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  1. Cracking fish mate! Biggest I've seen caught from a boat, 62.4kg landbased is still biggest I've witnessed, nonetheless absolute cracker! Something you'll never forget! Congrats!!!
  2. Mate it's all about time on the water and less on the internet once you get that first the rest will follow!
  3. Gives me that Kingie Itch... Nice fish mate
  4. Well done on your first King mate! May the rest be tough and back breaking
  5. Note for future reference mate, if you're going to take something home to eat it, wouldn't you be better off taking something you know? LOL, I sure wouldn't go to Woolies and buy an unmarked can of sea creature then cook it and eat it! Eel does taste nice I agree, but what if it was something protected or poisionus? Just my 2c
  6. I think you need to be either 24.564m from the left or 35.321m from the right, depending on the sun or moon reflection and the current, also take into account the wind and the tide... Left Side, Right Side, Middle Side, Inbetween Side? I think your best bet is to spend some time down there and work it out for yourself mate, you might have just been on the wrong side of the beach at that time, fish don't stop and wait for us, spend enough time at any spot and you'll get the feel for it and where the fish should be! People can give you reports on how they have gone, but they can't put you on the grain of sand to catch a fish, that my friend is what makes fishing fun! And the sense of achievement so much when you get on! Good luck
  7. forliano


    Cheers mate... Been a good day soo far just ashame that froze and got soaked and no fish came out to play... Bad days fishing is still better than a good days work... Time to get the drinking stomach in place... Gonna be a long/late night... Cheers Ben
  8. Mate, You are a very lucky man... I been up there for Fishing trips twice and it was mesmerising, we were predominately throwing massive poppers from the stones and livebaiting off the stones but GT's, spannies, barracouda and the dreaded sharks (in the 1000s ) that were screaming 13kg of drag off like it was nothing ahh they were the days... Maybe next trip maybe catch up and we can have a fish or something... Cheers Ben
  9. Shoalhaven Heads Caravan on the corner... Spent many many many many hours of holidays/fishing down there great for the whole family... Cheers Ben
  11. Well done mate, nice way to go on a break from Aussie Waters, jews and kings what a life... All the best with trials in Greece mate, good to see people with sense, to make a break in soccer you need to get well away from the 'Hyundai A-League' an absolute joke of a league that only makes players lose skill as far as I can see... Got a few family members in pretty high up spots in Italy mate, soccer naturally, I think Lazio, Genoa and Napoli... If Greece is no good or want to dip your toe in somewhere else send us a PM and I'll see what I can organise for ya... Can't hurt to trial? Cheers Ben
  12. Mate this is for FISHING REPORTS!! Your supposed to tell us how you went at Pittwater not ask where to fish? Hopefully tomorrow arvo you can put some pics and a good report up here instead... Cheers Ben
  13. Mate have a little squizz back through the forums, It seems like every day someone is asking something about Avoca, seems like everytime I log on there are the same questions and answers for the area... Have a squizz back over the last week, maybe 2? Should be a tonne of info, alot of helpful Raiders here... Cheers Ben
  14. Totally agree!! Well done mate solid effort out wide... Let us know when dinners ready Cheers Ben
  15. Good call... Good fish mate, well done... Cheers Ben