The answer is at the moment I don't really need one, but I kinda think better safe than sorry. Many thanks to all Rgds Dhutchy
  12. Morning Raiders, I rarely go outside in my 5m tinny, but I thought just in case.. What is the current regulations on EPIRBS What is the current cost What is the current accuracy and do you need one if you're only a kilometre or two off shore Many thanks Dhutchy Its not about catching fish, but it helps
  13. G'day Geoff, good to hear from you. Its good to hear from you too. Its been a while because work has got in the way. Thanks for your tips. As always mate you are spot on..I am up to putting the bead of silicon on to hold it place. Fortunately its the hatch that is the major hassle, so thus far I have avoided removing the entire frame. Also I winning tip, I found on the internet was applying a bit of detergent to the rubber guides, which made the job just to easy. This weekend, it was a family weekend we tried to do it all...fishing (not nearly nearly, a token effort really and I came up do
  14. Thanks Iceman, that might just do it. The sales guy at the boat shop in Crows Nest suggested they were all the same, one size ifts all, no matter for big or small units. Rgds Dhutchy
  15. Hi Fishraiders, I am hoping someone of you handy fellas can help. My perpex windscreen on my Quinnie has popped out of the aluminum guides and rubber fasteners. I will add pics later. But what is the best way to reinsert the perspex, into the guides with the rubber edging. Rgds Dhutchy
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