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  1. We managed some albacore around 15kg they were smashing our 8inch lumo skirt and 6inch purple and black skirt both weren't touching our bibbed or bibbless minnows.
  2. Na it's not abbotsford wharf mate same water but
  3. Woww thanks for the facts guys very interesting I'll keep that in mind Cheers
  4. its been doing alright lately man lol i usually take them home to eat if they are decent size but if they are just legal i usually throw them back. Whats the point of bringing home one 40cm flatty or bream. if im gonna eat i want stuff my face on a big fish lol thats what i recon anyways cheers
  5. I think your right ashisnotherman. Maybe they like the murky water i dunno but good on you 71cm man mine looked big in person imagine yours. cheers mate
  6. Thats true mack attack if i cant get my hands on any yellowtail then out go the tailor which are just as good. Like you said everything eats them. Everything ive caught on yellowtail i have caught on tailor. jews, sharks etc cheers mate
  7. Caught this 65cm flatty this morning at around 1.30am on the high tide on a decent size butterflied tailor. Scoffed the whole thing down. Cheers Nick I put up this post on my iphone then realised i couldnt upload pics sorry guys
  8. toyrnr


    Haha that's true J Hooked lol and user1829 your right about the bream that also would be nice and I do have to work on smiling in pics haha cheers guys
  9. toyrnr


    Ye man plenty I found that when I fish for Jewfish there in winter I get a lot of big bream by catches. I mean bream smashing whole butterflied tailors and yellowtail. I was fishing there with a mate last week he was fishing for bream but casting his line out. It was a high tide and I told him on the high here the bream feed around the wharf. First bait he dropped he caught a 35cm bream he was like no way lol I was laughing.
  10. toyrnr


    J Hooked your lucky you caught some after the 6hour wait. I've waited 6hours on multiple occasions without a run lol but that's fishing ay lol Look I've heard that around the gladesville are we're I fish you can eat small portions of the fish you catch every now and then. Dunno what happens to you when you eat fish constantly from there and I wouldn't want to find out lol
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