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  1. anthony f

    mercury impeller work

    I have found out i need a spring pin removal tool to get the gear lever shaft apart, how to make a easy job had mercury!!
  2. anthony f

    mercury impeller work

    Does any one know how to correctly remove the pin to separate the gear lever so I can remove the lower housing Thanks ant P.S. Don't know how to load a picture off the phone.
  3. anthony f

    yamba spots to go please

    There are all sorts of fishing opportunities in Yamba, and my best advice would be to visit the 2 tackle stores and talk to them. There is also a booklet of fishing Yamba with spot marked and I can tell you these spot and info are pretty good advice. Good luck
  4. anthony f


    Fishing involves being an optimist, so I hope the one dangling from the end of my rod at the moment is going to be the one
  5. anthony f

    Sorry, just had to have a brag

    Thanks, better do the right thing and give you a bit more information.The jewie comes from the rocks at Yamba which is home, it took a large Bozo grub. The barra took a 10 year old B52 which is purpose to be gold but is more white than anything due to missing paint. The toga was on a spinner bait and both come from Corroboree Billabong, a spectacular place to fish. I would recommend to any one going to the NT to take some spinner baits and in heavy wire, I found them very effective and they are not something you readily find in the well stocked tackle stores up there. Here a couple of shots at the billabong which can be very busy and I imagine only getting busier as they where sealing the road in, it offers some great viewing as well as fishing.
  6. anthony f

    Sorry, just had to have a brag

    Like the title says. My job is not high paying, not glamorous and most of the time hard work. On the up side I get to meet a lot of great people and now spend the busy season on the far north coast and then the dry season in Darwin. Caravan parks got to love them, me and my boat enjoy both places and I am looking forward to next season up north after a 4 month learning experience this year Home And Away Sorry couldn,t help myself
  7. anthony f

    Barra are coming further south!

    I don,t know if any of you have read anything about the history of the brisbaine river but there was talk of the great silver fish in there when it had a visibility of 30 -50m not 2 inches. Global warming MY BEHIND
  8. anthony f

    life jackets

    Sounds good would you mind telling me the brand so I can look. cheers Ant
  9. anthony f

    Any fished Wooli NSW recently

    Hi mate, although I haven,t fished wooli for a while I can tell you it is a beautiful spot you will be able to fish some flats for usual estuary fish, the wall fish well for ludrick at times as well as jew and tailor. The beachs would well be worth a look at as would the surround headland which will require a short drive. When fishing the rock areas of the river and walls you can also factor mangrove jack into the equation.
  10. anthony f

    life jackets

    Just one other thing that was pointed out to me. The stylish life jacket will have a service date on them, and if they don,t maritimes will take it what they should be serviced every 12 months other wise your in the wrong. The officer told me that he hadn,t seen one with a longer term than a year with some costing $100 to service and to look carefully at what I buy if I didn,t want a nasty bill each year
  11. anthony f

    life jackets

    Yep these are the new ones I was talking about, they apparently don,t really come into force in a finable way until Nov. 2011. this is when fines will start being dished out. One such piece of silliness I was talking about for example is. All people under 12 have to wear a jacket (fair enough) but over 12 no, if you are on the boat with some-one in between 12-18 they DON,T have to wear a jacket but you do as you are not in the company of another adult and classed as being alone, go figure that piece of brilliance out.
  12. anthony f

    life jackets

    Haven,t been on the site for ages but some-times you feel like saying some-thing. Well I am sure this topic may have been discussed before but today the new laws where pointed out to me by the maritime boat. Yes I am all for safety but most of the reasoning I got in reality was stupidity. These laws are good and bad and how long do the sensible have to pay for the stupid. Who makes the the laws and what do they base their outcomes on? Just another way to raise a bit of money as far as I am concerned.
  13. anthony f

    road trip

    Thanks for your in-put. The car is a commodore station wagon and the boats a 4.2 side console and the trip starts from the Yamba. The screen on the console will defiantly be coming off to reduce wind resistance, would not of thought of that, anthony
  14. anthony f

    road trip

    I am heart broken as I have to go to Darwin for the dry season for work ( NOT ) I am going to try and make this a yearly advent and seeing this will be the first time I am at odds to whether to take the boat or just make it a re-con mission. I was wondering if any-body would have a clue to what % does towing raise your fuel bill as I have really never taken notice before and does any-body have any advice or tips for such a trip cheers Anthony
  15. anthony f

    Any Grease Monkeys Out There

    Thank you very much Dogtooth, yep it is 2.6 petrol and that was exactly the sort of advice I needed. Cheers Anthony.