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  1. I got a rubber template from a hobie dealer and used marine GOOP to encase it, works OK.
  2. Syphon the old fuel, even premixed, and put it in the car and top up your motor, been doing it for years, you do not waste any, unless you are going to race at Le Mans it will not affect the vehicle, unless its a diesel!
  3. I owned a small half cabin F/G that usually came fitted with a 30HP 4 stroke Honda outboard, I found that I could fit a 50HP 2 stroke Tohatsu as it was about the same weight. Best decision I ever made, at the time a lot of professional fishermen used Tohatsu for various reasons and I am sure a there will be a lot of views re 2strokes versus 4strokes, but for myself it was great, get up and plane with 4 on board was no trouble, no problems with it in seven years.
  4. Im off to the snowy tuesday, net and dynamite if the lures and fly don't work!
  5. I have a similar camera and being 74 I keep forgetting which buttons to push as on mine there are 3.
  6. South Pacific make a good one, free fall, unlimited length of rope, good price.
  7. Flotsam and Jetsan? Probably full of folding chairs!
  8. A good hose down after every fish, I spray with Lanox now and again, I think that a lock is a good protection against thieves but not recognised as a safety device if it comes off the tow ball, get another piece of chain and use a yellow d shackles as well. Works for me.
  9. The rudder ones are OK, just pull the rope and it lifts out of the water.
  10. Too hard for my wife and myself to keep loading and unloading, we are 66 and 72, so I decided to make the trailer, they sit on foam rubber works a treat, total cost of trailer with jockey wheel and spare, registered on road $900 the rest cost $299.50.
  11. Try the Whispbar fittings
  12. Would it have anything to do with the backpackers od?
  13. Foghorn

    Downrigger Bombs

    Downrigger shop, see facebook
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