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  1. mako2000

    A Q for the shark fisherman

    Preferably between 80-120 fathoms. That's the main drop off area for the shelf where bait tends to congregate. Engine off as you would be surprised how finicky some sharks can be and there's no use wasting all that fuel.
  2. mako2000

    RAV4 starting problems

    Not necessarily, A leaking regulator or slow pump will still not give the required pressure. Most pumps only run a few seconds once the ignition is turned on so leaving it on between 3 and 12 seconds isn't going to make any difference. Had the battery tested yet?
  3. mako2000

    Central coast

    When I was up there over Christmas, the day I pulled my boat out of the water the cleaning table at the ramp near the old Restaurant on the lake was littered with huge Jewfish scales.
  4. mako2000

    RAV4 starting problems

    Geoff, first place to start is have someone put a fuel pressure guage on it, it sounds like you have a weak pump hence the taking a couple of turns to get it going. It should have about 40lb of pressure within a couple of seconds of turning the ignition on. .Second thought, have the battery tested, and make sure the connections are tight and clean they can do weird stuff sometimes with starting on the Toyotas.
  5. mako2000

    The Entrance

    Havent been posting much of late as I just haven't been able to get out on the water. I just spent from the 27th of December until the 4th of January at the entrance with my girl. All I can say was the Flathead fishing was amazing. Most days headed out in the boat around 3pm after most of the hoards had left the water. With a bucket of poddy mullet each day we caught at least 80 legal flathead over the week. No monsters but most between 40 and 50cm. Very few undersize fish with a few good bream thrown in as well Only kept about 15 for a feed and a bream. Luckily we finished before the rains came the day we were leaving. Sorry no pics as they are on my phone still but everyone's seen average size flathead anyway.
  6. mako2000

    Do we know this crew?

    Theres some great video of this capture on the Sydney game fishing club facebook page
  7. mako2000

    Soft plastic Jews

    One of my customers is the river keeper on the Georges, was telling me last week he has seen heaps of big jews caught lately
  8. mako2000

    Port Hacking

    Didn't see any where I fished and normally this time of the year the gear gets covered in it, looking good for summer
  9. mako2000

    Bate Bay

    Nice feed there Yowie, well done
  10. mako2000

    Port Hacking

    Cheers guys, Was a great day on the water, the best thing was no slime weed anywhere in the hacking , should be a good summer
  11. mako2000

    Port Hacking

    Was good to be finally out on the water today for the first time in months. Although time restraints and a late start meant only a few hours were available 39 and 40cm whiting and a 32cm flounder made the day worthwhile. All fish caught on live nippers.
  12. mako2000

    Reef Magic tuna report

    Start by taking your boat out one day when there is a 30knot wind blowing and you are prepared for it, and then think I am only 1 mile offshore, can I do this if I get caught 30 mile offshore and I am unprepared.
  13. mako2000

    Port Hacking

    Nice catch there Yowie, the only flatty I could fine yesterday was the one monster I lost, ended up letting some live poddies go at the end of the day.
  14. mako2000

    Port Hacking mixed bag

    Headed out yesterday afternoon for a few hours on the Hacking. Day didn't start to good when a 80cm plus Flathead spat the bait next to the boat, but ended up with a nice 40cm whiting, 32cm bream and a good Flounder.