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  1. Hello Raiders, I found a couple of fishing rods in the north shore area of Sydney today. Looks like they were mistakenly left in a car park. Please send me a pm if they are yours. Please include a description/make/model and where you left them I will arrange for them to be returned.
  2. It is all about firsts for me lately. Managed this little fella on a blade. Surely there is room to improve on this!!!!
  3. I was pretty happy. Caught in about 1 metre of water. This was the fly that did the trick.
  4. Confident that i was doing the right things, thanks to Slinky, yesterday evening i gave it another bash. I stayed with the intermediate line for the moment as well as the weighted clouser. The good news is this was the recipie for success and i landed my first flathead on fly. No biggie by any stretch however very pleasing just the same.
  5. Thanks Slinky, Appolgies for posting this in the worng section (meant fly chat). By the sounds of things i am doing the right things . . . but just need to find the fish! Might try the floating line though Slinky as this may help getting the fly to bounce off the bottom. Hopefully i will have a photo to post soon. Cheers
  6. I have set myself a new challenge - catch a flatty on fly. I have already had a few cracks but no cigar. I am fishing a 6/7 weight over flats with an itermediate line. I have been using clouser types flies with reasonably heavy heads. They are definatley getting to the bottom. I have tried greens and yellows and blue and whites with no success. Can anyone offer any pointers on fly selection and the type of retreive? Many thanks.
  7. Thanks to all for your informative replies and PM's. Plenty of info to think about and stew over along with planning a freshwater mission. When i have invested to will let you know what i decide on. Cheers Tim
  8. Well the good news is my permit to aquire has been authorised by the trouble and stife so i am now officially in the market for nice little 5 weight. I have used a Sage "bass special" in the US and this was quite nice. I also borrowed a mates Loomis however did not sink a hook with it. Any suggestions? Max spend would be say $400? Appreciate your response. Many thanks.
  9. Well it has been a long time between posts which can be attributed to only one thing . . . . not enough fishing! Anyway armed with a light spin rod and a 4 inch paddle tail rubber began working the shallows on an incoming tide in a few of the bays in the harbour. On about his third cast my mate came up trumps and a bang on 36 cm flatty was boated. A couple of casts later it was my turn and a better 45 cm model hit the net. Things were looking up. A few more casts and then this lovely lady took a liking to my offering - 62cm and certainly my best for some time. The funny part was the 45 cm model gave more of an account for itself than this old girl. Anyway good fun and she was realeased to bring a smile to someone elses face one day.
  10. Lovely report Caddis and it has certainly given my some inspiration to buy a 5 weight.
  11. Guys - Customs/AQIS would be my first port of call. No sense spending time and money on packing your catch if you cant keep it once it gets to Australia. Here are a couple of links to get you started.
  12. Great report and they are certainly on my bucket list.
  13. Hello Raiders, It has been a while since i have posted however i finally got around to taking the boat for a quick run on late sunday arvo. Plenty of bonnies working the surface in the harbour so pulled out the fly rod for a bit of fun. A couple of hits from the bonnies before getting slammed and coming up solid on a rat king. Very good fun on the 8 weight and my first king on fly so was very happy. Now for a legal one . . . .
  14. That poem is a gem. It is a shame you couldn't have choosen some bigger flatties to photograph with the hat!